what’s the 411, like Mary J Blige

hey what’s good yall. i am a 26 year old currently renting time and space here on earth until my lease is up. doing what i can do to help and motivate and educate and inspire. i speak to God in public and behind doors and He holla’d at me at a young age. so i was blessed to figure out my purpose in life at the age of 13. it wasn’t to be a The Black Panther or Luke Cage, but He did tell me to do as much as i can do to help inspire and move and speak for those who asked for a voice. naturally, that is my love. i do not have “it” all figured out, whatever “it” is. but with the failed attempts, wise people surrounding me, a great leader in God, and the tools that has been handed to me, i will continue speaking for what’s right and doing what i can to mend society. some things i say you will not agree with….. and i’m fine with that. my love for Black souls and culture is unmatched and will never falter. like the great poet Jay-Z said in 1996, “it ain’t too late to come together. because too much Black and too much love, equals forever.” nobody wins when the family feuds. people pass away and leave nothing behind. not talking about money or worldly possessions, talking about legacy. make sure your legacy is cemented. make sure you do what you need to do. when people say your name years from now, what will be remembered? she/he was a thousandnaire? doesn’t sound too glittery. she/he got As and Bs on tests? impressive. she/he had a nice car? there’s millions of that same car being driven right now.

think. inspire. be bold. creative. educate. love.

oh and my name is Julius.