ain’t nobody praying for me.

what do you do when no one listens to you? what happens when you've been belittled and patronized by a society and country and people respond to you "it's not that bad. other parts of the world is worse"? what do you do when you've been told your style and appearance and whole existence is… Continue reading ain’t nobody praying for me.


part 1. every boy growing up has a love for their father. well, not every boy. in fact, my dad never met his father. and that's what made my dad such an ideal candidate for being a dad. my dad is my favorite super hero. crazy thing is.... peep this. HE'S REAL!!! yall get to… Continue reading Jerome.

PSA to all “I’m not like them. i have Black friends. i voted for Barack” folks.

Black people aren't mad enough. centuries of being this dope. this strong. this smart. this patient. this resilient. this humble. this friendly. this inviting. this hyphy. this loving and STILL ALWAYS GET THE SHORT END OF THE STICK. still getting killed at "home". still getting followed and harassed in Oakland like that ain't the house… Continue reading PSA to all “I’m not like them. i have Black friends. i voted for Barack” folks.

Dear Black People

i'm going to get straight to it. Black people aren't mad ENOUGH. Black people aren't aggressive ENOUGH. Black people aren't crying ENOUGH. Black people do not deserve amerikkka. and amerikkka doesn't deserve us. this country doesn't deserve our patience and culture and style and our input and work. we do not deserve the hatred and… Continue reading Dear Black People

friends. how many of us have them?

how many of us are real friends? check up on your friends, y'all. make sure they're good. please. all it takes is a text, preferably a call, and a request to link up for dinner or lunch. we all have a life. but most of us aren't as busy as we like to think we… Continue reading friends. how many of us have them?

First Lady.

Whatever she lacks, I'm right over her shoulder. When I'm off track, mami is keeping me focused. There's nothing that brings more joy and heartache at the same time than our significant other. If you got a lady and you know she's dope, for you, mature, ethical, has standuuuhhs, intelligent and God fearing, do what… Continue reading First Lady.