a poem.

this is a poem inspired by K-A-N-Y-E

and the great Muhammad Ali.

it’s a poem about self LOVE.

so guess what? it’s a poem about me.

we often say be humble, sit down.

but we tell our kids, “smile. don’t frown.”

we often say “self LOVE is the most important LOVE.”

well today, don’t mind me as i give myself a hug.

you might call it cocky. or even conceit.

but self LOVE is my weapon, and I haven’t been beat.

self LOVE has gotten me through racism, bullies, and when relationship fails.

the LOVE i have for myself is unique. you can’t take it, it’s not for sale.

this world is tough. this world is rough.

some think in order to win this battle of life, you must be buff.

i’m telling you now, that is a lie.

just go look in the mirror and proclaim “I AM THE BEST ALIVE.”

i know i’m not better than anyone.

but i know i’m better than everyone.

my parents taught me to be confident and strong.

they told me, “son this path you’re going down is gonna be tough and long.

don’t ever think you’re an inferior human being. Rule #1, make sure Jesus is Lord. and God is King.”

my mom was born and raised in Compton, dad is from Berkeley.

life as adolescents was hard, but Lord always had mercy.

mom, to this day, is overprotective of her one and only son.

but if you ask her, because i have Jesus, i already won.

my dad has ultimate confidence. the guy is just smooth.

but the important thing is he knows what he can and can’t do.

see, he’s not arrogant. he’s no fool.

he’ll tell you “you’re going to be independent, here’s the tools. if you’re hungry, i’ll show you how to fish and even how to cook the food.

i won’t be alive forever, i’ll show you how to lead your own land. i’ll show you how to get around. i’ll show you how to be man.”

so all my life, i had some dope role models.

they embraced their past which set me up for my future. January 30th 1993, someone hit the lotto.

let me further tell you what i’m about.

because when i think about it, oooooh it makes me wanna shout.

so move forward to today, i’m the blueprint to a real man. i say it with pride.

i was taught to not run, not even hide.

i was taught to stand up and speak if i have something to say.

don’t let anyone or anything get in your way.

i stand in front of my peers and folks older than me.

telling them “i’m da captain now,” like the actor in Captain Phillips, Barkhad Abdi.

i don’t need a bless you when i sneeze or a pat on the back when i do something well.

i don’t succumb to peer pressure and don’t jump when i hear a bell.

i handle my emotions effectively and i’m strong mentally.

my vocabulary is as strong as a bull. see, i’m even good with similes.

my confidence doesn’t get in my way or yours.

my ego is healthy, loud and pretty big, we’ve been on tours.

my ego has been with me through school, life… hell, everyday!! ask my friends.

it ain’t going anywhere. it’s with me to the very end.

see this picture?

man i look good. handsome young man.

melanin is poppin, i don’t need a tan.

my hair is just gorgeous, if i must say.

my hair grows UP. it defies gravity!! only a few is built this way.

my style is untouched. i should be in magazines.

kids dress up like Julius for halloween.

if you don’t like and appreciate my self LOVE, hi and goodbye.

but if you’re still reading this AND hating. ehhhh. i’ll let it slide.

my dad said it best “if you don’t like it, to each it’s own. just don’t bother me, leave me the hell alone.”

if you see me by myself, nodding my head, get closer and you can hear me hum.

i don’t care what you think, i dance to the beat of my own drum.

*Listen to Muhammad Ali I Am The Double Greatest, Round 2. and Kanye West The Glory and I Love Kanye.

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