my skin.

Romans 6:23 "the wages of sin is death..." i ask God, because it seems close to the end, is my skin the sin? . . . . . everybody loves to rave about Black people looking youthful. i chalk it off to them being nice, but they're still being truthful. my skin is smooth. clear. … Continue reading my skin.

i’m just a soul whose intentions are good.

i didn't have any control over how i look. making fun of me calling me ugly isn't going to hurt my feelings. and hyping me up telling me i look really good isn't going to make me feel extra good. i had absolutely no say in my looks. i take no offense to that. but … Continue reading i’m just a soul whose intentions are good.


today we're gonna talk about addiction. ima talk really loudly, ain’t nobody whispering. because even when you’re close, amber alert. you’re missing from action, no drive, little hope, no ambition. it can lock you up with or without chains, conviction. so listen. conditions are important: mental, emotion and physical. prescriptions aren’t really, can still be … Continue reading addiction.


love is revolutionary. but have you ever loved someone that you no longer liked? that someone can be yourself. love doesn't make a marriage last. it shouldn't. think about it. love doesn't make one stay at their job for decades although the conditions are horrible. it's time for us to work on LIKING ourselves. we … Continue reading TIME FOR US TO LIKE OURSELVES.


can i tell you one of the most rewarding acts i have ever done??? talked. elation. joyous. fulfilling. speaking for yourself is powerful. i'm sure some would recall when having an idea or perspective wanting to be heard but someone speaking over you or even saying "what she/he MEANT to say was..." as if you … Continue reading TALK. SPEAK YOUR TRUTH.