letter to future self.

my momma told me my writing is good. but it’s sad. people need hope. i said it’s real. she said it can be real and still be sound like hope. i said say no more.

to myself.

i will do my best while being myself. i won’t try to be someone i’m not or do things i cannot in order to live up to a fantasy.

i will invest in myself. my happiness and health is important.

i will make sure i am mentally healthy enough for the war outside and to lead my family.

my kids will have a dope life. i will make the moves that will lead to my offspring being taken care of.

i will be prepared… period. whatever you think that means, it does.

forgive. forgive. forgive. it is how you will remain happy. forgive with the intent to reconcile. if reconciliation is not feasible, that’s okay. but forgive.

have discipline in every aspect of your life. money. sex. food. entertainment. alldat.

never settle. that won’t be you. set your price and live your life.

self, have friends. surround yourself with friends. ain’t no such thing as good friend or a bad friend. they are either your friend or ain’t.

laugh. don’t forget to laugh. please don’t forget to laugh. have a sense of humor. don’t take life too seriously all the time.

have patience. always try to flex your patience. it will help you out.

be better. be better than the day before. always improve yourself.

remember positivity in the midst of situations. not after. be positive during. not in retrospect. talk to yourself more. talk more positively to yourself.

treat yourself, self.

be yourself. don’t change for anyone. people are in your life for you being the way you are. people are not in your life for being the way you are. deal with it.

take mental breaks. have off days. have OFF days. have OFF nights.

i won’t compromise any morals or ethics.

i will be who i am while continuing bettering myself. what you see if what you get.

i will not let society break me. God and my family will be my backbone.

self, take the crookeds with the straights. let life run its course. you will be okay. God didn’t put you in the situation you’re in without knowing you’re prepared for it. He put you in the classroom, now take the test.

i will love and follow God til i die. i will wait and listen to receive an answer.


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