set your price.

Baby when i used to love you, there’s nothing that i wouldn’t do. i went thru the fire for you, did anything you asked me to…

but i’m tired of living this lie. it’s getting harder to justify. i realize that i just don’t love you… not like i used to.

realizing is the difficult part. that’s the pill that’s hard to swallow.

you can’t change people. you just can’t do it. you can introduce people to things. you can introduce people to a lifestyle, music, food, culture. but you can’t make them follow it when you turn your head. life is about choices.

now if you never give 50% to someone, don’t accept 50% from that someone. if you always give your all to someone/something and that someone/something doesn’t in return, address it. after you address it and it ain’t fixed, bounce. and don’t feel bad.

women, men, friends, family, work, company, community etc.

i tried to show people how to be kings, and all they ever wanted to be was soldiers. to some people, being a soldier is enough. being a worker is enough.

i tried to show women how filet mignon tasted. but they were satisfied with hamburger helper. to some women, hamburger helper is outstanding.

i tried to show people there’s more than just loving your hair but being unapologetically Black. being Pan-Afrikan. but they were content being just “woke”. to some people, being “woke” is the real deal.

that’s fine. that’s their life. you can have plans for someone all you want. they still have to walk the line you drew for yourself to be happy tho. so stop drawing lines for people to walk and walk your own walk. and don’t turn around at all.

life is about choices.

when people make that choice, let them.

the important thing YOU can do is realize the choice they made and realize the change in heart and then respond accordingly.

stop trying to play in this movie and the actors already had their scripts before you entered.

Jay-Z said “my advice is just don’t be too nice to niggas. set your price on niggas and live your life, my nigga”.

that’s my suggestion for you today. set your price and live your life. don’t negotiate on terms. know and understand your value. your worth.

“tonight i might, raise my price. great advice.”

listen to John Legend Used to Love U and Jay-Z BAM.

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