HATE. Hate hates Love. they're opposites. eating nothing but HATE will make LOVE taste and sound so unappetizing. eating nothing but HATE will make forgiving yourself and others so unappealing. HATE will cover your tastebuds with dread, depression, disgust, disgrace. our tastebuds get use to HATE when we eat nothing but it. when we go … Continue reading HATE/LOVE.

Distant Lover.

you're all the way over there. i'm all the way over here. we're "together" but we're not. i need you closer! this isn't fair. when we talk and laugh, i feel you. but after we talk and laugh, i wanna feel you. you tell me to come thru and chill. and i tell you that … Continue reading Distant Lover.

a p o l o gize.

say sorry. it's time for you to do it. This is the thesis. we need to grow up, take accountability of our actions and apologize. we cannot claim to be grown and refuse to say "i'm sorry" to someone who is worth being in your life. period. even those who aren't in your life for … Continue reading a p o l o gize.

Say Hello To The Bad Guy.

people need people to point the finger at. to distract them and everyone else from their own flaws and faults and mistakes and mishaps. you're not better. you're not righteous. you're not different. you just hide. once we shift the conversation to others being difficult, we're no longer talking about what they're difficult about and … Continue reading Say Hello To The Bad Guy.

Signs of Love Making.

There was this man named Aquarius. He had been dating Gemini for years. Grew up and lived with each other. Everyone tells Aquarius that they're perfect for each other. Everything points that way, too. Gemini is intelligent, beautiful, loves kids, great credit, loves mankind. Now Aquarius, very easy going. Doesn't ask for much. Just love. … Continue reading Signs of Love Making.