Little Trees.

it just feels different.

it’s like a breath of fresh air.

like a ice breakers mint,

or breaking out a brand new pair.

a new beginning, a new start.

last time you were broken, so feels like you gotta new red Heart.

you the Ace and her King.

no time for Jokers, she’s a Diamond and your Queen.

you text her each morning “good morning, Queen” just for the possibility of her smiling when you’re not around.

and that’s just yall thing so she scrolls thru old texts just to see you remind her she’s worthy of the crown.

don’t know how this came about, yall just gotta connection. some call it the universe, some call it a blessing.

i call it what it is. and it’s just is what it is.

no titles. no labels. yall just doing what feels good. i can see this ending up like Mike and Alicia in The Wood.

driving with the windows down, you feel like Rashad in ATL, a newNEW man. her dimples are as thick as Lauren London’s. that was a stretch but you know what i mean. you just like Lakers, nobody else matters, you happy to have Lebron on your team.

yall sneak off together and act and smile like kids in front of adults.

whisper in her ear and you can’t repeat what was said, it’s reserved for grown folks.

she a little freak but for you, so you love it. the kind you gotta tell “chill chill” cus she be lightweight wylin in public. the kind with confidence, like she 8 feet tall. the kind that make you say in your head “maaan i’m ready to risk it all.”

her friends see yall interact, no words but they know the deal. they see how she reacts when you talk and can see how she feels.

this is all new. yall just going with the flow. but her favorite Beyonce tracks are Partitions, Love On Top and Blow.

Little Trees. you know, the air fresheners you put in your car? the yellow one smells good and the Black ice too. but the new car scent is just… revitalizing.

makes your car feel and smell fresh. you open that one up and know which is the best. you forget about the past and only focus on what’s in your vicinity. everything else that was in your car was ehhh, you got new possibilities. homies get in the car and say “something is new about this. your vibe is different. you gotta new air freshener and been smiling ever since.” but only thing you did was drop the old one and got new and more scents(sense). i upgrade, don’t go backwards. the last little tree was cool but the smell expired. if i told you it still smelled good, i’d be a liar.

Little Trees. New Car Scent.

Listen to Jay Z Ain’t No Nigga and Jay-Z and Beyoncé HEARD ABOUT US.

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