we often times forget how GREAT someone is because of how close we are. how accessible that person is to us. because we see that person daily or monthly or because we’ve known them for years. and great is an understatement.

get out of that mentality.

you have some exceptional talented friends. like, dope, ride or die friends.

appreciate how your friends and homies aren’t YES MEN. appreciate how they tell you the truth. we could get tired of how truthful they are at times but they are doing their jobs.

when it comes to those who love us, they have a role. and we have a role to those we love. we have to be honest. we have to be great. we do.

and those who transcendent and rare?acknowledge that. appreciate that. honor that. there are not too many transcendent individuals. that’s just a fact. and you might have 1 or 2 in your life accessible via text. 10 minutes away from you. respeck that.

you know people who are or can move mountains. those people are rare bruh. you know people who have the juice, everywhere. peep that.

say “thank you” to people who do things. and tell them what you’re thankful for. it goes a long way. some people need that. not everyone needs a thank you gift or card or whatever but simply saying thank you is enough.

you ever meet someone who knows a lot about a lot? there’s some people who knows a lot about a specific topic. like this cat knows EVERY STAT about basketball. or every birthdate of the presidents. and that’s fine. but there are people who know a whole lot about everything yall talk about. that’s so dope to me.

also, appreciate those who value your life. time. who makes an impact and effort to be in your life. those who fights to be in your life. doesn’t have to be “YO!!! LOVE ME” but those who will hit you when they know you’ve been going thru a lot just to check in. those who will love you from afar if you need space and time. those who will always be there when you call.

it is some people we talk to daily or we see online and we think to ourselves “they are doing too much.” slow down. it is some people who are absolutely STUNNING. EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT. EXTREMELY INTERESTING. EXTREMELY INFLUENTIAL. and we just take for granted who these people are because we are used to them. because its home. relationships are so valuable. having the juice is so important.

just a reminder that nobody in your life is coincidental. you have stars surrounding you.

words matter.

words of affirmation matter. there are a couple people in your life who can say something simple and ruin your day. and it tends to be the same people who can say something light and make everything better.

when my parents say they are proud of me, i didn’t know how important that was subconsciously. i didn’t know how much power that gave me. i really didn’t. when they juice me, i feel i can do it all. the cool thing about it all is they know how strong i am mentally and how big my ego is. so they know for a fact that their lack of words won’t break me… but they also know that their words helped make me. their words matter. moms and pops send me texts here and there just “hey. read your post. proud to be your father.” or “at your age, i was wylin out. you’re doing good.”

my momma is my biggest cheerleader. ever. she has been and will be. she always keeps it 100 with me but at the same time hypes me. and that matters.

i haven’t been 30 years old yet. but i can assure you being a man aged from 23-29 is a really difficult time. difficult as far thinking the pressure is on to move NOW. get called difficult for little stuff. everything you do is judged. every move you make is highlighted from society to your family to your significant other. you start overthinking your decisions. start questioning your bank account. start questioning if you should further your schooling. if you need to be in a larger house/apartment. if you should pick up and move to the other coast. it’s a rough patch.

so words from important people matter. they do.

being reminded you’re doing great job by your parents is important. be THAT parent.

being reminded you’re doing a great job by your partner is important. be THAT partner. be the partner who might not like the hairstyle but appreciates the confidence and creativity to rock it. be the partner who reminds them that they are taking care of business. be the partner who juices everything they do. little stuff. big stuff. be THAT partner.

words letting you know that your creativity is not overlooked. that your mentality and morals are blessings. your individuality is honored more than ever.

now, i have been blessed to live a relatively “nonchalant” life. lack of better words so lemme clarify.

i have a great support team. from my 8 year old nephew who won’t forget to remind his momma that i love Mexican food when they go out to eat to both of Traci and Britt who juice me to my momma and pops. i appreciate every person who is in my life. and with that support they provide, my life has a FEELING of ease. it has a FEELING of relaxation. it is rough. but i will get by day by day with them. feels like i have everything.

that’s God’s work. God has protected me. corrected me. and directed me. staying with Him is how i have been able to not stress and appreciate people. staying with Him is how i have been able to have confidence. dress how i dress. walk into places and talk like i own the place. that’s God’s work.

if someone who was my age before (so someone older than me) and can acknowledge the work and passion i have and is telling me that they are proud of me, i’m good. you can’t tell me nothing. i’m not doing some things right… i’m doing a lot of things right. period.

when my momma and pops tell me they’re proud of the moves i’ve made and will support whatever moves i DO make tomorrow, you can’t tell me anything bro. not one thing. my parents literally ride for whatever i do. my pops might not like when i put my hair up, but he’ll be the first to tell you “don’t matter if i like it… i love that YOU like it. and whoever don’t like it, f*ck em.” he will literally tell you that. and that’s the words i need. my momma will tell me that if school ain’t for me, do what’s for me. she will support me because she trust me. and she trust me because my track record is great. and i appreciate them.

matter of fact…

i appreciate you momma. for always holding it down. for being strong and independent in times when you needed a shoulder. i appreciate your advice and tenderness. i do. there are times when i get pissed that you baby me. and i often forget you grew up in Compton. i forget your mom died when you were a teenager. i forget you had 2 brothers who were gangbangers. forgive me but i do appreciate your love and patience and protectiveness. your love taught me love for Black women. for women. you da best. i don’t make promises. but i got you.

and pops. my road dawg. i appreciate your individuality. your creativity. the jokes i’ve heard 100s of times but gotta keep hearing em because others haven’t. i appreciate your manliness. your masculinity. it has taught me. i appreciate your advice and guidance but how your trust me. i appreciate you pops. appreciate your unapologetic Blackness that spews from you. you can see and feel it. no surprise that you love Ice Cube and Prince.

Britt. your creativity and passion. i appreciate it. i appreciate how dedicated you are to a craft. there are some people (Beyoncé, Kobe, Floyd Mayweather are a few who come to mind) who have perfected their craft. but the beauty was it was their choice. their parents didn’t force them but supported them. and you went to school and realized it wasn’t for you and put your time and money and effort into your love. and that is inspiring. you are influential. and i appreciate you. people like you people take for granted because you don’t force them to holla your name or build billboards. but your footsteps leave prints. and people know wsup.

Traci. you are Mrs.Independent. you set your goals and then get them. and i appreciate how speed bumps don’t slow you down. in a world where Black women are beat up daily and scrutinized and belittled by everyone, you said “not today” and kept it moving. i appreciate your love and constant support and protection.

appreciate the rare details in your life. appreciate the special moments in your life. appreciate the good people who stayed in your life. appreciate the revolutionary people in your life. appreciate the kind words that people drop on you.

“if you admire somebody, you should gon head and tell em. people never get the flowers while they can still smell em.”

life is a gift, love. open it up.

3 thoughts on “appreciation.

  1. I’m using directed, protected, and corrected. In a sermon. Loved what you spoke about the women in your life. And what you said about me,’you just said because “IT’S TRUE “


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