role modelz.

what do you know about politics? what do you know about relationships? what do you know about anything??

everything we know was learned. every single thing we know was taught and learned. by society, siblings, parents, teacher, YouTube, politicians, musicians.

how you are in a relationship was learned. the things you do, how you treat him/her, how romantic or insensitive you are was taught. the attributes you require her to have was taught. you learned it.

how you view yourself was taught. how confident you are or how insecure you are was taught. maybe by your pops maybe by social media, it was instilled in you by a second or third party.

the language you understand was taught. the way you dress was taught. you don’t wear day to day what people in Nigeria wear day to day. your diet. the way you park or back into a parking spot. it was taught.

the way you love yourself. the love you have for your race. the hate you have for other races. the way you view love and friendship and happiness was all learned.

the love for your hair was taught. the carelessness, the perspective of tattoos and piercings. society or your favorite singer could’ve influenced you.

just be careful.

in relationships, you might have these poor standards and low expectations because you were taught by pops that men ain’t nothing or by your mom that women are just sex objects.

you might see Marilyn Monroe or Cardi B and be taught that i should be naked all the time. because that’s free.

you might see Future and think i should have sex with tons of women and never commit. because that’s free.

but your idea of freedom comes from… a person who is getting paid to portray this idea. from celebrities?

you don’t see a paid actress, just what makes a bad b*tch. you don’t see the label funding a persona, just a dude with jewelry and cars.

be careful who you mold yourself after.

these people were never role models before money was involved. these women were never the ideal candidate of liberty until the cameras were on. these men were scrubs three years ago, now they’re in a 360° deal by Atlantic Records and don’t own anything they touch but you think that’s a lifestyle you want. you think he’s the man. you think he’s a revolutionary.

we look at celebrities without knowing anything about them. we only know what they wanna show us. and we worship them.

ten years ago, Kanye was on the top of the world. Graduation dropped. Can’t Tell Me Nothin. you loved him. ten years later, you hate him. why was he celebrated then but not now? he’s the same person.

some of us are in position to be influencers. we have kids, nephews, students etc. they’re young and malleable. walk carefully when they’re around. people are always looking.

never go with the flow, be the flow.

travel. love. spend money. experiment.

surround yourself with role models. be friends with role models. marry a role model. have sex with a role model. make sure you’re a role model. we need more role modelz.

but “bitch” still bad to her if you say it the wrong way…
but she think she a bitch – what a double entendre!

listen to J.Cole No Role Modelz.

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