Signs of Love Making.

There was this man named Aquarius. He had been dating Gemini for years. Grew up and lived with each other. Everyone tells Aquarius that they’re perfect for each other. Everything points that way, too. Gemini is intelligent, beautiful, loves kids, great credit, loves mankind. Now Aquarius, very easy going. Doesn’t ask for much. Just love. Gemini is more demanding. Which was okay with him. Seemed like a great relationship.

But seasons changed, mad things rearranged. Gemini told him they should break and then they BROKE. Like Bernie Mac said. Gemini ended up with Pisces. Pisces got Gemini a house, dope friends to be with, cussed, clubbed, money and fun. Fast life. An exciting careless life. But she chose what she chose. No hard feelings. Gemini knew what Aquarius brought to the table and knew how easily and precisely they matched. But that didn’t equate to fun for her. That didn’t result into excitement.

So Gemini bounced. Said deuces. Went to concerts and aquariums with Pisces and alldat. They were supposed to Takeover, he caught her bumping Ether. Get it.

But Momma told him there’d be days like this.

So Aquarius explored. He chilled. Played the field. Reserved cat. He linked with some women in the month of July who all turned out to be Cancers. That didn’t work. He went out with this one girl named Leo. She was always Lion. He tried to hang out with Virgo but she always gave him a headache. Always dizzy when he left. One day, he ran into Aries. Aries was really dope. And they matched well. And while the world didn’t think they were compatible, it worked. He met Aries when traveling and Aries wasn’t looking for anything serious. And he was still getting back in the game. He was in a drought. But, low and behold… whatever it was, happened. Nothing was rushed. But everything moved fast. Faster than what he was accustomed to. But it worked. No judgement passed. No bringing up the past. Just… them.

Meanwhile, Gemini was living her life like it was golden. But Pisces started buggin. Per usual. Some times reading the signs helps. But neither did. Pisces wasn’t the match for Gemini. Pisces was a bit insecure. Gemini was very secure. Pisces was too uptight. Gemini was very relaxed. Out and about, everything was gucci. But back at home nothing was the same.

By this time, Gemini started to regret bouncing on Aquarius. But didn’t voice it. Gemini just secretly hoped Aquarius, wherever he was, was in the same emotional state she was in so she could sleep a little better at night.

But by this point, Aquarius is making love to Aries. Aquarius went to Aries’ hometown and Aries met Aquarius’ folks. They read the same books. They cared about the same issues. They fought the same fight. And he got over living without Gemini. He moved on. He wasn’t mad no more. And hell naw he wasn’t sad no more. He is making love to Aries.

He reached out to Gemini just to let her know they were good. No hard feelings and all the past is the past. Gemini tried to make him feel guilty. Said he wasn’t loyal. Questioned if he ever loved her. Said Aquarius and Gemini are meant to be together. She said she didn’t mean to make him feel bad. Didn’t mean to create sadness in his life. She was just testing the water. Seeing how hot it was, she wasn’t really gonna get in.

He told her “Hmmm. Ironic. Because it’s cold in that house he got you huh? But don’t say you didn’t plan to. I waited. You didn’t. I stayed stagnant for a while. You kept it moving instantly. So pick it up. Your heart… Pick it up. All the signs told me to abandon ship. But I didn’t listen. But i’ve been making love to Aries. And she loves me back.”

Now see if you recall the first paragraph, Aquarius just asked for love. That’s it. The rest was extra sides to the ultimate meal of love.

Live your life. Live your best life. Don’t wait for someone else to enter or leave to live YOUR best life. Respeck people. Respeck love. Respeck yourself. Don’t hold grudges. Meet new people. Give people chances. Forgive people. Move on. Don’t give up on love. Make love. Do love, intentionally. Fall in love with love. but don’t be mad at him when it’s on to the next one.

These are the signs of love making.

listen to The Dream Nikki.

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