Makes Me Wanna Holla.

Uncle Sam.







it makes me wanna holla, the way they do my life.

the country i live in has money to send people to space. has money to fund wars all over the planet. has money to pay for missiles to blow up a school bus in Yemen but can’t do anything for the homelessness. we can’t do anything about college being a pipe dream.

we preach to eight year olds that college is the way out but we don’t tell them to be ready for hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

we tell them fight for this country but we don’t tell them this country ain’t fighting for them.

we say cops are our buddies but we turn on the TV and see them beat Rodney King and shoot Oscar Grant in the back.

it makes me wanna holla, the way they do my life. listen baby.

working is cool. if everybody is a boss, who’s really working. but we teach kids to be workers. we don’t teach them entrepreneurship. we tell them to follow orders. just go to school so you can get hired and be a good employee. then we tell them to endure bad conditions and low pay in order to one day years later make six dollars an hour more.

pay taxes. we don’t see where our money goes. before we get our check, a percentage is already taken out and is going somewhere we either don’t see or don’t agree with. if we don’t pay, we go to jail. we clown the celebrities who don’t pay. funny tho huh.

What’s Going On.

we preach credit. apparently credit shows how reliable you are? huh? jobs do a background check on your CREDIT now as if that’s just concrete information. i spend my money on Fiji water and socks i can’t find the matching pair to to save my life. and yall wanna hire me based on my credit? get some debt and pay it off. stay around… ehhhh.. thirty percent. and have about… ehhhhhh…. seven maybe eight lines of credit. why? idk. just sounds good so let’s tell the world this is the standard. and when you do check your credit, your score will drop. CREDIT BUREAUS OPERATE AS PRIVATE, FOR PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS. THEY ARE PRIVATE BUSINESSES. THEY MAKE THESE RULES HOWEVER THEY WANT. NOT MANDATED BY THE GOVERNMENT. we judge people by their CREDIT SCORES? word? we are credit to our jobs. we are the credit. literally. we are leasing whomever we work for a personal loan: our bodies. and we’re not bargaining and negotiating for more? we work day after day after day hours on top of hours and then get paid twice a month? sometimes once? that’s the definition of credit. and someone got the nerves to limit my paid time off? got the nerves to write me up for being late five minutes to an four hundred eighty minute shift? please. quit.

pops always said when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. well if something ain’t adding up, come up with your own equation for your own answer.

Mercy Mercy Me.

to live in the city and coast you were born and raised in, you’ll virtually have to work two three jobs or a field that you never thought you’d be in. my favorite city (Oakland,Ca) a couple years ago was considered the most dangerous city in amerikkka. now, it’s the most expensive city to move into. rent is about eighteen hundred plus for a one bedroom. culture has left. Berkeley. Detroit. Brooklyn. Compton. all of these places, white people left frantically. white flight. nobody cared about us. food places were mad unhealthy. water from the faucet was mad dirty. hospitals were mad incompetent. schools didnt have any care or support for students. now, a group of people with money comes and boom. Whole Foods and Starbucks and bike lanes exist. more funding and charter schools are a thing.

all over the world, i see people who look like me getting played. getting killed. getting beat up. getting thrown in cages. while people who don’t look like me get breaks.

people are more scared of me than they are of the actual law makers who are making it harder damn near impossible for you to live. you’re scared of me more than you are of people who have a track record of shooting up schools and churches and taking over COUNTRIES. your homeland was probably taken over and you’re not buggin out by the group of people who do this to every country in the world, but buggin out on me.

makes me wanna holla.

i often think what in the world did Black people do? years, centuries, millenniums ago, WHAT DID BLACK PEOPLE DO TO GET TREATED LIKE THIS BY EVERY SINGLE GROUP AND COUNTRY ON THE PLANET? WHAT DID WE DO AND TO WHO? WHY DOES EVERY SINGLE PERSON HATE US? WHY DOES EVERY SINGLE PERSON FEAR US? WHY ARE WE SEEN AS DIRTY AND UNTRUSTWORTHY AND STUPID AND THUGS AND LOWER THAN? DARKER SKIN PEOPLE ARE HATED. in Asia, the darker skin folks are looked at as lower. in Australia, the darker skin folk are looked at as lower. in Oakland, the darker skin folk are looked at as lower. dark skin women are hated. dark skin mean are feared. what did we do?

in 2016, people started to HATE Colin Kaepernick and all he did was silently protest and then stand up for inequality. the man lost the job he fought and trained and dreamed of his whole adolescent years because he spoke his mind. HIS JOB. in 1967, Muhammad Ali was in his PRIME and was stripped of his belts and suspended from the sport he loved and trained and dreamed of dominating for refusing to go to a war that wasn’t his fight anyway.

it makes me wanna holla and throw up both my hands. this ain’t living. naaaaaw this ain’t living.

*Marvin Gaye wrote this in 1971. history doesn’t repeat itself, it rhymes. we must read so we won’t allow things to happen again. it’s okay to call yourself a -ist but learn the history of that. we must read. it’s how we stay ahead of the game. it’s how we don’t allow to be fooled. please read. pick up and finish a book by the end of this year.

The Ecology.

1) Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.

2) Heard It Through The Grapevine.

3) Distant Lover.

4) Trouble Man.

5) Inner City Blues.

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