when in rome, do as the romans do.

adapt: to adjust to different conditions or situations. when it’s cold outside, one might find it necessary to adapt and wear more clothes, heavier, thicker jackets, hats, gloves, etc. it does not mean TO TAKE, it means to acclimate to change.

synonyms: remodel, transform, alter, reshape.

adopt: to choose someone or something and take as your own. to TAKE in, particularly by choice.

synonyms: to take, to assume, to follow, choose.

philosophy: a system of beliefs, values, knowledge. the way someone thinks about life and existence.

synonyms: principle, theory, viewpoint, school of thought.

when you’re in rome, do you do as the romans do, or do you become roman?

do you adopt, or adapt? i guess i’m asking, what’s your philosophy?

we all have one, whether we know it or not, whether we accept it or not, whether we like it or not. but the issue is us not knowing what it is, who we are. the issue is not taking time to seriously think about our philosophy. it can be a larger problem because when we don’t take time, we inevitably ASSUME, ADOPT the philosophy of the dominant class/society.

your point of view will be that of the dominant class. in the current society in amerikkka, the philosophy is that amerikkka and capitalism is the best. everything we say is right is right, and all that we say is wrong… well, is wrong. without seriously thinking about who YOU are, you have now adopted a philosophy of amerikkkanism. amerikkka was founded on slavery, exploitation, rape, racism, sexism. so yeah, white supremacy. you know that though, but you use more digestible words and use exit arguments because who likes their school of thought being thrown into a pool of harm and murder?

to get a slice of the amerikkkan pie, one has to know that that the pie was made with blood on its hands. but the philosophy of the dominant class ignores that and says it was made by pulling up bootstraps and determination. it was made by grit. it was made not by luck, but by preparation and hard work.

your view on homelessness is that of a capitalist. your view on Cuba is that of a capitalist. your view on happiness is that of a capitalist. your view on diamonds, wine, vacationing, materials, houses is that of a capitalist. and if you think having the view of a capitalist is honorable, well, it ain’t.

Malcolm X once said, “you show me a capitalist, i show you a blood sucker.”

there are millions of Africans in amerikkka and all over the world who are adapting to amerikkka. we are not amerikkkans. we are victims of amerikkkanism. some have tried or are trying to adopt the philosophy of the dominant class in order to get that pie. but they’ll see. the vast majority are adapting. we are just more aware of our conditions than most people. that doesn’t make us better, it means we’ve been sitting on the stove for centuries and it’s hot. most people still, to this day, think it’s warm (found that out in 2016). or worse, the stove ain’t even on. we never ignored our own conditions in order to defend the philosophy of the dominant class, and that has gotten us killed, raped, thrown in jail. Sandra Bland didn’t adopt the dominant school of thought. Martin Luther King didn’t adopt the dominant school of thought. Assata Shakur didn’t accept the dominant school of thought. Gloria Richardson and Queen Mother Moore didn’t adopt the dominant school of thought. they all adapted.

when you adopt to the philosophy of the dominant class, you accept their moral compass as well. it’s a reason why we hate people who are homeless and look down on them, even when we know how broke we are ourselves. it’s a reason why we hate Black people and fear them even when we know everything we do is because of them. it’s a reason we view Arabs the way we do, even when the reasons why certain people did what they did was a response to what amerikkka did first.

our moral compass becomes that of the dominant society which makes us hate our own people. it makes us turn our backs on Mexico, Nigeria, Vietnam, China, and Cuba. it makes us not try to understand what living in a colony means. it makes us not empathize at the actions oppressed people take. it makes us not know a single thing about Russia or North Korea or Cuba but still hate them. we don’t know the state Martin Luther King was born in but we act like we know foreign affairs. we don’t know what started the war in Iraq, but we talk about their president.

not knowing where MLK was born or knowing the details of a war your country was in doesn’t have to be a bad thing, per se. but it definitely is when you have the nerves to speak out on other certain issues that’s going on. you can’t talk about the tension in my house when you don’t know what’s going on, or more dangerously, do know and ACCEPT the harm that’s going on upstairs in your house. you voted for and defend biden, a war criminal with a resume that’s darker than the last president, but talk about Fidel or Putin. you fasho can’t speak about my beef when you’re hearing it from the person who hates me. you have been given a biased skewed outtake on the whole situation. i’m not judging, but i am critical of people who maintain the philosophy of amerikkka. this is fair critique from someone who not only cares about people in my city or state or the country i walk in, but around the world. this is critique from someone who challenged the philosophy from the powerful society and now urging everyone who hasn’t to do so.

one day, men are too emotional and think everything is disrespect. men need to reassess because they’re too violent and fight too much off petty things. the next day, when someone joked about you, you get mad and applaud your man for being violent towards another man… off words. you say “YES. HE DID WHAT HE HAD TO DO.” so you condone violence when your feelings are hurt but when the man feelings are hurt, and he fights, you call it hyper aggression and toxic masculinity? you have no philosophy if you change with the wind on every issue that involves you or your group. you have the philosophy of a hypocrite. what is consistent?

seasons change, mad things re-arrange.

everything that is touched, is changed. and everything is in motion therefore everything is changing. whether you notice the change or not. the earth is always moving. it’s always revolving. we are always revolving.

there are people who refuse to believe change can happen. those people are ignoring nature and also given up on it. we all fall victim to it in certain aspects and times in our life. but hope is not a feeling. hope is a discipline. sad and mad are feelings, hope is something you have. something you possess. once you lose hope, you no longer believe in revolution. you no longer believe in a future. the people you admire most had hope. take something from them.

there have been countless times that i’ve been sad and felt defeated. felt angry. felt nothing was going to come, but hope has always been a part of me. the Black bodies slain in the streets. the Black bodies on sidewalks with people walking by with no HUMAN regard. the greedy young people who think they have this self centered view on life. the older people who still believe the system of voting for a democrat is going to change anything. the system of white supremacy that tricks you you can be like me. trust me, don’t let my positivity fool you. i feel sad, but i remain hopeful.

“can’t teach a dog new tricks.”

“things been like this before we got here, they gon be like this after.”

“it ain’t gon change in my lifetime.”

we’ve heard these sentiments almost every day. we have uttered these words a lot of times, i can only imagine. but it’s beliefs… it’s a philosophy like this that stunts change from happening. Black people say we want change then turn around and say “ain’t nothing gon change in my lifetime.” one day, it’s “people don’t change. people are who they are.” then you get mad when people don’t change quick enough to use your preferred pronouns or accept your choice of life or the difference between your religion and theirs.

climate change and food waste. we can feed 2.5 billion people yearly with the food we waste. amerikkka alone wastes up to $408 billion in food. this isn’t just cooked food. come on. this is waste at every stage. from the packaging, shipping, retail, to our homes. don’t talk to me about a shortage of food or overpopulation when we waste nearly a third of food annually. countries starve to death, literally, because they have no food. why not provide the food that’s being wasted? easy answer. there’s no money in feeding the starving humans around the world. 2020, most things were closed so people weren’t driving. planes were grounded. 2021, people were working from home. just what happened? CO2 emissions dropped.

we want all these changes but we refuse to accept that life is all about change. people can change. people do change. the world can change. things don’t have to be the way they are. we have to first believe change is possible and then fight for that every single day. it might take someone doing the change they want to see in the world for you to believe it. it might take a book. it might take a death of someone you admired and realized they changed. but change is not only possible, it’s inevitable. Malcolm X was once Detroit Red.

we just have to think about our philosophy. so again, what’s your philosophy?

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