this ain’t about roe v wade and guns.

social media censors and the ruling class says it’s to keep “people safe” from hate crime. i mean, not just delete your profile so you just create a new tw*tter or r*ddit, but IP ban. that means you cannot do anything again on that device with those platforms. alldat freedom of speech, out the door due to someone not liking with the subject matter. there’s some that say in order to avoid that, come up with slick ways to spell words in order to trick the bots. the problem still exists, however.

there are people who have wished death on men in the name of feminism. that’s fine.

there are people who have wished death on people who didn’t get vaccinated. that’s fine.

there are people who have wished death on communists. that’s fine.

there are people who have wished death on Tory Lanez. that’s fine

there are people who have called Meg Thee Stallion a liar. that’s hate speech. report and banned.

there are people who have called women fat. that’s hate speech. report and banned.

there are people who have denounced zionism. that’s hate speech. report and banned.

there are people who have said they don’t agree with same sex marriage. that’s hate speech. report and banned.

this is favorited by “democrats.”

remember. it’s always about control of the master when you’re on a colony, no matter what party it is.

this is about another ten minutes at least of reading, just ten minutes.

let’s talk about something a little more thought provoking.

these new gun laws, RED FLAG LAWS, have the average person rooting for them. it looks like the most voted for president in amerikkkan history will be signing them into law soon. and we should know by now, anything joe biden pushes is the best thing for the country. besides, joe biden was the vice president to a Black president and actually has a Black WOMAN vice president. trust him. i mean, he did write the 1994 crime bill and it was signed into law by the well-loved saxophone playing president bill clinton. similar to the PATRIOT ACT, it sounds good coming after an emotional rollercoaster of terror. mass media will push whatever benefits the country. and when mass hysteria erupts, people voluntarily, without any thought, gives up their rights. the next generation sees it and realize the targeted group and the clear discrimination and say I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY DID THAT BACK IN THE DAY! MY GENERATION IS BETTER. yes, more background checks will happen. that’s all that’s being reported so that’s all the average amerikkkan citizen knows. the average amerikkkan citizen doesn’t read laws, however. what it does is allow is for people, to report strangers, and give the state the authority to take your guns without due process and start an investigation. the initial hearing often time is done “ex parte” meaning the person being investigated isn’t present to defend or represent themselves. another hearing is done at a later time in which the person could be there then. this is getting love from “activists” who was just mad at white women for carelessly calling the police on Black people without any substantial reason. (yall really gotta stop calling women white supremacists KARENs). but yeah, hoo-ray.

when will we learn? all of these acts and laws sets precedents. you’re giving an already blood thirsty imperialistic falling empire the control they need. we must not ignore reality.

these things are voted on. and of course, you are all voters. so, i guess you can’t be too mad. don’t you say IF YOU DON’T VOTE, YOU HAVE NO ROOM TO SPEAK? so since you do vote, can i hold you liable for laws that’s been voted on by people you put in office? hey, like they say, to “keep people safe.”

(by the way, moral laws stump man made laws. every time. i do not and will never support a law or a system just because that’s the way of land. i used sarcasm above because most people enjoy ridiculing people about a vote when it’s in their favor, but as soon as it’s not, it’s rigged or this country doesn’t care about xyz… like, yeah)

well let’s keep it going and talk about physical bodies.

DeRay McKesson, an activist under Black Lives Matter, was sued recently for being liable for a pig (police officer) getting hit with a slab of concrete during a protest in 2016. DeRay organized the protest but was there peacefully. he had no control over someone’s body. one would say since he organized it, he’s responsible. well, that’s exactly what Louisiana court is saying. danny mccormick, a rep from Louisiana, also introduced a bill in February that allows people to kill protestors. the legislation (<– read) would “provide that a homicide is justified when committed to prevent imminent destruction of property or imminent threat of tumultuous and violent conduct during a riot.” sounds doable, right? i mean, a riot? DeRay is a rarity, this is good for the majority of people. if you have the option to slow down or stop someone during a riot in your neighborhood, and police isn’t around, why would you not take that opportunity.

what do you think about that? seriously? think about it before continuing…

if you’re just reading this, okay. but if you took time to think about what i just asked and didn’t ask yourself “why?” and “who does this target and who does it benefit?” we gon have a problem.

now, all the people who were so upset about that white supremacist in Kenosha that shot three people and killed two, and was ruled innocent, will be hard pressed to support such bill, right? or is that different? oh is that why you actually support the RED FLAG LAWS? gotcha. keep reading.

let’s turn it up a notch. (not really a notch, but to the naked eye, it’ll seem like this is more controversial than previous examples although it’s all about power taken, control implemented)

what about all the outrage regarding the roe v wade overturn? what does it mean that the supreme court overturned the 1973 ruling? it makes abortions illegal, duh.

well, that’s not true. but that’s what we accept because twitter sensationalists and instagram lazy posts aren’t responsible. we don’t challenge ANYTHING. the thing about accepting the popular thought is it’s never balanced. you should want to hear the other side. you should want to hear the cons. but when a white person tells you the cons of a democrat thought, they’re racist. when a man tells you the cons of a popular feminist thought, they’re misogynist. when Black men tells you to question amerikkka media and not believe everything, they’re a hotep and conspiracy theorist.

what it does do is allow the states representatives, who were voting in by the people (majority of voters are women… shhhhh) to decide. it gives power to the state, not the feds. what it does is give control to someone else and strip your liberation away from making a decision about your body. control.

this is favorited by “republicans.”

remember. it’s always about control of a the master when you’re on a colony, no matter what party it is.

Kyrie Irving decided to not do what the amerikkkans romans did while living in amerikkka rome (read my last post!!) and was given and made the choice to not get vaccinated, against New York city mandate for public and private employees, and the same pro-choice, my body my choice advocates were suddenly angry. it was “different.” why? because it was “for the health of everyone.” mandates and laws about bodily autonomy ARE fine, as long as you agree with them (check out my last post about having a philosophy and not moving the goalpost every time if it doesn’t favor you).

i drew the comparison and was bombarded by women. uhh, correction. not all women. i was bombarded by non-Black women. so instead of ignoring what i presumed to be the reason, i asked.

i asked three questions to Black women, without context or feeding words into their mouth, in this order: what did you think about the decision of Kyrie not wanting to take the vaccination? what do you think of the responses of people who disagreed? do you find a connection between that and women wanting to control their bodies in order to get an abortion or not?

responses to the first question: “oh Kyrie? that’s what that grown man wanted to do. he knew the possible consequences and dealt with it.” “i do not care.” “it’s his body. his immune system.” “he was responsible by letting others know and honest and upfront. he didn’t lie about it… like Aaron Rodgers… but you know Rodgers is white so he won’t be the face of anything.” “i wish he would have, but that ain’t my body.”

to the second question: “people didn’t like him after he said the earth was flat. everything else he says against the grain, even if he’s right, people are going to clown him.” “it wasn’t right. but that’s part of the consequences. ridicule.” “Kyrie was right. they all jumped when these politicians said jump. he didn’t.” “he a nigga. what do you expect.”

third question: “oh no doubt.” “of course. ain’t we talking about pro choice? not pro vaccination, we talking about pro choice.”

(i asked Black men too, just to see if MAN DUMB AND WANT TO OPPRESS WOMAN rhetoric was consistent. it’s not. Black men quickly saw the connection and hypocrisy. there is research that Black men are the most progressive demographic in amerikkka in terms of equality among genders, same sex topics, family dynamic and politics. but that’s for another day. i know men can’t be viewed as progressive in a time like this)

why do Black women understand so much the hesitancy of medicine and hospitals? Black people were 3x more likely to get COVID and 2x more likely to die than white people in amerikkka. but those numbers were consistent in the UK and france. what’s unique about amerikkka, UK and france and Black people? THEY WERE THREE OF THE MAJOR PLAYERS OF THE EUROPEAN SLAVE TRADE! anti-Black racism is global, not just in your country. and guess who were slaves… MEN AND WOMEN. who woulda thought. i don’t know if people knew that. they saw Black skin, enslaved them, and figured out what to do with the men and women secondarily. follow me, now.

Dr Susan Moore, a 52-year-old physician, died from the rona at her home in Indianapolis, Indiana, after being denied pain management and proven COVID treatment plans that were available to other patients. David Bell was 39 years old when he was sent away home from Barnes-Jewish hospital with ibuprofen after visiting the emergency room 3x. The severity of the rona was predictable for Black people across the globe, not because of genetic predispositions, but due to structural and societal disparities. from HIV/AIDS, to cancer, to prenatal care. Black babies die before a year old twice the rate of white babies. Infant mortality rate is 3x higher with Black women than with white women, which is the highest of all demographics. Black women die from pregnancy-related complications at a rate of 40.8 for every 100,000 women. the next highest group of women are Native/Indigenous at 29.7 deaths. (PLEASE READ THAT ATTACHED LINK!)

i’m not writing all of this for people to fake care about Black women. these non-Black feminists show their colors every chance they get. we have seen “women rights activists” themselves separate womanhood from race. western feminists use colorblind policies, void of any layers that comes with womanhood + race + class, try to lump all women in the same boat. it’s a reason womanism exist. it’s a reason we use misogynoir.

Black women don’t have that privilege, so it’s not a surprise that Black women are able to see, even in disagreement, where Kyrie and others are coming from, considering the intersection of race+gender in the medical field in this country. i’m saying this because Black women are literally dying due to structural failures WHEN IN THE CARE OF DOCTORS and NURSES. the problem of Black women’s health isn’t the health itself; the problem is precisely systemic anti-Black racism. Black women collectively understand racism in health care more than anyone. even during a pandemic where Black men and women are dying more than any other group, they feel Kyrie’s unwillingness to trust a vaccination in the country of amerikkka. yet, i was told there was no connection between Kyrie’s decision (Kyrie Irving is a Black man) and “controlling reproductive system.” i was told “maybe if government wanted to control men’s bodies, then [i’ll] get the point.” i, a Black man who not only have historical data but live on a colony that was funded by my ancestors’ bodies by force, was told this by a non-Black woman (Latina).

the issue with non-Black people, especially “POC,” is that most think the only thing Black men deal with is murderous pigs disguised as police. that’s the the extent of Black men’s problems. Kyrie is a millionaire. yeah and Kyrie is Black. but his millionaire status makes him exempt from all of that i mentioned though. often, those involved in group identity politics are making these claims. we don’t think, we just absorb popular thought and let popular people think for us. like actors and… gay musicians. you know, the real thinkers of our society. if you’re an actor or part of the LGBT+ community, your opinion automatically holds more weight. i know where i am.

Serena Williams suffers from blood clots. shortly after giving birth, her legs went numb. the WOMAN nurse ignored nearly all of the demands from someone who has a net worth of two hundred ten million dollars. She eventually got to the point of telling Serena, “the meds are making you talk crazy.” She started to breath heavily and coughed so hard that her stitches from the C section burst, resulting in a series of surgeries. Serena Williams is the greatest athlete of all time. Serena is one of winningest tennis player in history, and had very little control. i emphasize her woman nurse who didn’t take her seriously which quite literally could’ve ended in death. point is her nurse was a woman, but just being a woman doesn’t make you morally equipped to understand intersections, if you still don’t think. just being a woman doesn’t make you not biased. just being a woman doesn’t make you innocent in perpetrating patriarchy. and just being a man doesn’t make you void of thought. just being a man doesn’t make you oblivious to struggles. just being a man doesn’t make you an enforcer of sexism. but #hashtag culture and lazy social media activism rules.

Black women have totally different experiences from non-Black women. and Black men aren’t allowed to capitalize on our maleness because Black men aren’t men to anyone besides Black women. sorry to disappoint your feminist belief. but when Black men talk, it holds no weight. if a white woman, or any woman for that matter, said all of this, men and women all over would accept. and if one paid attention to anything we actually talk about and struggle for instead of just state violence and what trends on IG and tw*tter, maybe you’ll see. that’s not a brag. i’m not happy about anything i wrote today. everything i wrote shows lack of power Black people hold and an empire’s propaganda machine, capitalist interests, brainwashing, and western feminist thought working at its best. when non-Black women, specifically “POC women” throw identity of maleness on Black men, just turn the channel. Black men cannot, in amerikkka, benefit from maleness as it seems. Black men cannot and do not historically, realistically, politically, financially, spiritually, collectively so systemically benefit from maleness in a country that weaponizes Blackness first. similarly, Black women cannot and do not benefit from the liberties that other women enjoy day to day, while the country weaponizes and demonizes Blackness. you will always see tokens, gifts. that just rocks the masses to sleep and make you say SEE. BARACK DID IT. SEE. OPRAH AND BEYONCE DID IT. or look at Chris Brown. wait, so if that’s the case, look at cardi b who drugged men and robbed them after? something she admitted. or look at solange who physically assaulted a man with no intervention? i’m not going to do that because i know how ignorant that is. we love pointing at individuals which never shows that it’s prevalent towards the majority.

i wonder if the woman who told me that has read Medical Apartheid by Hariet Washington about medical experimentation on Black people in the amerikkkas? or maybe Killing The Black Body, by Dorothy Roberts which is about race+ reproduction+ liberty? or a simpler book, Medical Bondage: Race, Gender, and the Origins of American Gynecology by Dierdre Cooper Owens. maybe heard about forced sterilization, which Hitler himself said he was inspired by? or just if she’s familiar with the basics of The Tuskegee Experiment? or even Henrietta Lacks, whose literal cells are in almost every living human being today. the wild part of this ridiculous “woke” era is people have to READ about OUR lives. our life isn’t at barnes&noble though. our lives are at the battle field in this war against white supremacy. this isn’t a hobby or a paid job for us. the sad reality is that Black men and women don’t have to read any of these books to understand censorship and bodily autonomy. we live it.

(we kinda fly, huh)

we don’t get excited about RED FLAG laws because we saw them make new guns laws overnight to strip the Black Panthers of their purpose.

and we still live it while woke generation think buzzwords and hashtags is enough. i’m not one of them social media opportunists who post lazy colorful posts when it’s trending. this is bigger than me. this is bigger than two laws. this is bigger than a political party. Black people have been fighting for human rights since the inception of the country, meanwhile, back at the ranch, people focusing on specific rights based on sex and sexuality. Black women been at the forefront of all human rights violations. majority woke generation wake up when something is trending, or a republican becomes a president. because when kay ivey, alabama governor, signed an abortion ban in 2019, women didn’t even know. it wasn’t talked about. but let a man do it and all of a sudden, identity politics join the convo and MEN SHOULD NOT MAKE DECIS… nevermind. and then when someone speaks a truism, feelings are hurt and people become uncomfortable, and back out of human rights, and continue fighting for categorized rights. if anyone is confused, i’ve been talking about control of the country this whole time.

on May 23rd, the supreme court ruled in Shinn v Ramerez, that habeas courts can’t expand the record to take new evidence showing ineffective assistance of state postconviction counsel. in other words, if you’re appointed a lawyer who is constitutionally ineffective at your trial; and then appoints you ANOTHER lawyer who is constitutionally ineffective to argue your trial lawyer was ineffective, you better just pray that dude from Green Mile comes. if significant pieces of evidence were left out, when you appeal, you can’t introduce that. this won’t be trending or talked about until Barry Jones and David Ramirez are two seconds away from being electrocuted then petitions will float around, and actors and old politicians will tweet. remember the names BARRY JONES and DAVID RAMIREZ. roe v wade isn’t about democrats and republicans, that’ll imply they want different things. we get caught up in legal opinions and conservative vs liberal and red vs blue. it’s not even about women and men, if you haven’t gathered how entangled women are in these decisions, yet. there was a woman in the supreme court that voted for it. women are out celebrating the overturn. if anyone can point out what’s noticeable about the majority of women out there celebrating, we’ll be getting somewhere. it seems like they all know but the ones who want to “make” change DON’T. this is not about you. this is bigger than you. from biden, to kamala, to trump, to bernie, they all want to preserve the structure of the amerikkkan empire, just like abraham lincoln said in 1863.

brutus and them killed julius caeser not to make rome more equitable for all, not to make change for the better, but to maintain the strength of rome. and rome didn’t fall because of votes or misogynist signs held by women that are supposed to be progressive(?) trust me. take it how you want but contrary to belief, this generation ain’t saving anything. not even trees with all them almonds that are growing because we don’t care to think beyond the surface. we take what our party/box/label/identity indoctrinates us with. think past the popular ideology. we don’t have time to be all preferential with labels. the ones that think we do have time, more than likely just want things to look better, not be better. like a filter on an ugly picture. we care about political correctness and bad words while we’re at war. we going out sad, yall. this has always been about control of the country and keeping amerikkka on top of the totem. has always will be. until we take control. we must RESIST UNTIL LIBERATION EXIST.

it’s always about control. this colony is ruled by ONE-PARTY, amerikkkans. the philosophy is imperialism. please find out what imperialism means because this has NOTHING TO DO WITH DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS.

the lack of complexity in thought and failure to understand systemic racism in every aspect of amerikkka is the issue with liberals and so-called allies. logic is one of the main distinguishing factors that separates human from animal, but we choose not to use our innate gift and let others think for us. it’s easier, yeah. it’s also crippling.

obviously that court ruling is about control, but four days ago, the country was still a one-party country aimed at preserving the empire that is. why protest today? just because nine justices voted? Kendrick Lamar said “one protest for you, 365 for me” in his latest album and it didn’t trend. but when he brought up the roe v wade case on tour two days ago, a specific group applauded, can you guess? BLACK WOMEN APPLAUDED WHEN HE SAID “365 FOR ME.” a court ruling isn’t going to save us, and this whole system, country, empire, MUST BURN and be built again. non-Black people, don’t take this as a diss, or do, but ultimately take it as a wakeup call. fascism is here. it’s been here long before trump. this country isn’t going to be saved by a vote. but if you think it is, you can’t be mad at the roe v wade, because… it was voted on? (sarcasm) search the characteristics of a dystopia (or just click this highlight).

this generation isn’t for freedom for all. but you’ll believe that because they’re the ones saying it. then you see this.

they want their turn at the whip. do things my way, or we’ll cancel you. agree with us, or we’ll cancel you. think my way, or we’ll cancel you. this generation is no different than older generations in a sense of control. it’s always about control. most people are conservatives with their wants being more important than yours.

don’t ignore reality, people.

if we really want change the way we say we do, our thinking has to be more compounded.

our thinking has to be more layered and expand beyond the WHAT, move to the WHY.

2 thoughts on “this ain’t about roe v wade and guns.

  1. As usual VERY informative. I know what it feels like when you get it , OUT. Bless you Son, Keep speaking what you Believe


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