answer your phone. your purpose is calling.

Shaq’s Dream

there has got to be more to life than this, right?

one has to ask themselves that a few times i. one has to ask, “what am i here for?”

if you have never asked yourself that before, ask yourself now. stop reading this, close your eyes, breathe and ask yourself, “what am i here for? what is my job?” we’re not inanimate objects. we can theorize, think, adapt, love, feel, start over. we have that blessing to figure stuff out. let’s figure it out.

think of wood. people can make wood into pencils. but that’s not it. wood can also be used to make violin, a shed, a house, a table or help assist in building a fire. wood is used in multiple ways to help make life better for billions of people. it’s still wood. it’s wood until the creator assigns it its purpose.

we all have different needs. that same wood is deemed obsolete if it’s being used to make a violin for someone who has no need/want for a violin. but that same person might need wood for a pencil.

wood is like us. we’re all human, but we are used differently to attend to the needs of others. we’re the creation but until we talk to the Creator, we will be just existing. wandering.

we will be spending tons of time making a living, not tons of time making a life.

LIFE has so much to offer, yes. but you have so much to offer to lives.


Muhammad Ali on Purpose.

be careful on conflating what you like with your purpose. they can be the same thing, but they don’t have to be. that can be frustrating but that’s life. purpose has a bigger meaning than to just doing what comes naturally. i make a fire peach cobbler. i enjoy making it and everyone loves it. i bring joy to people after they eat the peach cobbler i made. i’m not opening a bakery. i still enjoy and smile when i’m making them. i get juiced and love what i’m doing. but i’m not opening a bakery. but i know a good one in the Bay you can support if you want some good stuff. Pie Dreams.

almost everyone has a nose, lips, ears, two eyes, arms, legs… yet we all look differently. how does nearly everyone on the planet have the same essentials yet all look different? we all have different fingerprints, but we all have fingers. make your point, julius.

my point is God has a purpose for YOU. it is not the same as mine. we might be in the same field, same house, even in the same car heading to the same place, but yours is different from mine. your purpose is unique to your life.

hang around people who knows their purpose. talk to God, a lot. read, consume art. ask questions. until you know your purpose, your life should be dedicated to figuring that out. then, it will be dedicated to fulfilling that purpose.

God has a plan for YOU. he will equip you with the means to fulfill that plan. it might be relocation. it might be out of your comfort zone. it might stretch your patience and heart. it might challenge your way of thinking. but it’s worth it. it’s worth it.

there are movies on Martin Luther King Jr. Fred Hampton. Harriet Tubman. but there aren’t movies on their support system. on their network. on the people who continue to love on them, push them, keep them strong with words of motivation and hope. there aren’t movies about “the others.” your purpose might not be to be “MLK,” but that doesn’t mean you’re a co-star. your purpose is your purpose and it ain’t minimal. it’s HUGE. MLK wasn’t out here solo. Harriet wasn’t a one woman band. she had support. don’t compare your purpose to anyone else’s. God has a purpose for you.

your purpose will benefit others in ways you might not ever witness. don’t be mad at that. i know you might wanna see your finished project. you wanna see the fruits of your labor. but it’s for God’s glory. you will be rewarded in so many ways. you just have to know what to look for. again, your way of thinking will probably be challenged. a monetary award for you is what you might be used to when you’re done every two weeks. but that’s not a reward. that’s an award.

awards are given out when one does a thing well. and still, that’s a maybe. an MVP award. a teacher might receive the teacher of the year award for their passion and creativity.

a reward is similar, but it doesn’t always come with a tangible. you don’t want to reward challenging and disruptive behavior with attention. it might be rewarding helping out your father lose weight or assisting your girl get her credit score up. when you figure out your purpose, that alone is rewarding. when you walk in your purpose, you will be rewarded in so many ways.

an award is a prize that comes after something you might’ve done well, from a person or place. a reward can be anything you receive, tangible or not, from the effort, mentality or thought put into something.

following my purpose has led me to be rewarded with a great group of friends family. i’ve been rewarded with a great support system. loving parents. safety and strong mind. i’ve been rewarded with an abundance of personal patience. i’ve been rewarded with love. those have been my rewards. but i have to have a mentality that accepts that. some are focused on awards and want a trophy for feeding starving people. and if they don’t get a telfar bag or a hublot, they abandon ship and return to making a living, not living a life.

i’m not saying those tangible and flashy items won’t come about. in fact, it probably will. that’s the dope thing. but the idea is to focus on your purpose and things will fall into place how they should rather than you chasing them.

you’re looking for peace, peace is already there. you’re looking for love, friendship, support. that’s already there. trust me. you might be looking in the wrong place. you might just be searching for water in a Sahara desert because you’re comfortable in the Sahara desert. but if you need water, you gotta open your eyes. water is all around. it’s 71% of earth. but if you’re focusing on where it’s 8% water… well.

the Sahara desert is the 3rd largest desert in the world. guess the 1st and 2nd. the Antarctic and Arctic. when you follow your purpose, you’re rewarded all the time with your needs and wants. you might just have to change the way you see things.

in summary.

the world needs YOU. you’ve been called for something BIGGER than you. like it or not. you’re THAT important. you are really that important and i love that for you reading this. you’re like a piece of a puzzle. the puzzle is beautiful, but it needs you to be completed. that’s your purpose.

this “me, myself, and i” mentality isn’t it. that mentality leads you running in place like you’re in a hamster wheel. you will have many nights questioning your purpose. questioning if you’re doing the right thing. and when you know and begin to start walking in yours while hanging with people who don’t know theirs and/or run away from theirs, will have them calling your names. people will start making sure you feel inadequate. people will be internally ashamed of themselves and externally hate on you. people who don’t know their purpose in the midst of you walking in yours will speak to you in ways that’s not warm, not friendly. doubtful on their end. beware and don’t stray.

your purpose is yours. figure that out. be around those who know theirs. talk to those who are actively embrassing it. it won’t necessarily be easy, but it will be rewarding, and your life will be fufilled.

*and i’ll say this. if you have ANY doubt or confusion, i’m not anything outside of fulfilling my purpose. anything you see me do or hear me say, i’m doing my job. make no mistake. the money i make, the friendships i have, this blog you’re reading right now, my name being lowercase… i move with purpose. i move with intentionality. period.

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