little fires everywhere.

have you ever seen fire from afar but didn’t know what kind of fire it was? fire can spread rapidly, and we know it can cause great harm, but that’s all we know. there are about six different classes of fires, which means there are different ways to attack fires. but without KNOWING what kinda fire it is, how can one start?

there are people who knows exactly what to look for in fires. they know what to do, what to look for and where to go to fight a fire or escape before they become victim. there are people who have this information and don’t share it… it happens all the time.

that’s the reality we’re in. i would say believe it or not, but we’re beyond you NOT believing it. the world is on fire in many ways, but we don’t know much about fires. colonialism has caused people who were at home, chilling, to be forcibly removed; their rituals and way of living either replaced or beaten out of them; their animals killed for sport which forced extinction for many of the animals and people as they relied on them for a survival in plethora of ways.

colonialism has caused millions of people minding their business to be forced to learn a foreign language in their own house. just imagine in real time, someone comes to your house and beats your oldest brother to death first, then make you decide if you want the same outcome or to work for them, learn their ways, and pray to their god.

you have thirty seconds to decide so you step outside to gather yourself and realize your whole neighborhood is under attack and new control. you realize outside that your next-door neighbors said “no” so that’s why their lifeless bodies are being kicked out of their own house with someone who doesn’t look like anything you’ve ever seen move in.

that happened. that is happening. that’s happening right now with gentrification, redlining, in Palestine, in Brazil, in schools. amerikkka IS a colony. it’s happening at every stop; we just don’t know history so we’re in denial today. but that’s colonization; our knowledge of what’s going is positioned to favor the master and distrust everyone who speaks out on it. you do not blame the state of the colonized on the colonized. you first understand their position then move accordingly.

imagine all of that, and we blame the victims of such destruction. imagine blaming the occupied people who were forced into this lifestyle and beaten into submission. imagine blaming the descendants of those who no longer even know their native tongue, and you can tell because they refuse the colonizers language by the way they create new terms, but you call it slang or improper.

my point is we indict the oppressed, not the oppressors. we got raped and molested and witnessed our sisters and brothers get raped and molested, get brainwashed by the rapists and those in charge to rape and molest our brothers and sisters and finally told we’re not worthy of treatment because it was supposed to happen, deal with it; then we get mad at the victims/survivors of rape and molestation for not knowing how to respond to trauma. but we let the initial person who raped off the hook. the person who created the conditions and environment, ehh. pull yourself up by the bootstraps, right? forget the reason you’re bootless. if we focus on the impact more than intent, we can’t ignore the cause of the effect.

must watch

Malcolm X


for us to survive being on a colony, we must resist. resist until liberation exists. a few things are absolutely essential.

ONE, we MUST know how to identify the colonizer. we must know who we are fighting against. you cannot say you are scared of a bear and not know what a bear looks like. you’re not prepared in the slightest. we MUST MUST MUST be able to know what our enemy looks like, sounds like, their tendencies and their agenda. EVERYthing after that will be easier to understand. and we know this by reading a little bit here and there, by listening to gamed up people and not ignoring reality. i know some are recently enlightened and everything i’ve written is sensitive to that, but what i will not do is act like everything is fine when everything is quite the opposite. it might be a bit elitist to think and demand everyone not only has the skill to read, but also has the time and means. i understand not everything is easy. however, we are under attack. have been for centuries. amerikkka is a colony but it doesn’t stop there. imperialism is global. the earth is boiling, literally, and that’s due to imperialism. imperialism is different from colonization in that the intent is expansion of domination, not solely taking over a piece of land and influencing your ways. colonialism is the practice while imperialism in the idea. similar, however, that it is in a violent, nonnegotiable fashion, a complete military, political and economic takeover. it often times is without physical presence. it is international. it is a global takeover. thus, amerikkka the land is now a colony while amerikkka the government/structure WHITE SURPREMACY is an imperialist power. same with france, britain, spain. we must know our enemies.

until you understand white supremacy, everything will confuse you.

TWO, after knowing the enemy, you’ll know who your enemy isn’t. if your enemy is a bear and bears are killing and destroying everything you love, you rally against the population of bears. that means we organize against bears. we team up with people who are getting mauled by bears, not separate from. there are people who teach bears to maul people that then get mauled by bears themselves. are they colonized? NO. it is a difference between colonized and exploited. when preparators gets a taste of their own evil, they are exploited. not colonized. know who your enemy is and know who’s trying to naturally survive from the same predator. knowing who’s resisting against our enemies makes us stronger. knowing who’s resisting makes gives us more arms to box with.

when you do know, you help. you link up. we learn from each other. we study the enemy and our history. we begin to love who we are, not hate each other.

the enemy is smart. they will always make you second guess; they want you to think they are on your side. even when your enemy tells the truth, it is a second lie. your enemy needs more people on their side so they will slick talk and do mini actions that makes it seems THIS time around, they come in peace. keep in mind, we always talk in systems, not individuals. they know this, we seem to not. we tend to look at one bad person as the focus, not the organization the person pledges allegiance to. a group looking to expand their domination will never EVER come to the oppressed in peace. it’s a lie. they will NEVER provide a single thing that benefits you. it will seem like it but it was NEVER intended for you. it’s a reason indigenous people are nearly nonexistent. europeans (like the spaniards and britains and french men&women) didn’t come to share culture. they came to take over and influence. they took over the Philippines. they took over Venezuela. Cuba. Angola. Barbados. Sudan.

close your eyes and imagine five hundred years back, then thirty years after people busted in your neighborhood. you are upset at ten people in your colonized tribe and think that ten people now represent the whole tribe, so you accept an ideology that goes against the totality of your tribe, that was introduced by the colonizer because it sounded good. now your whole neighborhood is divided because of friction WHILE being colonized. you’re happy because of an intangible, not a single material gain has flourished, just an idea; while the person who introduced the idea goes back to their (once was yours) house and tells the leaders that they have you wrapped around their fingers AND they’re fighting. there’s more division than ever before because of a breakup, or because of a difference of opinion of order of operations. that’s what’s happening right now. that ideology that sounded good came from your enemy, and again, if we know our enemys’ agenda, it is to conquer, not to help. we must never forget their agenda. and we must not think our conditions is not as bad as it really is.

we are not enemies to each other. knowing who the enemy is at all times is a matter of life and death. and knowing what an oppressed group of people look like and how they behave and respond will be easier and productive. there will be more understanding, grace and hope. there will be more help. more “coddling,” less “tough love” and more tender love to people who are drowning. if you only knew what a group of people really went and goes through just to maintain, you would have to admit they deserve a soft love due to the lack of love, period, that they receive. even if it doesn’t come from you, it doesn’t mean a colonized and ill-treated people don’t deserve it. we’re in a burning house right now and are angrily, painstakingly discussing who’s going to cook next week, or who’s going to pay for dinner, or being called a name we don’t like… all while smoke infiltrates our lungs and fire is spreading from our house to the rest of the neighborhood. but i understand because i know what an oppressed people look like AND i know the acts of the oppressor. but we cannot be quickly distracted and divided. the oppressor started the fire and when we started to figure out how to escape or put it out, that same oppressor came in a different form, lightened their voice, put on a wig and said “hey, you’re strong *without him, you take charge. hey, you do the work, and she doesn’t cook? demand that she cooks next. hey, you’re gay. ten years ago, she wrote a very bad word about gay people. hey, i know the house is burning and you hate your job anyway, but you don’t get paid as much as much as you want. it’s because of him. he doesn’t even work with you though, but it’s that guy in the same burning house fault. think about it.”

sometimes, the oppressor even puts on a full costume that looks like your blood brother or blood sister and influences you to go against what you should know if you just studied your enemy as much as you give time to stuff that you’ll forget and be pointless by the end of the week. but they don’t talk like our blood family. they don’t act like our blood family. they talk just like the oppressor, but since they LOOK like someone we know, we do one of two things: we listen to this imposter and now they’re the voice of the oppressed subgroup OR since we didn’t identify the enemy, we begin to hate our actual family even more because didn’t know how the enemy gets down and does whatever it takes for us to burn. we hate our family and fight each other because it’s much easier to fight someone in your house than it is someone who started the fire, ran, came back and pointed the finger at your brother who’s trying to figure it out with you.

the oppressor comes in while the house is burning, not after. and then they make it personal. they never make it collective. they talk about YOU. why? to divide YOU and to move everyone who identifies with the same group into a different part of the same burning house. now you’re upstairs with shiny objects and degrees with that pissed off faction while fire is still spreading, choking because you can’t breathe. and you’re telling that group, “THEY DON’T NEED SOFT LOVE DOWNSTAIRS, THEY DON’T DESERVE US.” again, this is happening to an oppressed group. you cannot accurately assess the totality of a group of people who are burning and suffocating to death, they’re surviving, not living.

these are the times.


what is yours? our philosophy cannot be just our dating and romantic philosophy. our worldview and how we navigate, view, attack colonialism cannot be simplified to the success or failures or personal romantic relationships.

imperialism is deadly. it destroys whole nations. generations of freedom and religions and languages are tied to imperialism. people are raped and killed and tortured in order for a nation to rule. we cannot allow how we view our dating lives to be identical to our worldview on imperialism and colonization. check this out.


few weeks ago, i was on a podcast talking about helping people. specifically, self-help and helping others. and my point was not how unimportant it is to literally take care of yourself. it was that if it stops there, it’s absolutely pointless and inhumane. if you end up escaping a burning house with your people in there and don’t look back, don’t call for help, don’t reach your arm and take as many as you can, that self-help is inhumane. it’s betrayal. it’s foul.

what you do personally matters, but if doesn’t solve in any way address the problem for the greater good, who cares besides you? i know people who expand their vocabulary in order to teach and reach others. i know people who even know multiple languages and go overseas to help others connect. and i know people who expand their vocabulary to make themselves seem bigger and manipulate others. both same act, different intentions. me making money doesn’t matter if everyone around me is broke and i have no desire to do anything about that. it means not a thing.

we are the masses. always. don’t take yourself out of the masses when division at a time of war means death. we must talk and center around the collective.

it is our duty, socially and humanely, to help people who need help. when you are a colonized group of people, you are conditioned to look out for only you because of the desperation and condition you’re in. capitalism teaches us individualism. it thrives of individualism. we cannot practice that. in fact, we must totally resist and teach the opposite.

please revisit the above video of Malcolm X and watch this video of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

we will win. we must resist until liberation exists.

*click on every blue highlighted words for more connected readings. and spread. share information. share this page. share vetted information. each one teach one ten, twenty. we do this together.*

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