the ho phase.

listen. this is short and sweet… or sour.

you might not like this. you might.

boys and girls.

the ho phase ain’t gonna work.

the ho phase ain’t magical.

the ho phase is the ho phase no matter if you wanna call it something else. let’s stop acting every definition has a different definition.

the ho phase won’t heal your hurt.

the ho phase will probably hurt you.

the ho phase will worsen your pain.

the ho phase won’t change history.

the ho phase will keep you stagnant.

the ho phase won’t grow you.

the ho phase won’t change the future. it will just delay the inevitable.

you’re having sex with someone you won’t even kiss? huh? tragic.

but i know… sex doesn’t mean that much to you huh.

one must work on themselves. one must have to unlearn and relearn how to love. fall in love with love. one must forgive THEMSELVES. one must define and then work on having ultimate peace.

you can’t solve a problem with the same mindset that got you in that problem.

people say doing the same thing over and over thinking the result will change is insanity. well repeating what got you in a situation and doing it years later thinking it’ll be different is too.

people claim they have power ho’n. power isn’t the doing. power is the KNOWING. power is KNOWING you can do whatever you please, but KNOWING it’s not helping or beneficial and potentially harmful and NOT doing it. that’s power.

a lot of our parents were ho’s and we learned from them. we were taught from our parents how to live. how to love. how to cope. we say “that’s all i saw growing up” and use that as an excuse. we mimic the good and bad habits. human nature. but we run away from the good because we never seen good. so we accept the bad because we think that’s the norm.

you already learned the hard way.

the ho phase is going down a similar street you just walked away from. that street you’re looking back at was called Damaged. this street is called Destruction.

not being in a relationship is not a ho phase. this is not foreign politics and rocket science. let’s not overthink this.

you know what the ho phase is.

you didn’t ask me, but you spent time and read this.

you can disagree.

that’s all.

*singing Carly Simon “you’re so vain, i bet you think this song is about you”

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