Straight Outta Compton.

Dear Momma, this is past due so let me jump straight in.

you gave birth to me January 30th 1993. i was due on January 28th, same day as pops but you waited on me. then you gave me his name and your name. guess you didn’t wanna be excluded from the name thing huh? so at 10:55 pm, Julius Spencer Washington Jr comes.

the legend is born.

but honestly, i was destined to be a legend from the lady whom i came from.

Once upon a time in the projects yo…

born in Compton when Compton was still Compton, you survived. you maintained. you lived. i, at times, get upset at how protective you are with me but i forget both of your brothers were gangbangers. both repped red and blue. all you’re doing is taking preventive measures to ensure your only son doesn’t go down the same path. you’re just making sure i come home in one piece.

you lived a life that is shown in movies. a John Singleton movie.

your momma died when you were 14. i’m 26. i couldn’t imagine… i couldn’t even sleep or walk around awake without you in my life at 26. while it is unfortunate, 14 years old in the city of Compton without a mother makes you a survivor. pat yourself on the back, and take pride.

you and your siblings and pops made it work.

but you then picked it all up and moved to the Bay with your sister in order to continue a life. outta all places, moved to Oakland. went to Castlemont. THEEEE Castlemont. like Ice Cube said, “once again, it’s on.”

thank you for going through all of this before having me. i know it wasn’t by your design but these events and locations shaped your life. and thus made me the man i am today. a helluva man. thank you.

when you moved out here, you moved with your older sister and her husband. slept on the couch for years. a woman needs her space. a woman needs her own life. but you made it work, again. got a job young and made it do what it do. when i say a legend was born January 30th, i had the DNA of a legend. i was born to be a fighter. i was born to survive. i had de blood of de pantha *Forest Whitaker voice.

you were forced to grow up in unfriendly environments like many Black women. you saw things you shouldn’t have seen. you heard things you shouldn’t have heard. you went through things you shouldn’t have had to go through. you didn’t have the average life, momma. you didn’t live the ordinary adolescent life. and you made sure i didn’t have to experience that. that makes you extraordinary.

you met pops at church. which in itself is amazing because if you knew his past, him being at church sounds like the beginning to a bad joke. but yall loved each other. what a better place to meet your future husband and babydaddy than at church. yet you were still a youngsta. and your youth was stunted which made you mature to an adult.

you had Britt. and you spoiled Britt. you still spoil Britt. and that was your life. then a couple years later you had me.

you got on BART and took taxi’s and alldat to make sure the family was a family. you got me gifts on Britt’s birthday just so i can be included. you got us food before we got home cus you knew pops was cooking artichokes or something we didn’t like. you made sacrifices. thank you.

Black Love is Revolutionary.

i know it. i live it. read that link above to find out.

to this day, you baby me. and i’m grown. but i’m still your son. and you make no mistake in making sure i know that daily. last night you called buggin out because your charger wouldn’t charge your phone. iPhones always bug out but what’s new. and i asked if you wouldn’t me to come over… you said you good. i came over because i know you. i know how paranoid you get. how you have the need to feel protected. this morning i drove you to work while you were listening to Jay Z I Got The Keys and Shining. dancing all the way there.

you’re the best looking momma ever. you’re the dopest. you’re up to date with pop culture. we have deep conversations almost every time we talk. we listen to Nipsey Grindin All My Life and Hussle and Motivate then play Donny Hathaway A Song For You right after. only you can do that. you’re the only mom that can rock adidas track pants and a hoodie and make it look sexy. you still cook and throw down occasionally. you still talk that talk. and i appreciate it all.

no matter how far i go, how old i get or how much money i make, i got you. i know you got me. that ain’t the question. but i got you.

you are my example. the bar. you set standards by having standards.

i thank God for your heart. your tenderness. your dedication. your love for God. your strength. i thank God for you.

love you momma.

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