PSA to Millennials.

there was an article that i read on Saturday that was quite interesting.

it was about how millennials are the “burn out generation.”

we are trained to work work work. work 2 3 jobs just to maintain. work full time and school part time in order to still work full time without school years later. something that a vacation can’t fix. something you can’t escape with a getaway. a coldness a shot of tequila can’t warm.

and i have always been and still will advocate for the worker. for the people. i will NOT burn myself out for you. for a company. for a generation’s reputation.

i refuse to sacrifice my well being and happiness and health for an “at hire” corporation who can get rid of me at the drop of a dime without any good explanation.

why and how did i come up with that mentality? 1, God. God will always provide what i need to survive. and i will always be content with what’s in my life. THAT warms me. not a degree. not money. not a car. God got me. 2, knowing the value of money and how invaluable it is when it comes to a healthy mind. money comes and goes. i know that. i do not stress about it. 3, i ain’t slaving for nobody. if i own my company/business, okay. but please. i wish i would hussle hard for a company that i have no stake in. be there 20 years and will get fired tomorrow. i can pass that down to my kids. my nephews. my nieces. the owner can. i can’t. i ain’t doing alldat for your wealth.

the value of a dollar has decreased. it is falling. why put so much value in a thing that is devaluing?! proof? when the dollar falls, price of living goes up.

Oakland, California used to be the city no one wanted to travel to, drive thru, party in or live in. now, a 1 bedroom in THE HOODs of Oakland are running for $1800+. Eighteen hundred dollars a month for a one bedroom in the hood. that’s twenty one thousand six hundred dollars a year. to live in the hood with 1 bedroom, you will spend $21,600 a year. no ownership. no front yard. no back yard. no deed. no sir.

yet we value money so much.

this generation will work 8 hours a day from their 9-5 and then work 3 4 hours after that to make money for gas, clothes, fun/entertainment. it is commendable. don’t get me wrong. this generation is full of hustlers. older people have this stupid persona of being lazy and entitled and “back in my day…”. but i ignore the ignorance. but you know the phrase i don’t eat to live, i live to eat? so eat for pleasure sometimes. eat to be happy. don’t eat solely to be strong.

this generation is working to live. working to barely live.

this generation is the “burn out” generation by force. by a way of simply having enough. i have been on record of saying this generation sucks. and i stand by it. but what also sucks besides the people (and this is not our fault) is the conditions we live in.

money does not equal happiness. money can give you certain amount of freedoms such as physically traveling to a place to smile. money can put you in a warm city and can watch the sunset and think “*siiiigh. this is good” but that is not a lifestyle. you’re essentially a time traveler. a transplant for 5 days. you are trying to make up for an unhappy reality by putting yourself places.

i’ve been a manager. was a manager at 20 years old. made more money legally than a 20 year old should be able to handle (just due to financial knowledge and discipline). that did not make me happy. i quit in 10 months. my piece of mind was way more valuable.

so in turn, this generation has a double life. you’ll see tons of people posting fun exciting stories and videos and pictures on instagram because ya know… if i post fun and people see me once a week having fun, i AM fun. hakuna matata. then we head to twitter to post passive aggressive comments and ideas. ya know, aggressive enough to let people know you’re kiiiiinda feeling this political idea. you’re kiiiiinda all live matter but passive enough to not ruffle any feathers. passive enough to not be trolled by thousands. the life of the average millennial is in confusion. that’s the best way to put it.

so many people, not all, work work work and hustle hustle hustle and aren’t allowed to even be happy. they can’t think HAPPY when they are working. literally. so many people are consumed with getting money that they don’t allow time for happiness.

i don’t have a ton of money.

i do have a ton of happiness.

allow yourself to be happy in every arena. ask God for happiness. not a feeling of happiness. feelings are emotions. emotions fade. they change in years. minutes. seconds. don’t seek happiness as a feeling. kill that definition. seek a mental strength and state of happiness. live happily. choose it. ask God for it. He will provide. i’m a testament of it.

this generation is being burnt out because we must focus on 1 thing: money. you can call it a career. a future. blah blah. we can only focus on money. the idea of wanting tons of money is fueled by others NOT having tons of money. it is. your happiness is based on others unhappiness. proof? how many have heard people say “you got it good. there’s people who have way less than you. you better be happy. there’s people starving, you complaining about eating leftovers? there are kids with no shoes, you made because you didnt get the new Nikes? you better be grateful.” people preach that. people PREACH and teach that because somebody has less than you, be grateful. you make 20 an hour but someone makes 10 an hour therefore take that 20 with pride and be happy.

what if EVERYBODY today got EVERYTHING they wished for. what if EVERYONE looked in the mirror today and looked exactly how they wanna look. what if EVERYBODY got paid how much they wanna get paid today… will there be world peace? will there be no complaints tomorrow? will there be love and appreciation? no. the answer is no.

and truth be told, it’s not a generational issue. it is an issue of capitalism.


allow happiness.

focus on happiness.

focus on loving your life.

enjoy moments.

enjoy months.

enjoy years.

enjoy your youth.

enjoy your life.

life is a gift.

you lack NOTHING. use what God gave you. you hear me? you reading this LACK NOTHING.














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