you know why i’m here.

for every $1 the white people household got, Black people got 7 cents. Vietnamese got 17.

1983 and 2013, the wealth of the median Black household declined 75% (from $6,800 to $1,700), and the median Latino household declined 50% (from $4,000 to $2,000). at the same time, wealth for the median white household increased 14% from $102,000 to $116,800. increased.

the wealth gap between races is as bad as its was in 1965. but we’ve progressed tho huh.

this ain’t about money. this is about oppression. this is about the future. or the deliberate attack on a future. a system has literally been built then maintained and financed to make sure melaninated people are kept at the bottom of whatever totem pole that exists.

so where am i going with this? i do not care about how someone who oppresses my people feel. i don’t care about their feelings. i shouldn’t. that will be too much energy. my energy goes towards fighting the system. if given the opportunity, they will kill me and go home to sleep, comfortably. i don’t care about your feelings bruh.

crazy thing is yall get mad at me for that. i ain’t promoting no violence. i ain’t promoting hate. i ain’t promoting dislike. we just think differently about who i should give my energy too.

anyone who knows me KNOWS i love. knows i love people. love humanity. my thinking isn’t glorifying death of people i don’t fool with. but yall really all lives mattering out here and didn’t even know it.

i don’t have time to be politically correct bruh. i don’t care about yall who are tip toeing. this is an act of war.

there is a war going on outside we ain’t safe from.

there are cops who…. i hate cops. lemme say that. i hate cops. cops are the gatekeepers to white supremacists. they are the security guards who make sure Black people are kept in line and dont get close to disrupting their system and money and power. cops are not here for all of us. cops are here to protect assets. whenever a cop is called on people who are Black and Brown, they we called for 3 reasons: to make sure we are in line, to silence us, to kill us. that’s it. cops are not here to de-escalate situations. cops are not here for that. they are not getting paid to keep peace. they are paid to make sure Black people shut up and listen. and when we know the law better than them, they kill us. and when we know they are about to kill us, we do what we gotta do to make it home and they still kill us. Walter Scott was seen getting out of his car, running away. Michael Slager, instead of running after this 50 year old man, he shot him 8 times in the back. someone caught the whole murder on camera. you see Michael Slager getting his Taser and tossing it at Walter Scott’s body as if he had it on him the whole time. these cops ain’t playing. Sandra Bland gets pulled over. she knew. her rights more than the cracka who pulled her over. she was confident and said “OH YEAH. LETS GO. LETS TAKE THIS TO COURT. YEAP WE GOING TO COURT ON THIS ONE.” Brian Encinia was intimidated. pulled her out the car (for a failure to signal lane change) and forced her to sit on the ground. she was arrested. found hanged in her cell 3 days after. when Dylan Roof shot 12 people and murdered 9, cops took him to burger king….

why are all the “bad cops” bad in the same way? answer that for me. why are armed cops allowed to make sudden mistakes and act in a irate manner but unarmed people are not? this system ain’t flawed. it’s working the exact way it was intended. to exterminate me.

if you wanna talk to a crooked cop, just call the department. don’t really matter who picks the phone up. cops are naturally foul. i’m anti police. anti prison. we need to abolish them. period. stop talking about reform. you cannot reform a racist institution. you can’t cut a tree half way down and think it’ll grow differently. you must uproot it. you must take it out completely. and you destroy systems and create new ones.

abolish prisons. get rid of police.

in 2001, Joseph Gray was employed by NYPD. he and 4 other cops were drinking in a parking lot. Gray left drunk. hit 4 people. killed a pregnant mother with her other kids. he gotta slap on the wrist. every single cop in that department and city is crooked. those same cops woulda came up and voiced their hate for someone who woulda killed a fellow cop. but not one said anything when once killed a pregnant mother and 3 of her kids.

i was told the other day after i used the word “cracka” that this person is worried about the person i’m going to be. that “they go low, i’m going lower.” this is in response to me saying a word. not me strangling a little kid of a cop. not me egging a cop’s house. but me calling a white supremacist, someone who is quite frankly against me living, a cracka is going lowER than that same group of gangstas killing people who look like me.

2 things: a word ain’t going lowER than a person who is KILLING PEOPLE. they are killing people. my word is no comparison. 2nd, THEY ARE KILLING PEOPLE. TARGETING AND THEN EXECUTING SOMEONE IS NOT LOW. IT’S EXECUTION. IT’S MURDER. MURDER ISNT DEFINED AS LOW. IT’S MURDER. it’s ending one’s life.

cops are legal gangstas. paid assassins. they do these things legally. they are the villains. “not all cops are bad.” every single police officer has seen multiple foul things. every single police is paid to prevent or to make sure these foul things don’t happen again. they aren’t. we only hear about the ones killing people. we don’t talk about the cops who witness criminal activity within the departments and streets and they just act like they didnt see it. we don’t talk about the cops who drop off people in the wrong hoods hoping their rivals kill em themselves.

“[he] asked me what i would say to a dead cop’s wife.

‘Cop’s kill my people every day. that’s life.'”

*deep breath in, deep breath out.

back to the topic.

so many fake theorists and neo activists want to oppress people. so many people nowadays wanna enslave those who did wrong to them. so many people wanna be the exact nightmare to those who been nightmares to them. and they code it as “equality” or “Black power” or “feminism.” so many people focus on belittling others and thinking that’s freedom. activism is done. i don’t seek oppression in the form of freedom. i don’t have to practice oppressing or say “this has been happening so long to us, therefore let me wild out” in order for me and my people to be liberated.

my purpose ain’t got nothing to do with killing or whatever to another race or demographic. you know what my focus is yall. i’m making it abundantly obvious.

listen. money means nothing to me.

nothing means anything to me if my people aren’t coming along. nothing means anything if my people are oppressed. dying. murdered. Flint has water with lead in it… but there are about 30 cities in amerikkka that has worse water than Flint. the long term effects that this lead can lead to retardation of the brain and nervous system, kidney failure and high blood pressure… women with lead poisoning can lead to stillbirths, premature births and low birth weights. they are killing us before our eyes and we are content. we are “i can’t believe this is happening” but ain’t doing nothing.

this is the time.

we are where we are today because of you. because of me. because of our parents. for better or worse.

if you think we are at a good place, bet. it you think we need work, bet. but where we are today is because of us doing or not doing.

but like my man el Hajj Malik el-Shabazz aka Malcolm X said, “Don’t be in a hurry to condemn because he doesn’t do what you do or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today.

Happy birthday by the way.

do something.

clothes mean nothing to me.

cars mean nothing to me.

nothing i do matters if i ain’t doing what i can do to organize my people and promote and endorse Black love and appreciation and unity.

you can give me a yacht, tomorrow.

you can give me the winning lottery ticket, next Saturday.

you can give me the promises of Hollywood.

i will not sell out. and until my body and mind gives out, ima be this same ol Julius. fighting.

i will not succumb to the pressures of cutting my locs for a job. i will not encourage my wife or my kids or any body to change who they are or the way their hair grows naturally for a dollar.

as long as Black women are being treated like dogs when they should be treated like Queens, i ain’t satisfied.

as long as Black men are being legally hunted at “home,” i ain’t satisfied.

i can be in a mansion or a studio; a Maybach or a Saturn; drinking Ace of Spades or Boomsfarm; if my people are good, i’m good. if they’re not, i’m not.

i’m clear why i’m here, how about you?

*listen to Jay Rock Win.














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