the truth will set you free…. but first it will piss you off.

this starts with the idea of education and a quote. James Baldwin once said “now the crucial paradox which confronts us here is that the whole process of education occurs within a social framework and is designed to perpetuate the aims of society. The paradox of education is precisely this – that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated.”

work hard at challenging ideas, “facts,” belief systems and institutions. it’s more than being a good person and wanting to fight and stand up when you haven’t tried to unlearn patterns. “i’m not racist. i’m not sexist” okay cool. good. seriously. but we were taught in a sexist and racist society. our minds are tainted.


the dictionary cannot be your only source of definitions. books from school cannot be your only source of information. double check and cross reference everything you see and read.

education is a social indoctrination. it comes from schools, parents, friends, media, celebs, etc. it is based off what society assumes and doesn’t question. which is why it can be dangerous. everyone reading this has a level of education AND is intelligent. but which takes you further shouldn’t be subjective.

with your education and intelligence right this second, if you moved to Madagascar or Thailand, which would serve you better? what would you rely on?

education is a system that not only influences social assumptions and norms, but attempts to confirm and engrain people with those very assumptions and norms. your dad telling you that women are only good for serving men is a form of education. Christopher C*lumbus did not discover america (maybe amerikkka, but not america). however if ten million dollars was on the line and a test asked you “who discovered america?” and you didn’t answer C*lumbus, you wouldn’t get awarded. if it was in school, you’ll get the answer wrong and be dinged. we have been brainwashed by institutions to accept “facts” because society moves smoother when we do. if education is successful and we don’t question it, the world is doomed but society moves. society is dependent on not questioning norms. if education is questioned, it will seem like everyone is running loose and are conspiracy theorists because we may no longer share the same societal norms. however, society is saved.

intelligence is questioning the status quo. it is wondering “why are things the way they are? who did this? what was the motive? who is being hurt by the societal establishments? and who is winning?” and actively trying to answer those questions. but it does start with questions.

Jesus wasn’t a white man with blue eyes and silky blonde hair. ask yourself those above questions. Malcolm X wasn’t an evil possessed villain opposite of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ask yourself those above questions. Cuba isn’t the bad neighbor next door. white men are not the standard of success. th*nksgiving isn’t a day the gracious white men and women celebrated the Natives for teaching them how to grow corn. intelligence is hearing what is being taught and finding the root of it. no intelligent person looks at a tree and accepts that is doesn’t have roots.

education will have you looking like a fool in Thailand and upset everyone doesn’t understand what you’re trying to say. intelligence will have you figuring out how to convey a message to reach the audience in front of you for you own benefit.

whatever you think about China, question it. whatever you think about the wars amerikkka has been in, question it. whatever you think about what it takes to be a man, question it. whatever you think about Black women, question it. what you about white people, pleeeeeeaaase question it. this country pushed out and killed whole ethnic groups then put up walls and now we call people who were on this land first “illegal.” but fifty years ago, we fought for desegregation (borders) but now… man.
unlearn and relearn. start from TODAY. i admire every single person who has passion to do something right. no “but.” i just advise us ALL to strap ourselves with knowledge before busting moves. before knowledge of others, obtain knowledge of self. you must know who you are in the slightest sense before you question others. you have to unpack yourself.

(i will suggest some books at the end of this)

remember the initial quote. “The paradox of education is precisely this – that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated.”

this is about white supremacy.

If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppression. Malcolm X.


racism- the belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.

racism is not merely a feeling or belief. sorry. it’s not JUST hating someone based off skin tone. what we won’t do is soften the blow of such ill and dehumanizing feelings. however, it cannot end there.

one of the most important rules of white supremacy is to confuse people on what racism is. to destroy and attack the enemy, we must know what is happening. the enemy isn’t going to tell us.

racism is a systemic social power idea or building that is rooted in the love of money and land. which is why gentrification is violently destructive and not a passive attack. it’s backed by a system of white supremacy. white supremacy is similar to a belief system, a religion that ANYONE can be converted to. keep that in mind. it’s a system that uses racism and capitalism to further, thus, white supremacy.

those definitions are important moving forward.

in order for it to reign supreme, you have to murder an entire group of people totally… or to kill the warriors and enslave the rest physically, mentally, and/or economically. Black people are taught from birth that everything that makes them Black and unique is bad, ugly, harmful, disadvantageous. cut the hair, don’t you dare grow locs, bleach your skin, don’t wear a hoodie, hate your big lips and nose. you are taught to lose your racial identity and pride and assimilate to the dominate group.

white supremacy does this by creating problems based on race and then very smoothly tying money to it. this makes everyone else (including the oppressed race) to now think it’s not a race problem, it’s “i just want to want money” which is a number (infinite). chasing an infinite item makes you exploit anyone who comes across your path. but now when you DO focus on race, you end up fighting for diversity while being exploited STILL while chasing money.

white supremacy is so simple but genius.

racism is exercising power AND privilege to enforce policies and practices in favor of the race an ideology considers superior & to the downfall of the races that are deemed inferior. this can be seen and practiced at beauty supply stores, at restaurants, parks, car dealerships, police stations, banks, etc.

summed up, racism is prejudice and power.

a lot of people will say it’s a stipulative definition. redefining an existing defined word. i get that. it’s not true though.
me, a Black man, yelling I HATE ALL YOU ASIANS outside is unbelievably stupid and obnoxious but it won’t make Black people run around tearing up stores or trying to build a wall. it won’t disrupt their income. it won’t hurt their future. it might hurt their feelings. in fact, me doing that will probably hurt MY future more than it would Asians.

if tr*mp said “I HATE YOU ASIANS,” well, that’s powerful. that will invoke people to start looking at Asians another way. businesses and companies will start sinking because tr*mp has the power that others follow and will get behind. “Oh he is a president. you’re not. apples to oranges!!” Barack didn’t have that power as president. if he did have the power people like to think he had, Black people would have been in a better predicament than we are now. if Barack had power to make decisions based on strictly on race, he would have been ousted. what makes me make that “unsubstantiated” claim? people urged to impeach him for wearing a tan colored suit. people called him a terrorist for doing a fist bump with his wife Michelle. these are non toxic, humane, decent acts. these have nothing to do with race. people urged to impeach tr*mp because of his racist *comments because they know what can and did follow the comments. they knew his prejudicial comments held power.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had influence and beliefs but not power to be racist. he had the platform to talk poorly about white people. he didn’t have the power to mobilize Black people to act on that. how do i know? he was killed while doing the opposite. J. Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI, hated Black people (feelings) and had the authority (power) to act on it. racism.

we have to understand power. we have to understand what racism looks like when it’s not written on Lebron’s house or when the president isn’t spewing it daily. it can be subtle and silent from liberals. it can be obvious and loud from conservatives. it’s algorithms. it’s vocabulary. it’s on news channels. it’s when you have to change your voice on the phone or for a job interview.

understand it’s not just a person thing. not just Roger Goodell. not just tr*mp. white supremacy isn’t individual. racists are backed by systems. we have to always focus on systems.
SYSTEMS. you cannot reform racist institutions. the root of it is racist so it will just continue to grow up racist. you have to destroy the whole tree and replant a new one. we always talk about cutting off branches and not uprooting. trees have many leaves. they come and they go but the tree remains right there, rooted in the ground.

it’s the reason why you can fire a whole police department and still have racism brewing. it’s the culture.

white people are not the problem. the problem is the religion of white supremacy and it so happens to have a lot of white believers. sounds like i’m complicating it but hear me out. there are Asians who have been converted to white supremacy. Indians. Latinos. when you hear Jason Whitlock (a Black male) talk about race issues, you would think he was white. if he was white, you would say he was racist. he is anti-Black. we’ve seen a lot of racist Asian and Latino people. they’ve been converted.

why convert? white supremacy rewards you with money, status and a little bit of their power when you follow their indoctrination. we call that some of “the amerikkkan dream.” any time someone says they want the amerikkkan dream when there were thousands of ethnic groups on this very land before “amerikkka” was established, they are referring to exactly what the “founding fathers did” which was make money by exploiting others and call it “land of the free.” we have to know what words means and the root of them. go deeper! but that’s capitalism. give me one more minute.

reverse racism does not exist. and no, Black people cannot be racist. i know i might lose some people but continue.

when white people are racist towards Asians, it’s called racism. Asians towards Blacks, racism. Blacks towards whites? reverse racism. reverse racism is brought up when a powerless (not powerless in terms of ownership of own body and thoughts. powerless in terms of structures and institutions) people or group normally makes a member of a dominant group feels bad or uncomfortable with disgusting comments. Black people do not hold the power to be racist. why do you think so many people are happy with us being at the bottom? they fear if we do get the power they have, we’ll seek revenge and treat yall like yall treat us. but we’re all about love.

this all ties back to white supremacy and the magic trick IT did on the whole world. every corner on this planet has a belief of Black people and it isn’t a good one.

when talking about it, we cannot separate racism from capitalism.


P.S. this is going to be a little longer.

i’ll start this as well with a few quotes.

“Capitalism is but the gentlemen’s method of slavery.” Kwame Nkumah.

“You can’t have capitalism without racism. Malcolm X.

“I believe profoundly in the possibilities of democracy. but democracy needs to be emancipated from capitalism. as long as we inhabit a capitalist democracy, a future of racial equality, gender equality, economic eequality will elude us.” Angela Davis.

brothers and sisters, this will be the hardest to fight, personally. everyone loves the idea of having money. but nobody likes the idea of knowingly exploiting for money. everyone laughed at Meg Thee Stallion (MMM) for being finessed, only making a few thousand dollars while the record label made millions.

how much do you get paid? i’m curious. do you get paid for your labor or do you get paid for making the company money? there’s a difference. because as soon as you become a liability and not an asset, you’re fired. that company you work for makes millions while you make maybe a few couple thousand a month. and that’s not just because of your actual physical work, that’s for you being present. some jobs have “diversity quota” to hit. hire you just because you’re a Black woman.

capitalism- An economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned and development occurs through the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market.

capitalism is a system based on privately owning a product or having intellectual property while intending to make profit, monetizing it however you please (within “the law”) by exploiting the workers who are making it come to life. workers who are responsible for making product are not rewarded fairly, have any say in the cost and little to no say in the company altogether. capitalism is always touted as everyone having fair chance to make money if you just work hard but that’s just simply not true. all of those packages you get from am*zon are delivered by someone making less than twenty dollars an hour while the person who owns it hasn’t done nearly as much work in the last fifteen years as they have the last three weeks. all while being a centi billionaire. but, i know, work hard and you’ll be rewarded.



if everybody is a boss, who works? capitalism lies. it always lies. even when it sounds fair, it cannot possibly be.

as soon workers don’t get the profit from their production, it isn’t fair. if you farm for eight hours a day and don’t have a say where that product goes, that’s not right. you work at BestBuy but can’t afford the tv’s is not right. working on Melrose or Santana Row but not being able to buy the clothes sold there is not right. profit is always the main focus.

capitalism 101: say i make shirts. it takes two dollars to make them. it takes one dollar for the machine. i pay YOU five dollars to make them. that’s eight. i sell them for twenty dollars. that math already shows me exploiting you by you not being able to reap the benefits of you own labor. but we don’t challenge that. we’re not anti THAT. but it doesn’t stop there.

you get upset when you’ve been making my shirts for a year. not because you’re fighting the exploitation, but because you realize how many people are buying the shirt due to your work. you demand a raise. you want nine dollars. four dollar raise. that’s huge. i act like i have to think about it, but i don’t. i hold out for a few days. gets you really upset that i have to think about it. but see, that creates the sense of you being valuable. i give it to you. you’re happy. you’re cradled back to sleep and keep cranking out them shirts. it also makes me look good because “employees are making more than ever now. the economy is doing good.” but that means my profit is lowered. i raise the price of the shirt, but since you aren’t worried about the shirt price and more focused on your own pockets, you don’t care. you got yours. but i don’t raise the price just four more dollars, no, it wouldn’t be PROFIT if i raised it the dollar amount i give you. the shirt is now thirty dollars.

that happens across the board. it’s called inflation. the experts and politicians and OGs say “you guys are making more money than five years ago, than twenty years ago. don’t complain.” but i refuse to believe they really believe the state of economic comfortability and stability has risen at the same time as wages. when wages go up, the price of living goes up. your rent goes up when wages do. electronics goes up. everything. we celebrate making four dollars more while everything else goes up more than two hundred dollars.

Screenshot (3)

we’re just laying the foundation of what capitalism is right now.

a society based off profit cannot NOT exploit workers. it has to exploit people. homelessness has swept across amerikkka. there’s a place for it because you can pay someone for it. there’s money to be made on the back of homelessness.

Black people make up thirteen percent of the population in amerikkka. however make up forty percent of homelessness. twenty-seven percent of Black people live in poverty. whites, while being sixty-four percent of the population, make are nine percent. whites and Asians are UNDER represented across the board.

since slavery, Black people have been given the short end of the stick and told to work harder while being denied all of the same tools. you only hear us protest and rebel when someone is killed. we haven’t even talked about unequal treatment and liberties in health care, housing, jobs, colleges. Asians from other countries love this country because they are seen as citizens. we hate this country because before citizenship, we are denied humanity.

capitalism’s principle is profit. make more than it cost to make so the owner can make money. it’s the reason why one percent owns ninety nine percent of product. exploitation is in the fabric of this system. culture.

why is this related to racism? let me ask you this: what do you think is the reason slavery started? the most obvious answer is racism. white people hated Black people and said let’s stripe them of their rights. nooooo. that’s too simple. but we’ve been educated to believe that.

go back and to the original quote. when you have a certain amount of consciousness, you question the places you’ve been educated in.

capitalism is the root of chattel slavery. racism towards Black people in that fashion was sprouted directly after. in Africa, yes, there were forms of slavery. not for exploitation for the benefit of making millions and definitely not chattel slavery. Africa never had a slave based economy. never had an insurance policy on slaves. these were prisoners of wars long before europeans got in the mix. it was not a dehumanizing strategy due to race. it wasnt an erasure of history, religion, language. they were not enslaved for life. it was not unheard of for them to be assimilated in theeir families. these prisoners of war were released. due to it now being a business (i.e., money/profit being involved) some African tribes conducted raids on nearby tribes. what it meant when saying capitalism always lies is that precisely. we all get in this money game that we end up exploiting humans for the sake of a dollar. a dollar that decreases in value annually. but we say “it’s not because they’re Black. race has nothing to do with it. it’s just so i can survive.” you end up adopting the ideology of the very oppressors who are calling the shots. they give you this promise of being in this game if you play by the rules. check out How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney.

“For the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us temporarily to beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change. And this fact is only threatening to those women who still define the master’s house as their only source of support.” Audre Lorde.

you cannot use the source of the problem to fix the problem.

chattel slavery was a money maker. slavery IS a money maker. slavery has just been redesigned. it’s been REFORMED since a lot of people love that word/idea as of late. but see, we have to aim for abolition.


jail is just slavery reworked. Black people represent thirty-three percent of the population in prison while being thirteen percent of the total population in the country. over represented. whites make up sixty four percent of the country’s population but only thirty percent of prison. when we say prison is slavery reworked, it’s not just due to the labor, but how slavery boosted the whole economy? yeah. there are benefits to having more people in the system. cops have numbers to hit to make money. they reward prisons/jails by hitting their numbers. win win. i’ll just show you this graphic for ease.

Graph showing the $182 billion system of mass incarceration and the relative size of its sub-parts from policing, to courts to private companies. Private prisons are a very small part of the total.

Black death is a money maker. listen to music. you can have all of this positive music from so many artists but what artist gets on the radio?

remember when Rick Ross was “cancelled” because of that lyric about molly? “put molly all in her drink, she aint een know it.” the whole world knew it due to outcry. what’s the rest of that verse though?

“That nigga sold you that re-rock, you ain’t even know it. i’d die over these Reeboks, you aint een know it” is how he started the song. how did he end it?

“i’m about to get you fuck niggas wacked, you ain’t even know it. your main nigga bout to turn his back, you aint een know it.”

he spoke about himself dying over a money contract and him killing someone else on the information of an unloyal friend… but nobody cared about that. Reebok dropped Ross from his contract actually from that lyric. no. not the presumably killing another Black man lyric. but the molly lyric. in fact, they said “we hold our partners to the highest standard, and we expect them to live up to the brand’s values. Ross has failed.” Black death is lucrative but capitalism tells you it’s colorblind. work hard.

it always has been. that’s capitalism. profit at whatever measure. it is inherently exploitive and evil.


white supremacy needs both to be effective. racism provides an underclass. capitalism is dependent on the existence of an underclass to make money. insert: Black People. hey, Black people are the lowest of the lowest, they rape, they murder, they’re scary, they’re ghetto, they steal, they’re ugly. stay away from them. these stereotypes hurt our pockets. take a look at my search and results. (remember how we talked about algorithms being racist?)

Screenshot (4)

Screenshot (5)

education tells you that. you say okay because you’re not intelligent yet so you don’t question education. due to all of the negative stereotypes, Black people abandon their Blackness. they stay away from cultural names, rid ourselves of Black hairstyles, don’t talk about anything that can dub us politically mature, speak differently in front of other demographics to be seen like them, neglect our culture and then boom: adopt the idea of wanting to be a capitalist. after we gain capital, we enforce those same ugly stereotypes on our own sisters and brothers. it’s called respectability politics. don’t sag. don’t get tattoos. don’t listen to hip hop. don’t talk loudly and be a “problem” (although white women have an extensive history on causing death by being the “angry Black woman” they paint my Black queens as). don’t wear your natural hair. make it easier: do the exact opposite of what makes Black people Black and different and set apart and mimic just white people. all for money. if money wasn’t any issue, how much freer do you think Black people would be?

(destroying capitalism does NOT mean not making money. please understand that. it means quite the opposite!)

white supremacy rewards losing you identity. it rewards you when you adopt the idea of capitalism. even Black ones with a little status here and there but never with absolute power. power will potentially destroy the very system that it’s backed by. we talked about this earlier. tokenism is how white supremacy rewards Black people. you will never have a majority of Black people winning while white supremacy is intact.

Lebron James made roughly twenty million dollars in two thousand fifteen off nike brand. capitalism tell you that’s winning. but remember, it always lies. nike made three hundred forty million in two thousand fifteen of Lebron’s name. that same year, nike made one hundred and five million dollars off Kobe’s shoes, which was up from fifty million dollars (most likely due to his injuries). nike didn’t do anything different. Kobe just didn’t play. those sales were contingent on Kobe’s health. remember, capitalism is when profit is the main only principle and it doesn’t reward those actually doing the work fairly. one can easily say Lebron getting twenty million dollars is a fair reward. that’s when capitalism gets you because you justify exploitation by a bag of money even when you should be getting way more in that bag. what about the workers who are making the shoes? shoes go for what? two hundred dollars? they probably were paid five dollars each shoe. goes back to capitalism 101.

three months ago, brands would’ve stayed far away from sending out emails proclaiming #BlackLivesMatter. now they’re doing it by the hour. what changed? Trayvon Martin died. Sandra Bland died. Breonna Taylor died. Mike Brown died. Atatiana Jefferson died. but why now? it’s all about money. they don’t care about you. they don’t care about any ethnic background as long as money is coming in. like dog food. dog food brands don’t care what dog YOU have, they just know you have a dog. their money will come in. these companies will say whatever to get in them pockets.

we must attack capitalism and racism.

after alldat, of course, we come up with solutions and suggestions.

the most important rule for us Black people is unlearning what we have been taught and self educating ourselves. it starts there. we have to get to know ourselves. know where you are and get better. we all have to get better with knowledge. it has to be the first step. we cannot skip that and jump right into the fight. knowledge of self will also do something else great. it will unify us. we are one. we have to see us as one race. continental Africans, Jamaicans, Africans in amerikkka. we have to have an undying love for all African people. we have to get rid of tribalism. it starts with unlearning and liberating our minds. we will not fight each other. we will not fight each other. we will NOT fight each other.

secondly, some books i will HIGHLY recommend is Stokely Speaks by Kwame Ture. Malcolm X Speaks by Malcolm X. Assata by Assata Shakur. The Will To Change by bell hooks. Eloquent Rage by Brittney Cooper. The Man-Not by Tommy Curry. Black Labor and White Wealth and PowerNomics both by Dr.Claude Anderson. The Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor Williams.

watch these speeches.

Black people, we have to be politically mature. we cannot fall for the okie doke AGAIN. nike knows having Colin Kaepernick with a large afro and a quote saying “stand for something” will generate Black supporters. Black people move culture. Black culture is lucrative. stop gushing at companies who come out and say “WE SUPPORT BLACK LIVES MATTER” but will follow you around stores and won’t hire you with a name like Lakeisha or hair like Kaepernick’s. stop funding these businesses. we have to. airlines begged for a federal bailout in just two months due to the rona. nobody was buying tickets. we have the influence and dollar to boycott a targeted company and make them beg for it back. but we, better yet, have to redirect that money to stand up businesses. not just go right back when they give tokens out.

Bill Clinton knew Black people liked the saxophone and weed. what did he do? played the saxophone and smoked weed. then he dropped the continuance of slavery with the 1994 Crime Bill. and Biden wrote it. but they rocked the baby to sleep because we are politically immature. that’s fine as long as we know where we missed the mark and learn from it. we like gestures and performative justice.

know your enemy. know your oppressor. this is tied to education. the oppressor can come in many different forms and races. stop thinking it’s a white person thing. you don’t need to hate ALL white people. that’s opposite of being educated.

also, STOP ONLY READING BOOKS THAT ONLY REAFFIRM YOUR EXISTING BELIEF. IT IS DANGEROUS. EXPAND YOUR MIND. YOU’RE PUTTING YOURSELF IN A BOX BY LIMITING YOUR VIEWS. it’s like following the same person on twitter five hundred times. you don’t have to agree with most of it but you have to see other sides. what kind of intellect are you if you’re reading the same topic by the same race by the same sex with same struggle from the same country? at least a different topic, yo.

next, we have to liberate ourselves from individualism. embrace individuality but do not embrace individualism. it keeps us away from freedom by thinking we are each other enemies, all going to the bank. it is a direct reflection of capitalism. get yours because i’m getting mine. we HAVE to think about the collective. it is the only way freedom happens. there is not one free Black person when there is a majority of Black people NOT free. i cannot think i am free when my bothers and sisters are not. Harriet Tubman escaped from slavery. but you only know who Harriet Tubman is because of the underground railroad in which she already escaped to freedom but made about thirteen more missions freeing more enslaved Africans. she did not see freedom from individual lenses.
men who think they are for the cause, question yourself. we live in a patriarchy world. do you just want Black men to be free? or all Black people? just because you don’t think about being sexist or oppressive doesn’t mean you aren’t. you don’t think about sleeping when you’re asleep. doesn’t make you not asleep. odds are, every single man reading this (and i’m a man writing this) has sexist views and behaviors. one might not have tapped in and checked you and we know you probably haven’t checked yourself. unlearn what this sexist patriarchal society has taught you.

Black men and women, leave each other better or at least the same as when you met them. stop hurting and tearing down each other then leaving the next person with damaged goods that will only be hidden and later revealed. the cycle will always continue. enrich each other. if it’s not meant to be, don’t hurt them. we have to pour water and show sunlight on each other, not rip the flowers out because we thought sunflowers are better than roses.


focus on your mental and emotional health all the time. always always always protect yourself. remove yourself from negative views, people, videos, news. we need you emotionally and mentally strong just as you are physical. reset your minds. take mental getaways.

eat well and exercise. your body is important. get your sleep. go on vacation.

arm yourself. get lots of weapons. go to the range and learn how to shoot.

have cash readily available. be ready.

Non Black People.

i will never attempt to police your communities. that’s what YOU should do. i ask of only a few things.

we know what’s going on in our neighborhoods. your neighborhoods don’t. go there and educate. go to your family and racist institutions and check them. check the beauty supply owners and nail techs. boycott them. make signs and write letters and urge them to get it together. march in YOUR streets to your racist neighbors and have them see it’s next door.

read. a lot. a lot. some books i will recommend is Choke Hold: Policing Black Me by Paul Butler. Biased by Jennifer Eberhardt. The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. The Process of French Colonization by Ho Chi Mihn. Between The World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates search the “The John Brown Raid” and “the Weather Underground.”

and get them from Black owned bookstores. i’ll list a few.

go to Marcus Bookstore in Oakland, Ca for all my folks in the Bay.

Eso Won Books in Los Angeles.

and everyone, be careful and research who you donate to. not every organization is doing the right thing. not every organization is spending your money where you think they are. this is what this whole post is about, education. we have to question, research and think longer before making moves.

please share this with people. please screenshot (@ the site and post parts you find beneficial and worthwhile. we have to educate ourselves.












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