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the other day i wrote about white supremacy and white people. i explained that my fight isn’t with white people per se, it’s with white supremacy. white people so happen to be one of the people holding the flag. they so happen to be ready to stand up and fight for the very bully i’m so against. then an hour later, i brought up how Michael Jackson is talked and laughed about so easily. people are willing and ready to openly talk about his life because “he’s a freak.” but when i bring up Catholic priests, everybody is silent… my post was deleted along with another one saying “but some white people are crazy. don’t get me wrong.”


my boy hit me like man looks like you might wanna take back those previous posts about how white people aren’t the problem. i was thinking like look at the turn of events. i laughed. being neutral and not painting everyone with the same brush and then boom. then the very next day, tons of white people stormed the capitol building in washington d.c. yes. that’s right. they climbed walls (oh the irony), they broke the windows and looted (oh this is getting funnier by the minute) and responded violently to what little security was there (somebody stop now. i couldn’t have wrote this any better).


i sat back and drank my tea. i laughed and just shook my head. went outside to jump rope, lifted weights and made some tacos. that day was a good day for me. no surprise. no headaches. everybody knows i can’t sleep to save my life but booooy that night, i was knocked out. the way i felt is how everybody has felt about my life and millions of other Black people for the past hundred years. kinda mad, but not mad enough to break my schedule. kinda mad, but not surprised. i mean Black people get killed all the time so why get active this time? kinda mad, but i mean, this isn’t my fight. kinda mad, but actually. not mad at all. i just have to show some emotion because that’s what social media is. a front while you continue doing what you do every other day.


it was truly a sight to see. my homies sent me a post from Ja Rule saying he’s on his way to d.c. to sort things out. now that was funny. but the rest? alarming. months ago, those same people crying on social media about those white supremacists were the same one saying they’re ready for war. these people are sponsoring an open racist, what was the least yall saw happening? tweets? these people have a code to stick to and if they don’t, there’ll be consequences. they stuck to the code as they always have. they get active. the young brother Ahmaud Aubrey was killed while jogging in Georgia earlier this year by the same people up there at the capitol. remember yall were crying then? so what was the surprise now?

we have to be versed in history and able to see a magic trick from far away.

first, it’s not white privilege. it’s white supremacy. but back to the point. history tells us this is what they do. reason i slept like a baby along with many other Black people is because we’re ready for this. we have to be. we cannot be social media gamed up but in real life shocked. we have to know acts of war. we have to read and thoroughly know how our enemies are. how they feel. nothing is new under the sun. but if we get all our news from social media and have no inkling of history, we would think this is all new behavior.

granted, it might be new as in first time experiencing this in ones *enlightened life. some people were born in the 1990’s but consciously born in 2018, 2019, 2020. i respect that. but to those people, i am telling you now: YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO LEARN AND GO BACK IN HISTORY. THAT’S STEP ONE OF CONSCIOUSNESS. being “woke” is a badge of honor nowadays. it’s like “yeah. i tweet ‘Black lives matter’ without feeling bad. who gon stop me.” and that’s important. i am not taking anything away from the feeling you might have. it is empowering. please keep feeling that way. we need it. it’s essential. again, there are steps to it. but do not hop on a wave and not know what happens when the tidal comes. do not hop on a movement and not game yourself on it. feminism, social justice, veganism, socialism etc. it is your duty to dig deeper than that.

my dad was born in the early 1950s. if you have the slightest clue of amerikkka’s history, you know something about Black people in the 1950s and 60s. guess what? he didn’t text or call me the day them fools stormed d.c. “well he seen it all. it was a lot worse back then. we’re younger than him. it’s our first time.” can’t compare his non reaction to your hysteria? well i didn’t call anyone either. i didn’t feel deep burning either. what’s my excuse cus you and me were born around the same year, right? the difference is knowledge of history. when you know history, you won’t be surprised because nothing is foreign. history doesn’t repeat itself, it rhymes. you ever watch a Rocky movie? or say Marvel movie. just watch one and you’ll know the rest of them. the first fight probably is going to end in the main characters favor… then they’re going to lose. then feel bad. train hard. might lose again. but the last fight is victorious. the rest are predictable ONLY if you watch one previously. the problem is we don’t read JUST ONE piece of work. we get ALL of our info from instagram stories with five slides.

secondly, seeing magic tricks comes with knowing history. sleight of hand is fascinating but it can be figured out if you study it. magicians aren’t thrown off by other magicians. only the untrained eye is. the untrained eye is the masses of new conscious people. and that’s fine. my job is to make sure you know what to look for.

remember during the height of the rona news and… certain demographic of people were complaining because they wanted to get their haircuts and go to malls whenever they felt like it? they complained about the shutdowns and curfews. they brought guns to the… wait… they brought guns to the capitol buildings then, too. then something happened. the lockdowns and curfews were lessened. governors acted. these are the same people. but without history and knowing what magic looks like, you’ll be surprised when a very similar group does the same thing. helloooooo. it’s not a very similar group, it’s the same group. magicians don’t perform fiddyleven tricks all the time. they perform the same ones to different groups in hopes no one from the previous night was there to blow up the spot.

we have to be able to read politicians as they are trained to be manipulative. look at biden. without history of him… nevermind. not today. we have to be able to read those in the media. the people in the media have money to sway the newly woke folk into believing certain narratives. the media is the 4th branch of the government people. understand that. they will give you what they want to give you. believe half of wha you see and none of what you hear. do your own due diligence. and when you think you can drop whatever, they’ll block and remove your POV if they find it detrimental enough.

let’s talk white supremacy… again.

reason why i brought up white supremacy is because of that. as long as white supremacy reigns, you cannot do everything you think you can do, unless you convert to the religion of white supremacy, you will be pushed back or killed. even if you don’t convert to this religion. if you just don’t confront it, you will be rewarded. it’s either you actively fight against it or you are allowing it.

knowing what this religion is is tiring. it’s frustrating. it gets on people nerves because they think you’re doing too much. i wrote on it already but briefly, it’s a religion that calls for you to submit and turn a blind eye to those practicing it in order for rewards, immunity, money, seats at the table, not being vilified. if you’re Vietnamese, you can join. i’m aware of some suspected white supremacists that are. if you’re Mexican, you can join. i know of some. everyone talks of the proud boys white supremacy group and assume they’re all white. that would be an easy assumption when you don’t know a magic trick from far away. the leader of group in florida is Cuban. Enique Tarrio.

what was upsetting and frankly scary to me the most was the constant comparisons to what happened the other day at the capitol to what happened last summer with all the BLM protests. the biggest and obvious difference? white supremacy. i love the word cracka. i use it with purpose. the crackas at the capitol are protected with immunity because of their religion. although i am not in any BLM organization and don’t agree with certain practices, most have not submitted to that same religion. i kept seeing “WHAT HAS AMERIKKKA COME TO? WHY ARENT THEY BEING ARRESTED OR SHOT AT LIKE THE BLM PROTESTORS?” cmon… we’re asking that? we know why.

reason number 89283771378376 i do not call myself an amerikkkan is because i am not. i understand what i am. i accept it. i’m content with it. i’m aware of it. i am Black. i get treated like i’m Black. i am a man. i get treated like a Black man. like an opponent in rival territory. YOOOUUU get treated like an amerikkkan. i don’t.

citizens of amerikkka have the constitution to hold up and say THESE ARE MY RIGHTS. citizens are quick to say RIGHTS PROTECT YOU. people like me fight every single breathing day just to maneuver through this war zone. police are patient and understanding with citizens of amerikkka. police are “i was scared for my life. i had to shoot” with people like me. and don’t get it confused. i am happy with not wanting a piece of this amerikkkan pie. that pie was made with bloody hands, why would i want that? a vote ain’t gon change that. why? people votes don’t matter when you’re not a citizen. one would say look at Georgia.

okay look at it. what reward did Georgia get? what has amerikkka done to reward all those Georgians who voted blue? what will the great biden and kamala do? they’ll mention them in a speech, then get treated and forgotten. then four years from now, they’ll bring them back up and say “do what the great state of Georgia did in 2020” and the magic trick continues. when people were shocked and sincerely asked and looked for answers from the government regarding why certain actions weren’t enacted, it saddened me. look how far we’ve come. i didn’t comment much at all during those protests last summer. i held my opinion back. i let yall have the time yall needed to feel liberated. which again, was good. great in fact. but ain’t nothing change. white people marching with Black people ain’t no sign of change. look at history. white people marched with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr…

like always, we talk solutions.

i am not one of them “google is free” people. clearly.

i try to give the game back that i got. so i’ll start with this.


start with Kwame Ture. his work is digestible. it’s to the point. it addresses capitalism and racism. he addresses differences between mobilization and organization. you can start with Kwame Ture’s From Black Power to Pan Africanism. read Assata by Assata. from the perspective of a white Jewish lawyer who wanted to be apart of the fight but didn’t know how, read The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How he FBI and Chicago Police Department Murdered a Black Panther by Jeffery Haas. he and his partners defended the Panthers and the brothers who rebelled at Attica prison. for an in-depth look at capitalism and racism intertwine, read How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney.

if reading just ain’t for you, understood. watch Kwame Ture Speaks. he’ll be wearing an orange Dashiki.

watch Kwame Ture- The Principle of Capitalism.

Angela Davis- Oppression and Repression In the U.S at California State of Fullerton (1972).

Malcolm X- Ballot or The Bullet.

Angela Davis- UCLA Lecture (1972).

always ask questions. question me. question him. question those books and videos i sent.

if you’re wondering why i’m ending it there for solutions is because we cannot move a step further if the mind isn’t moving with the body. we must revolutionize our minds before we mobilize our bodies.

be weary of those who fight for the same things you’re against, but not for the same things you’re for.

we can be against the same thing… but if we are not for the same thing, we will not get too far.

this is amerikkka.

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