trained killers are killing people on accident now.

Black people are still mourning from the death of George Floyd who was killed May 25th 2020 on camera. nearly a year later, the trial of the murderous cop is the most publicized and watched trial in recent history. George Floyd’s girlfriend was a teacher of a young man. his name was Daunte Wright. why did i say his name “was” Daunte Wright? because he was killed two days ago, ten miles away from where George Floyd was killed.

Daunte was pulled over by two pigs in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. they ran his name and found out he had an outstanding warrant. while trying to put handcuffs on him, he hopped in the car and was shot by the senior officer (twenty-six years working for law enforcement). apparently she said stop or she’ll tase him. well, she shot him. with a glock 22. a gun that weighs 3x the amount of a taser. and a gun that’s on the opposite side of her taser, her right side since she’s right handed. this sounds a whole lot like our brother who was killed in 2009 in Oakland, Oscar Grant.

but she said it was “an accident.” and people are actually trying to hear her out. this worker of twenty six years, someone who has used her taser before, mistook it for a gun.

the killer is a white woman and that’s important to know because white women have long been off the hook of perpetuating white supremacy and perpetrating horror for centuries. white women are amerikkka’s darling. we must save the white woman, look at any movie or theme. chr*stopher columbus gets the spank for being a colonizer but he asked and got the permit from his queen Isabel: a white woman. Emit Till, 14 years old, was killed by a group of white men. but who told these random men of a Black boy? a white woman, Carolyn Bryant. she lied and said he whistled at her and told her husband to make him pay for it. Tulsa Oklahoma and Black Wallstreet. a prominent Black neighborhood was burned down in 1921 after Dick Rowland was lied on from a white woman saying he touched her in an elevator. after that, white people stormed this neighborhood and burned down at least 1,400 buildings and killed nearly 300 Black people. Tulsa Race Riots of 1921, everybody.

my point is white men tend to get the blame for holding the flag of white supremacy and it would be a shortsighted conclusion to end there. white supremacy is just that. wHite. men and women have always been together planning, scheming and murdered others who they deem as less than.

this is amerikkka, ladies and gentlemen. where police can freak out and be out of control “accidentally” but the whole body of Black people who have historically been hunted by them must remain silent like British guards and if they make any sudden move, boom, dead. this woman was holding her weapon for at least seven seconds before firing it. accident, though.

pick up a shoe and pick up a slipper. close your eyes and hold one for seven seconds. one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. if i ask you which is which, are you able to tell me? but it was an accident. why does every police use the same excuse every time. either an accident or they “feared for my life.” every. single. time. it’s a script they use across the country because they know it will work. every. single. time. how is it an accident but they use the same verbiage?

in 2018, Botham Jean was killed in his own apartment. chilling on the couch eating ice cream. a white supremacist with a white supremacist home jersey on (police uniform) opened his door, shot him dead and said she thought it was her house and feared for her life. for her to fear her life, i’m assuming he was standing there looking like the terminator or had a KKK fit on. no. he was not armed with anything but ice cream. well that and Black skin. Black skin is feared.

Black skin is feared. Black skin is feared. that’s enough for anyone to be on the defensive side. that’s it.

he was eating ice cream, yall. we are killed for doing nothing and yall steady try to bring up what we did. people are quick to hear it out when it’s white people doing the killing.

any action done by police to Black people is on purpose. police do not accidentally kill Black people. especially males. ever. it is in the cloth of policing. it is how this society is organized. due to implicit biases and flat out racist policies and background, police prejudge Black boys, shoot first ask questions later, on purpose, see 12 year old Tamir Rice. police/”law enforcement” follow Black men on purpose, see 17 year old Trayvon Martin. police/”law enforcement” use excessive force even when the person is subdued, see 22 year old Oscar Grant. police/”law enforcement” use deadly force when the person is walking away with their hands up and can be heard saying “that looks like a scary dude. he’s probably on something,” see 40 year old Terence Crutcher. police/”law enforcement” use illegal choke holds on Black men for selling cigarettes when their hands are up after crying out, “i can’t breathe,” see 43 year old Eric Garner. every interaction with Black people is on purpose and we know that police are not trained to deescalate situations WITH BLACK PEOPLE. they know how to with color-less people, but not people with color. Daunte Wright was killed on purpose by a cop of twenty-six years because that was her job

a few years ago, there was a movement called BlackLivesMatter and vast majority of people were upset. they said NO! ALL LIVES MATTER. even some Black people said “maybe they could have said ‘Black lives matter, too. to make it known that we’re JUST asking for our lives to matter, *too.'” Black people begging people to see that their lives MATTER at this day and age with all the history to prove it. not are valuable. not worthy. just matter. that was controversial. StopAsianHate is a thing now. cool. i have no problem with it. but where are all the STOPALLHATE counter arguments? there is none and there shouldn’t be. besides it being disrespectful, it’s incrediblely blind of the obvious actions done directly towards the Asian community. but a huge part of it is still it being disrespectful.

it is well understood that Black people are at the bottom of the totem pole in amerikkka. with that status, “accidentally” killing one of us is good enough to let people “wait it out.” with that status, hijacking the narrative of simply mattering will get even Black folks to cosign “all lives matter.” with that status, not putting out your cigarette in your own car with a cop talking to you is enough for your life to be taken, see Sandra Bland.

the president that a whooooole lot of people voted for, Biden, said looting is not justified after Daunte was killed. proof once again that police are not here to serve safety for humans. they are here to protect property. the origin of policing in amerikkka goes back to chattel slavery. they were designed as slave patrol, to capture slaves. why? slaves running away for their freedom is bad for business. slaves were considered property, not humans. buildings being burned down and stores being looted is bad for business. capitalism and racism goes hand and hand. please understand that. there will be NO revolution without capitalism being deemed the other horn of the bull named wHite supremacy, along with racism.

Black people, burn stores down. loot and destroy buildings as long as property MATTERS more than the hands that built it. if you see a Black man throwing a rock at a building in the middle of a revolution, go get him another one. if you see a Black woman throwing a Molotov cocktail at a police station during a rebellion, consider that woman a freedom fighter. she is someone you want on your side.

buy guns and tons of ammo, Black people. train like you are in war because this is war. this is not a peaceful time to be Black. this is a time that you are getting attacked from every angle. learn how to use knives, tasers, handguns and any and every form of defense that will potentially help you live another day. the time is now. read my post from a few years ago when i said Black people aren’t mad ENOUGH. we’re not turnt up ENOUGH. we can do this. i know it seems like we cannot. i know. but with unity and love for each other, we can free ourselves. no politician is. no other group of people are. nobody. we have the means, the money, the grit to fight for ourselves. right now, all we’re lacking is collectivism and love for every Black person alike. that’s it.

check out my other article here

follow the grassroots organization @ResistUntilLiberationExist on instagram. they are a group of people educating themselves and others, creating solutions to systemic racism which consists of state sanctioned executions. there will be updates on actions there.

we must RULE.

we must Resist Until Liberation Exist.

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