Succa Proof

Understand not everyone is going to agree with you. Understand and accept it. It’s okay. It is okay. Not everyone will like you. Not everyone will approve of what you do and that’s fine. Learn that now. Let it sink in. I learned that young and it has helped me with confidence, mentality and acceptance. I don’t look for acceptance in things I do from y’all. I don’t need y’all to okay my doings. I don’t need claps when I stunt or a “bless you” when I sneeze. I don’t need a head nod from you when I walk in the door. It’s okay. Understand most people aren’t there for you. Understand people DON’T HAVE TO LIKE YOU. It’s not against human law to dislike someone. Forget law of the land. It’s not a human law. If you’re a teacher, you have a duty to teach. If you’re a parent, you have a duty to parent. Stop telling kids everyone likes them. Prepare people for life. For real life. People can like you and people can dislike you. Bullies exist. Hero’s exist. Don’t get me wrong, I hate bullies. I hate when people/groups/nations/communities take advantage of individuals/groups. I’m a Black man in amerikkka. I understand being disliked by every one. That has made me have thick skin. But we don’t have time, y’all. We simply cannot give time and energy to people who aren’t there to help you move ahead, will produce positivity, values aren’t lined up with yours, and people who cross the line.

Jay Z said “my advice is just don’t be too nice with niggas. Set your price on niggas and live your life, my nigga.” Set your price and live your life. Know what you will and won’t tolerate and do not budge. Do not give in. Have principles y’all. Have lines that people cannot cross. No matter who. And if someone crosses that line, drop them. If someone cross that line, and they KNOW where it was, that’s it. Don’t move it for anyone. Don’t charge anything to the game. Don’t sacrifice your principles for your bestfriend, your significant other, your sister… anyone. If they cared that much about you, they would not have crossed the line you set. Period.

Respect others. Accept or understand others. It’s a skill. Something that i learned over the past two years and still working on. You might not see eye to eye with someone political views, music opinions, fashion, diet, alcohol choices, whatever. But if it’s not harming you or others and don’t display or support hatred, shut up and either accept it… or understand it. If a couple wants to be in a committed open relationship, i sure as hell don’t understand it. But I accept it. That’s them. Not me. If somebody is mad rich and wants to vote Republican, I don’t accept it for a lot of reasons, but I can understand it. Our lives are different. Learn to accept or understand others. It’s a part of being succa proof.

Men. Respect women. Period. There isn’t skill to that one. You need to grow up right now and respect women. Understand you have privilege. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Black man or Asian man. You have a very real advantage over women and you will never fully understand. That’s okay. Some things don’t need to be fully understood. You don’t have to be a woman or have a daughter to listen to women or value women or NOT call women bitches.

Women. Don’t put your hands on men. Don’t swell up and square up with a man. It’s not wise. If you’re not defending yourself, do not touch a man. Women. Don’t settle. Know your worth. Have good role models. Don’t follow and echo fads. Don’t follow these women who will be around for five months. Respect yourself.

There’s some people you don’t like. When I preach and warn folks “not everyone has to like you” and tell my nephew that “not everyone will praise you, laugh at your jokes, smile at you…”, you’re the not everyone. And that’s okay. Because guess what, not everyone likes YOU, too. You can strive to please everyone. You can try. You’ll fail. Not everyone’s favorite color is red. Not everyone favorite team is the Lakers. Am I upset? Should I cry? So if everyone isn’t a Laker fan, why should I expect everyone to like everything I do if that clearly shows we think differently? We have different taste. Different opinions. Different ways. I can’t harp over you not liking my hair or my body or my teeth or my eyes or my skin color or career choices or my great music taste. I just cannot. It’ll be more time consuming if I had to worry and be upset about you. If I spend my life trying to convince me and you, yo momma and yo cousin too that everything I love, you should too, I’d be a depressed fool.
When you work hard and do everything to make others like you and make them happy, criticism you receive hurts more. When you do what you do to please yourself, criticism doesn’t hurt as much. You don’t really care about what people say because you’re not doing it for them. Do not honor people with that much power. Do not give that much control to anyone. I understand you think family members are an exception. That’s wrong. Family will play you the most. Family will take your covers in the winter and give it back in the summer. And you’ll say “they gave it back” just because they’re family. See, family wouldn’t ask you for your cover when y’all BOTH freezing. People who want the best for you, keep close. I’m not suggesting all family is shady. I’m saying family tends to know you more than anyone so they know you’ll give them whatever they want if they asked.

Family members. Co-workers. Managers. Church. Friends. Significant others. Parents. Media. Magazines. Society. History books. Movies. Don’t be bamboozled.

Do not let random people, i call them numbers, statistics, bring you down. Do not. Don’t depend on numbers (likes and RTs) to define you. Do not let random numbers discourage you. It’s gonna be a whole lot of numbers who just don’t care about you. And that’s their right. They don’t have to care about you. And you don’t have to care about their opinion. Even trade. You don’t have to invest your emotions into what they say. Don’t be startled when a #7 calls you fat. Are you going to the gym for #7 or for yourself and your health? Don’t let #2 break you and tell you you’re behind. Don’t let #2 tell you you need them. Is #2 giving you money? Giving you stocks? Is #2 going to work for you? Don’t let #9 get you self conscious about what you wear. If #9 hates how you dress, so be it. They’re a number. Tell them to get in line. After someone tells you you can’t dress, are they taking you shopping next? After someone tells you your hair is ugly, are they taking you to the salon? You get dress for #9 or yourself? You got a weave for #9 or yourself? Are you improving your life for #9 or yourself? You don’t need these numbers.

*Listen to Nipsey Hussle Succa Proof.

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