are you mad cus i’m asking you 21 questions….

are you capable of forgiving?

will you be patient when things aren’t going your way?

how can i improve?

are you strong and confident enough to tell your partner what ways they can improve as a partner? as a person?

will you be patient when you’re used to bright lights and situations are dim?

are you capable and willing to be led and to be the passenger at times (when necessary) instead of driving?

do you apologize when you didn’t do anything thinking it’s the right thing to do?

can you date me based on PRESENT and not potential?

are you okay with me doing what i SHOULD do in certain situations and not just what you would like me to do?

can i count on you to so the right thing even when it’s hard?

can i count on you to always be my support?

do you believe in love?

are you financially mature? if not, is that a goal/priority in life?

what does being free mean to you?

can you admit you have some growing to do?

where do you see yourself in five years? in eight months? in one month?

how do you define a man? what does the role of a man in your life look like?

do you know your purpose in life? are you doing what you need to do?

how do you see the world differently from three years ago?

do you find yourself policing your girlfriend? do you find yourself policing your boyfriend?

why are the women YOU sleep with aren’t ho’s but women who sleep with other men are?

why do you see harm and injustice but do nothing about it?

why is going to college so important to you? is it just because society tells you it’s important? do you know people more wise and intelligent without a paper that says they completed enough units than some with a paper that says they completed enough units?

what standards are you trying to live up to?

why aren’t you setting your own goals instead of trying to maintain amerikkkan goals?

how confident are you in yourself? how confident are you in me?

how do you define being successful?

can you share your password with me if i asked RIGHT NOW?

are you a realist?

do you want to see women at their fullest potential? if your answer is yes, will you be threatened? will you be threatened or embarrassed when she is the bread winner?

do you envy people? why?

are you the smartest person in your group? or do you surround yourself with smarter people?

how are you bettering yourself right now?

how do you escape when you need to?

do you believe white supremacy/privilege is real?

do you understand being Black is the prerequisite to saying “nigga”?

do you think highly of your best friend?

do you need to drop any of your friends?

do you have a line that regardless of the person/money/situation, cannot be crossed?

does any of your friends need support at the moment? are you giving them the support they need? are you helping to put them on?

when was the last time you helped someone who has less privileges than you? why haven’t you done more?

is it about the money or about the principalities, Smokey?

are you a leader?

do you settle?

what can you teach others to help them be better individuals? what does one benefit from being my friend/talking to me?

is Jay-Z your favorite rapper? if not, can you admit he’s the best one to pick up the mic?

do you love your people?

have you stopped going to a place, store, restaurant etc. because they treated you or someone you know horribly? have you cut friends off who weren’t good to/for you?

why didn’t you boycott the nfl?

do you say what sounds good because it makes you look good but really don’t care and the proof is in your actions?

what’s defined as “art” to you?

why can no one correct women nowadays but everyone has the right to correct and discipline and check men?

why can’t men cry?

why do you get upset when women are sexually liberated and free and explicit but when you and your homies are, it’s okay?

you can sleep with 8 women, but women can’t sleep with 8 men, right?

do you go with the flow or are you the flow?

do you know Muhammad Ali’s or Malcolm X’s birth name?

do you know why they changed their name?

should we change our last names?

do you follow traditions without questioning them? why?

do you ask “why?”

are you scared to say “no”?

what do you value most?

how are you not insane right now?

what keeps you calm?

do you thank God for life? a roof? food? sanity? health?

do you have a relationship with God? how close are you with Jesus?

what do YOU NEED and require of me?

what will people say about you when you’re dead?

what’s your legacy?

what are you known for?

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