little fires everywhere.

have you ever seen fire from afar but didn't know what kind of fire it was? fire can spread rapidly, and we know it can cause great harm, but that's all we know. there are about six different classes of fires, which means there are different ways to attack fires. but without KNOWING what kinda … Continue reading little fires everywhere.

my skin.

Romans 6:23 "the wages of sin is death..." i ask God, because it seems close to the end, is my skin the sin? . . . . . everybody loves to rave about Black people looking youthful. i chalk it off to them being nice, but they're still being truthful. my skin is smooth. clear. … Continue reading my skin.

angry black woman

first, we define. Misogynoir is a portmanteau of “misogyny” and the French word for black, “noir." Moya Bailey dubbed the word in 2010 to describe the particular racialized sexism that Black women face. it’s a word used to acknowledge the combination of racism and sexism that is specific to Black women. it is not a … Continue reading angry black woman

Victory Lap. 🏁

to all the freedom fighters and all the activists and all the lovers of culture, keep fighting. keep loving. keep actively working. this is hard. but you still have a job to do. we still have a job. there are going to be times that we are deflated. events and situations are going to occur … Continue reading Victory Lap. 🏁


hair matters to Black people, a lot. it is more than simple maintenance. it is a statement. expression. some people cut their hair or do whatever to their hair JUST for convenience. or JUST because it got longer. the average Black person (specifically a Black woman or Black man with longer hair) has 2 3 … Continue reading AFROS AND LOCS AND BRAIDS, OH MY!!!!