PSA to all “I’m not like them. i have Black friends. i voted for Barack” folks.

Black people aren’t mad enough. centuries of being this dope. this strong. this smart. this patient. this resilient. this humble. this friendly. this inviting. this hyphy. this loving and STILL ALWAYS GET THE SHORT END OF THE STICK. still getting killed at “home.” still getting followed and harassed in Oakland like that ain’t the house we built. Black people collectively aren’t mad enough so don’t ask me why i get loud and sensitive and impatient when i’m talking about this.


i don’t hate white people. ehhh well… nvm. i hate the system and privilege that white people have created and benefit from and other races benefit from as well. i hate the system. i am against the system that is in place to hold non-white back. now, we are human. we have feelings. we have the capacity to love. we have the capacity to hate. when people say hate is a strong word… yes. it is.

Kwame Ture said “you sit in your house, a honky walks in your house, beats you up, rapes your wife, beats up your child, and you don’t have the humanity to say, ‘I hate you.’ That is how dehumanized we are.”

with that being said…

i have actually NEVER said anything harmful, hurtful or disrespectful about any other race. i am for uplifting people. not degrading. i won’t talk down on a race to speak highly on another.

my heart is big.

this is bigger than individuals. this is bigger than trump and kanye. it’s about unity.

individual racism is when you see a cop and a gang of thugs with him/her choke out a man in NYC. systematic racism is when all of them are not held accountable by society in which 95% of prosecutors are white and 79% are white men. 1% of prosecutors are women of color. and thus Eric Garner is deemed a criminal and the thug who killed him is still employed and walking around freely. individual racism is when you go to a bank in the city you live in and seek a loan for a business and get denied and they talk about you when you’re there about how they knew you weren’t getting approved. systematic racism is when all of the businesses and clubs and organizations you walk in are owned by a white or Asian person. individual racism is getting shot by a thug in a cops uniform in a White Castle drive thru in Detroit Michigan. systematic racism is when the whole city of Flint Michigan has had lead contaminated water since 2014.

most people think since they aren’t racist individually then they are not apart of systematic racism or bias. wrong. i am not fighting individuals. that’s not my goal. i am fighting a system.

we must not reform the current system. we must fight for the destruction of the current system and implement a new one.

i am upset that Afrikan history starts with slavery in school books. but Latinos should be upset that there is little to no mention of their history or culture. Asian folk should be upset there is little to no mention in history books taught at school. Black folks welcome and are generally the most accepting group. we are the nicest people around. we are ready to fight with you as you should want to fight against the same enemy and system. we are not going to fight for you. BUT you have to be ready to sacrifice the privilege you possess. you have to be ready to check your own opinions on Black people and check your family. you have to be ready to see Black people as a whole differently. not individually. collectively. you have to be ready to not see four Black men as a gang and fear them on the street. most are not ready to rid themselves of white supremacy and white privilege. and you have to organize your own community first. that is the most important and logical and viable option you can do today.

“if you were walking down the street and a man had a gun on another man–lets say both of them were white–and you had to help somebody, whom would you help? It’s obvious to me that if I were walking down the street, and a man had a gun on another man, and I was going to help, I’d help the man who didn’t have the gun, if the man who had the gun was pulling it for no apparent reason–if he was just going to rob him or shoot him because he didn’t like him. The only way I could help is either to get a gun and shoot the man with the gun, or take the gun away from him. Join the fellow who doesn’t have the gun and both of us gang up on the man with the gun. White liberals never do that. When the man has the gun, they walk around him and they come to the victim, and they say “Let us help you,” and what that mean is “help you adjust to the situation with the man who has a gun on you.” Kwame Ture.

you can help. you can talk to the people with the guns. you can try to take the guns from the people with the guns. they are the insane ones. they are the savages. they are the thugs. they are the bullies. not the ones with the guns against them. you must be stupid if you think the ones who have guns against them are the savages and thugs.

if you benefit from a privilege and are not doing anything helpful, you aren’t helping but actually hurting. it is more harm done by masses of people thinking that by not saying anything or using the n word or appropriating Black culture, than individuals calling me a nigger. if an Asian woman is following me around a store and you’re Asian, but not checking her but just saying “damn. sorry bro,” you are part of the problem and are against freedom and equality.

you either are helping or you’re not not.

i gotta shout out Frobe and Hiep. love yall. yall have always been on the right side of history. yall are truly valuable and i needed.

*listen to Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson. Black and Brown by YG. A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke

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