normal. definition. conforming to a standard; usual, typical, expected.

don’t be normal.

unique. definition. being the only one of its kind. unlike anything else.

be unique.

do not be afraid to be yourself. do not be afraid to have your own opinions. it makes you YOU. do not be afraid to speak your mind.

i get in trouble when i ask “why?” i get called difficult when i don’t do what you want me to do. funny thing is if we both have the same idea, it’s okay. you and i think the same. it’s all good. but if we don’t agree on an idea, then iiiiim just the difficult one. not YOU. not neither of us. but me.

i will not adopt. i just won’t. i am capable of adapting. and will consider it. but will not adopt. deal with it.

i don’t think there’s a such thing as “church clothes.” you don’t BUY church clothes. you buy clothes and you can then wear those clothes to church… but you can also wear those same clothes to the club. or to a bar. or to school. or to work. whatever. so you and i might agree on that, right? but there is also no such thing as funeral clothes. in what rule book or what jail will you go to if you didn’t wear Black to a funeral? people make life difficult. people make life hard. life itself is not normally hard. but now if you disagree with me on THAT but not on the church clothes and i don’t show up to a funeral like i’m goth, you’re gonna call me difficult and “why couldn’t you just wear Black? why can’t you just be –>NORMAL<–“.

i know how these things go.

a lot of people are normal. and that means a lot of people suck. which means a lot of people will shun your energy when you’re not like them. most people will criticize your independence, your confidence, your opinions, your fashion, your actions. so be ready. be ready for a lot of people challenging you. be ready for people commenting on your posts. be ready for trolls and morons and fake woke people. who cares. when you die, your headstone will read “the person who didn’t live his/her life but the life of others just because. neeeexxxt.”

the world doesn’t need multiple yous. in fact, there isn’t a direct need for you if there’s a *you everywhere. did you really live a life? or did you just play a role in someone’s play?

question religion. question laws. question the norm. question traditions. question your parents rules. question society. question manners. question grammar rules. question it all until your questions are solved.

stop letting people in amerikkka tell you you speak improper English when they themselves don’t know how English is spoken thoroughly… EVERYONE IN AMERIKKKA SPEAKS IMPROPER ENGLISH. some might not say ain’t or use their -LYs beautifully for adverbs. i don’t care. language is used to convey a message. language is a form of anthropology. that’s all it is. grammar is NOT law. long story short, conversate IS a word, even tho there is a red line under it when i was writing this indicating it isn’t a word. you know PRECISELY what i am saying and what it means. if you try to correct me then, but later today say “fleek” or “yadada” or “fasho” or use the word literally figuratively and use figuratively literally… leave me alone and shut up.

people only have rules for you. people don’t have rules for themselves. people don’t hold themselves to standards.

on my left rib, there is a scripture tatted that reads, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” and i live by that.

there is hope for me, the way i am. there is a future, just the way i am. there are plans designated for me, the way i am. i am not changing. same goes for you.

when you accept that God created you the way you are, ON PURPOSE, you can appreciate and accept how dope you really are and won’t let anyone (including yourself) make you feel less. God has a special purpose for YOU. God has plans for YOU. You and others can think you have certain weaknesses and God will make that a strength.

you’re replaceable when you’re just the same. don’t fly under the radar. if you have the same mindset, do the same actions, as the majority, explain the rarity you possess… you aren’t memorable. challenge the status quo. don’t be pathetic. be strong. be different.

never go with the flow. be the flow.

find joy and love with not just the promise, but also the process.

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