what’s beef?

these cats don’t know what beef is. people think beef is not liking someone. thinking beef is mutually respecting someone but acting the opposite when you get in the court or booth. thinking beef is IF you cross this line, it’s a wrap but if you don’t, it’s all good. although i clearly see you and “hate you,” its not beef because you didn’t cross over that line. that ain’t beef.

beef is on sight. period. when Biggie said “when i see you, guaranteed to be in ICU” is beef.

beef is voting for decades and there’s nothing to show for.

beef is hatred.

beef is risking your life to destruct a whole village.

beef is separating families.

beef is separating moms from their kids.

people think beef is calling me a nigger. that ain’t beef. people think beef is saying allLivesMatter in response to BlackLivesMatter. that’s light bruh.

beef is literally raping fathers in front of their children and wives to emasculate him. look up buckbreaking.

yall wonder why i don’t get bothered by many things. why stuff just doesn’t bother me anymore. yall think ima cause an uproar over some woman crossing the street when she sees me walking in her direction? yall think ima record something when i get on BART (subway) and someone gets their stuff and bounce and stand rather than to be sitting next to me? yall think ima bug out, over THAT? yall think i get worked up over disagreements that have no value to me or my well being? yeah of course things can upset me. but you think ima lose sleep over that? please.

beef is the AIDS epidemic.

beef is the Ebola virus.

beef is the assassination of Dr.Sebi.

beef is when you go to the army or prison and come home to your girl being pregnant by another dude.

beef is knowingly having Black men with syphilis in your doctors office for 40 years just to see the effects it would have. and when penicillin became available, not offering, like in amerikkka in 1932-1972.

beef is the true story of Matoaka… the young woman who is popularly known as Pocahontas.

beef is your baby momma is other people’s baby momma’s and you just found out.

beef is dropping off semi and fully automatic guns in Oakland and Los Angeles and Detroit and Chicago in the middle of the night and watching them kill themselves.

beef is creating crack and introducing that to the hoods in the 1980s.

beef is when you hate yourself and people who look like you.

beef is giving a mandatory head nod to a brotha walking down the street and he mugs you in return.

beef is when you don’t recall any history of people who look like you ever being taught in school.

beef is when you arrest millions of Black people for possession of weed and then legalize it and make white people millionaires.

beef is not respecting your relationship.

beef is lying to the person who would kill and die for you.

beef is betrayal.

beef is when people who look like you in the country you live in represents only 13% of the population but 37% of the population in jails.

beef is when you’re the smartest person in the room but making less because of your sex.

beef is slavery. beef is how slavery “ended” but the effects are still present.

beef is when you don’t know how you’re gonna make it to next week even though you’re working 2 jobs.

beef is when the schools who have kids with a darker complexion are horrible and the schools with kids with white skin are advanced.

what’s beef? beef is standing up for Black people and then being blackballed from the NFL. and the president calling you a son of a bitch. that’s beef.

beef is befriending the inhabitants of the land you settled on and giving them blankets infested with smallpox.

beef is Jim Crow laws. beef is using the constitution as the almighty law of land when it starts with We The People… and my people weren’t considered people but property at the time. that’s beef.

beef is when a strong community is doing well and just because they’re Black, you go to their town and literally burn it down, like Tulsa and Rosewood.

beef is when the system brainwashes you to believe police officers are for you when they were organized and created to control you.

beef is why Haiti gets no love. why New Orleans gets no love. why Cuba gets no love.

beef is when 6 Black people in Ferguson are found dead with a gun shot in a burning torched car all in 2 years and the last time they were seen were with cops.

beef ain’t Jay-Z and NaS. beef ain’t Drake and Pusha T. beef ain’t Android users vs iPhone users.

beef is when you’re finally allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open to loving and that person doesn’t love you.

beef is you leaving your unborn child with their lonely momma.

beef is you not letting your baby daddy see his kids. beef is you telling your kids lies every day about your baby daddy.

beef is your pastor telling you he needs all this money and see him rolling in a new Bentley truck.

beef is the reason why MLK and Malcolm X and The Black Panthers were killed off in 15 years when the KKK is alive and still going strong all over the great united states.

beef is going to a continent and forcefully removing them from their home and destroying their land and making them follow your religion and speak your language.

beef is raping women and making their own kids serve you while the child they had by the rapist gets to live in the big house depending on the complexion of their skin.

you understand what beef is now? no?

beef is going into Fred Hampton’s house at 3am after drugging him and shooting him to death while he’s asleep laying next to his pregnant wife. and then not a single police officer being arrested.

beef is going to Vietnam and killing and raping women and kids on their land. and jailing citizens in your land if they did not want to participate. like Muhammad Ali.

beef is when a country surrenders but you hide that information from the world and news outlets and proceed to drop atomic bombs on them… twice.

beef is when Flint hasn’t had clean water for 5 years and running. beef is when you only know about Flint but there’s 20 more cities with water as bad in the country.

beef isn’t calling people in hoodies thugs. beef is killing Black male teens in hoodies. and then creating the story to say he was armed with “the concrete sidewalk”. like Trayvon Martin.

beef isn’t telling me you wouldn’t date a Black man. i’m okay with that. beef is when your daughter dates a Black man and disowning her.

yall think beef is Black people not wanting to date outside of their race. that’s funny to me. yall don’t know what beef is. beef is the opposite of that. beef is self hate. beef is Black people hating themselves or their culture or their family or their hair or their biological features so they strategically date and reproduce outside of their race. beef is wanting to escape from your own body so you marry outside. beef is saying “i’m Pan-Afrikan” and not wanting to further your genes and bloodline. beef isn’t having an Asian woman say “i want little cute mixed Black babies.” beef is how your self hate allows that to happen and you contribute to that. beef is Kanye West saying he only wants multiracial women showing up to his casting calls. beef is saying “i date Black women… well, only light skinned Black women. it’s just my preference.” beef is when Black people say the same thing and they have a Black momma and aunt and sister and niece and future daughter.

beef is redlining. beef is gentrification. when you raise the price of living in an area in which those who currently live there can’t afford but a selected group of people can. beef is when you quarantine a whole race of people and give them the most unhealthy food and gun and liquor stores on every other block and freeways all throughout the city. that’s beef.

Mos Def said “beef ain’t what Jay-Z said to NaS. Beef is when working niggas can’t find jobs. so they tryna find niggas to rob. tryna find bigger guns to finish the job. beef if when crack kids can’t find moms. cus they end up in pine box or locked behind bars.”

that’s beef.

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