Say Hello To The Bad Guy.

people need people to point the finger at. to distract them and everyone else from their own flaws and faults and mistakes and mishaps.

you’re not better. you’re not righteous. you’re not different. you just hide.

once we shift the conversation to others being difficult, we’re no longer talking about what they’re difficult about and what they’re resistant to. the plan works.

it’s called the red herring fallacy. a classic strategy of debate.

what do people say about you? people know the real you. people know what you’re about.

but everybody needs a bad guy for that reason.

it’s just a distraction from the foul things you do.

and we don’t even check those people who make others into bad guys. we don’t even check people. we talk more about the “bad guys” than we do the bad guys.

you ever talk to someone and you’re like “hey. what you did is wrong. i didn’t like it when you did this” and they respond with “yeah… but when YOU did this and did that… etc”. has that ever happened to you? that person naturally deflected and made themselves the good guy and you the bad guy. happens all the time.

we talk more about the people who are checking and trying to dismantle this racist system than those who aint doing ANYTHING about it. we dog and disrespect and play the guys and girls who are loyal and honorable than those who played US. we are more loyal to those who treat us foul than those who are ready to give the world to us. we critique the good music and don’t give any listen to the people who are actually pushing culture forward than those who are manipulating and being snakes and are vultures to the game (Black and white artists).

so say hello to the bad guy, everyone.

i’ve been the hero so long that i’ve inevitably turned into the villain.

i’m the bad guy. i’m the one who everyone tends to get upset at.

i’m the one who people argue with. i’m the one who people get frustrated with. why? i tell you why. i ain’t the one. i ain’t the one who allows people to get away with murder. i ain’t the one who won’t check friends and family. i ain’t the one who goes with the flow. i ain’t the one who bites his tongue.

i’m very transparent. on purpose. my heart is on my sleeve.

but i know a couple thangs.

nobody can say “Julius did me shady.” no woman can ever say “Julius played me. Julius did me wrong. Julius ain’t sh*t. Julius is sexist. Julius disrespected me.”

in fact, people can only say the opposite. women can only say i did good by them. women can only say i treated them well. with respect. no woman can ever talk badly about me. ever. i made sure of that at a young age and i am continuing to make sure of that daily.

no dude can say “Julius lied. Julius didn’t keep it real.” no man can ever say i betrayed them. no man can ever say they doubted me, i didn’t keep my word. there is no man that believes i wasn’t there for them or wasn’t real with them. my name is good. my reputation is solidified. there is no blemish on Julius’ name.

i make sure i’m good all while doing the right thing. i make sure i’m good and sane all while being honest and dependable.

in the words of Tony Montana, you just don’t have the guts to be what you wanna be.

“when my back’s against the wall, i react. secretly though, i know you admire that. you wish you had the balls to fight back” is what Jay-Z said.

i hold you accountable. i hold myself accountable. i hold this system that slaps and punches and kicks us all, accountable. that’s cool, ain’t it?


you need people like me to say “he’s difficult.” because you no longer have to admit your mistakes. you no longer have to admit you were wrong the whole time. you no longer have to say “damn i need to be more stern with my family.” as long as i’m difficult in present time, you can hide behind the false perceptions you have of this country. as long as i’m keeping it real with my blood family and telling them about theirselves, you can have this “well family is family. that’s yo sister” point of view. cus i’m harsh, right? rather have nice fake people than blunt honest people. but when i’m out of the picture and you realize i was right the whole time, you only can look at yourself in the mirror.

you need Julius around so you don’t have to look at yourself in the mirror today and say “wow. i am very careless. i am very immature. my behavior was stupid. how i saw that was inconsiderate.” you don’t have to say any of that as long as i’m around and you can label me difficult or “too Black and white.”

but you know what’s fasho?

you can’t call me is a liar. that’s what you can’t do. you can’t call me inconsiderate. you can’t call me unreasonable. you can’t say i’m not empathetic. you can’t say i wasn’t there for you. or your company. or your family. you can’t say i didn’t stand for my people. you can’t say i wasn’t giving you game. you can’t say i was bias. you can’t say i judged you. you can never say i DIDN’T give you my time or money or feelings to help you out. you can’t say i didn’t use my resources and juice and connections to make sure to were good. at every single one of my places of employment, i looked out for you. i made that call to make sure that price was reduced. i made sure to tell you about how important credit is. i told you what to do. i came thru when no one did. i was the shoulder you leaned on. you can’t say i wouldn’t travel right after work to see you. can’t say i didn’t drive 100 miles to see you for a day. you can’t say i didn’t leave my house at night to come see you. you can’t say i didn’t put in the work. you can’t. sometimes you need your ego, gotta remind these fools.

Julius made sure you were poppin. i came thru when you were outta options.

but you can say i’m the bad guy.

i’ll go to sleep comfortably if all you can say is Julius didn’t budge or he told me about myself.

ask yourself what do you dislike about your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. or current. ask yourself about your old bestfriends. they probably did something personally. to YOU. they probably did something foul to YOU. now what do you dislike about Julius? what have i done to you PERSONALLY? how have i ever disrespected YOU? not a simple difference of opinions, but how have i played you?

yet, you dislike me. yet, i’m not likable. momma and daddy told me to beware of people like that.

i see the world for what it is. i see people for who they are. i treat people as people. not “family.” not “managers.” not “presidents” or because people got money. i treat and talk to all of yall the same. with respect. with love. with trust. your slate is clean with me. and you know it.

people call me extreme. people call me crazy. people call me difficult. when have i ever called you difficult?

i’ll live and die with the labels people call me. because not one of them is out of pocket. not one represents bad character or choice. not one is a knock on who i am. to those who call me demanding, it’s because i didn’t budge on THEIR decision. it’s because i have strict principles. ask them, they’ll tell you. but why can’t i call YOU difficult. people who call me extreme is because i don’t see things the way THEY see it. why not call themselves extreme? because you need people like me to avoid pointing the finger at yourself.

i don’t judge anyone of yall. ask yourself “hmmm. wonder why Julius never labeled me hard or crazy? why is he so patient with me?”

i forgive all of yall for what yall did to ME. and i will always forgive.

i show love, real love, to all of yall.

i don’t get the same love.

people judge me when i give my insight.

people want me to change my mind. i don’t ask you to change yours.

people want me to do things their way.

i don’t ask you to do things my way.

people love me and are in my life currently for how i am. i didn’t build the relationships i have and people didn’t flock to me for being how i’m NOT. 3 supervisors from my first employment ask me do i wanna come back, annually. i built that.

i quit managerial positions to go back to the job i quit it for for principles. don’t love me for how i am over there but when i’m the same way over here, you hate me.

it’s wild. but it’s part of the game.

i’m my own bad guy.

i don’t have my hand out to any of you. i don’t ask for anything from any of you. i don’t wish and bank on white privilege and the system and hope for IT to change its ways for me. i don’t plan for the world to change for me. i don’t expect anything from any of you.

be okay with that.

but i do have a question.

what’s the absolute worst thing you can say i did to you or the absolute worst idea/perspective i have? what’s the worst thing you can say about me???

whatever it is, i’ll take that.

i’ll be gone from your life and it’ll be too late but one day, you’ll wish the worst thing you can say about someone close to you is the worst thing you have to say about me.

this is the last time you’re gonna see a bad guy like this again.

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