signs o the time.

part one.

these are the times. The Rona has, as of Monday march sixteenth, two thousand twenty, more than one hundred seventy thousand cases world wide. it has been around since December of twenty nineteen but nobody was really taking it seriously.

two weeks ago, very few people were thinking critically.

hell, TODAY, people are still going to public gyms and schools and bars and clubs.

in China, they overreacted and it seems like it’s working out. they were quarantined weeks before the rest of the world even blinked twice about it. they have drones flying around sanitizing whole cities. they have workers in hazmat suits walking around spraying down parks and statutes and restaurants. from the looks of it, yes, it is very extreme. but in reality, might it just be logical? this is the most unprecedented event in most of our lifetimes which means we might have to do the most unprecedented actions we’ve ever had to do. you know the saying “to get something you never had you have to do something you never did”?

well, when you see something you never seen before, you just might have to do something you never done. but the thing is americans never take anything seriously. they live behind this shiny suit that is labeled AMERICAN and assume that alone is going to be enough to fix all of their problems.

“Oh that’s in Italy. we’re good over here.”

“Oh that’s in China. we’re good over here.”

“Oh that’s in Haiti. we’re good over here.”

“Oh that’s in Russia. we’re good over here.”

americans quickly separate themselves from everyone. the protection of AMERICAN the label somehow is a layer of safety when they go to sleep. but then they wake up… and realize not everything is sweet. they realize that american vest has a hole and americans are grossly unprepared for natural disasters and bioterrorism and the threat of viruses. they realize their school systems and health care systems are amongst the worse. they realize roughly twenty MILLION people go to work while sick due to lack of unpaid sick leave.

So, the world has 193 countries, 179 of them have paid sick leave. That’s 94%. That’s not just the high-income countries. The united states is a complete outlier in lacking all forms of paid sick leave.

according to

even state to state to state, americans still choose to be ignorant and have a separatist mentality. most of americans, not due to their own situation, but because of that same shiny suit of AMERICAN they wear, wear glasses of opulence. americans walk around as if they’re immune to being poor or being sick or being uneducated. most of us reading this are two months away from being homeless if we lost our current jobs. and that, for the most part, is not our fault. buying those shoes did not hold you back six months. getting those nails done did not set you up for failure. american airlines is begging for fifty BILLION dollars right now because they can’t keep afloat. nobody is telling them financial literacy is the reason…

it’s a difference between taking accountability and placing blame on those who really deserve it. it’s not a reflection of financial literacy or frivolous spending as the elite are fast to point to, but rather a system that exploits the working people for pennies and greatly rewards the thirty people owning the places. when we hear about children in sweat shops working hours a day for a few dollars, we cringe and yell HOW DARE THEY but when workers here work eighty hours a week and still can’t afford organic strawberries, we say “shouldn’t have went on that vacation!”

but that’s capitalism, right? the working people aren’t able to reap the benefits from their work. the people who make the product should be able to decide who and where the product goes. the second city in the world with the most homeless people is New York (second behind Manila). the fourth is Los Angeles. amerikkka has one of the worse health care systems in the world. while amerikkka has the most expensive system, it is at the bottom for developed countries. and as far as education, scrubs. but because you are born on this land, you automatically think you are better.

the Rona has shed light on all three of those discussions. amerikkka has to wake up. quickly. this country moves off of money, not necessity. not problems. not even a near threatening crisis. this country manages crises, it doesn’t prevent them.

with that known, americans have to accept a few things: one, everyone is human. labels don’t save you from death. two, amerikkka isn’t nearly as prepared as the media portrays it. three, intelligence must be influenced. intelligence is more important than being educated. majority of schools and parents and governments/media don’t encourage independent thought. if they don’t encourage independent thought, that means they don’t encourage intelligence. they all just urge you to accept whatever they spit out of their mouths. and you do. when you’re intelligent, you question the education they’re throwing out there.

education tells you abraham lincoln rallied and fought for the freedom of liberation of Black people. education tells you he was a good person. intelligence tells you he said “my paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery. if i could save the Union without freeing any slave i would do it, and if i could save it by freeing all the slaves i would do it; and if i could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone i would also do that. what i do about slavery, and the colored race, i do because i believe it helps to save the Union.”

each systems encourage you to just listen. don’t question anyone and depend on them. the only problem is when you look around and have to think for yourself, you’re crippled. americans have to understand that today.

let the media tell you, everything is all good. they got it all in control. but when you look at other countries, everything is NOT all good. they DON’T have it all in control.

look at this video.

China is this big monster that hates everyone and everyone hates back. well, that’s what amerikkka wants you to believe at least. what do you even know about China? amerikkka has been bullying other countries all my life (and for the last four hundred years, but who’s counting?) but whatever you’re wearing and holding was probably made in China. they will be recovered before amerikkka takes any serious action.

look at this video.

amerikkka is the new Rome.

part two.

“Oh that’s in Flint. we don’t have to think or empathize about that.”

“Oh they’re homeless. we don’t have to think or empathize about that.”

“Oh they’re old. we don’t have to think or empathize about that.”

“Oh they’re Black. we don’t have to think or empathize about that.”

“Oh they’re women. we don’t have to think or empathize about that.”

we as humans tend to only care about issues when they’re in our backyard. it’s sad. it’s an unfortunate echo of mankind. when other countries are fighting for their independence, people don’t care. in fact, they talk and think badly about the actions these oppressed people are taking.

we have to get out of the mentality of “well if i….” or “that happened to me so i understand…”

NO. stop waiting for things to happen to you or a family member to care. beside it being irresponsible and make you more reactionary, it also just isn’t progressive.

if i waited to get kicked and beat by police to care about oppression, it would be irresponsible and reactionary because if/when it does happen, i would be unprepared and foolishly looking around. it isn’t progressive because i would be ignoring the many years and testimonies of thousands of people who have experienced police brutality. me waiting for something to happen to me directly to act doesn’t help anyone.

also, stop being so cruel to people. the Rona got people HATING ASIAN PEOPLE. when the twin towers were knocked down, everybody all over the world started looking at Middle Eastern people funny. the united states went to war with a country that wasn’t even involved (Iraq). the claim was that Iraq had weapons of mass destructions, housed terrorist groups and that the Iraqi government supported al-Qaeda. all of which proved to be false. that didn’t stop people from hating and being scared of ALL Middle Eastern folk.

there are people who are cussing out and name calling and just behaving unworldly towards Asian people. again, uneducated people. people who think Vietnamese people are Chinese and Chinese people are Korean. it doesn’t have to happen to you to know some of the stuff you see is wrong. it shouldn’t take your bestfriend to get jumped or a distant friend on social media for you to say “man… that’s foul.” i’m not encouraging everyone to dump all their money into the predictable sinking Asian community in amerikkka, i’m encouraging you to understand the Asian community in amerikkka is sinking because of prejudices and hate. i’m not encouraging everyone to fake the funk and hold hands and sing together, i am encouraging everyone to try to understand why being rude and flat out inhumane to people because everyone else is isn’t the way.

be a man. be a woman. do the right thing. everybody knows what “the right thing” is when it comes to themselves but nobody does when it’s to other people.

i’ll be despicable if i were to see injustice where i am but ignore it when i see it where you are. i’ll be a sorry person if i were to see injustice over there and not say anything and turn around and think ima morally sound man.

i’m for justice any and everywhere. i’m against injustice any and everywhere.

it doesn’t matter who is doing the unjust acts. it doesnt matter who’s against me when i am fighting for what’s right. i wouldn’t let my blood family get away with it, so i’m for sure not going to let you slide.

this is the time to show how strong humanity is. while i don’t have much faith in the average american, this is the time to be surprised. this is the time to love on each other. this is the time to check in on homies and family. this is the time to get behind each other and offer support. this is the time to check your selfishness. this is the time to start reading more. this is the time to get better at whatever you didn’t have time to get better in. this is the time to work out at home. this is the time to look in the mirror.

who are you when it goes and gets rough?

listen to Prince “Sign The Times” and The Temptations “Ball of Confusion.”

















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  1. just read your blog, DEEP as usual. and informative. China washing the street ‘s was smart, GREAT research


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