Bad boy bad boy… whatcha gonna do?

definitions are flipped every day now. a ho ain’t a ho. masculinity is synonymous with toxic. ay yi yi. okay how do you define a bad boy? like, the term “i want a bad boy” bad boy.

it shocks me, really. it also saddens me as to what some women and ultimately people define as a “bad boy.”

let me try to move this along.

Bad boys are dudes who fight, rough, don’t care about much, rebellious…

wait wait. so someone who fights is a bad boy huh? fights individuals? is a bully? the system?

a bad boy is someone who deliberately won’t fight his own people but will make it his mission to fight against those who are fighting and killing his people. yo definition of a bad boy will try to check someone who looks like him for his shoes or ask where he from if he’s on the wrong side of town. but will be silent when a another person of a different race is scoping out the city walks down the same street. that’s bad? hmmm.

a bad boy is someone who notices that THAT is strange activity and call that outsider out. not someone who checks a brother walking down HIS STREET in HIS CITY.

your bad boy is killing his own. and it’s painted like he’s tough. okay.

a bad boy is willing to fight at the drop of a dime, yes. i agree. but where we differ is an actual bad boy is willing to fight for his people. fight for his community. fight to make change so nobody will take advantage of him, you, your family and generations to come. your bad boy is someone who is fighting with his fists every second and is 5 seconds and a short temper away from going to jail to be state property over stepping on shoes or a compliment to his woman.

your bad boy will fight and get his hands dirty over something petty. and you’re turned on by that. yeah streets is done.

a bad boy has enough resources and respect that he will go out of the city for a few days and have people handle what needs to be handled… come back and what’s done is done.

your bad boy is down there rioting looting your people’s businesses in the name and honor of a slain soldier.

a bad boy is burning down the buildings and police stations and courtrooms where the culprits works and lives. going to the source.

yeah. see i must rewire your brain cus i’m losing you.

a bad boy is someone rebellious? okay. bet.

rebellious towards who? cus your bad boy was constantly getting kicked out of school because he was smoking and cussing out teachers who were tryna lace him with game and fathers and mothers who care about him. your bad boy is hustling backwards.

your bad boy is poisoning kids for 5 dollars.

a bad boy is uplifting kids cus it’s positive. knowing that they’re the future and will soon lead the show. a bad boy is making sure kids are strong and know how to fight and eliminate the opposition and defend themselves. a bad boy makes sure he knows who and where to shoot. your bad boy is just firing and who dies dies.

you can’t just call a male a man and a man a King just because you’re dating him. stop it. it makes you look foolish.

your bad boy is tryna make a dollar for himself and you confuse that with building an empire for the both of yall.

a bad boy is investing and making his current money make more money. hustle hard in any hustle that you pick.

your bad boy is content when he got money in HIS pocket.

a bad boy defines success by how many people successful next to him. he understands the more people around him with loot and juice, the more powerful he and they are.

your bad boy is on the block. a real bad boy is buying the block.

your bad boy is tearing down the city he’s from and saying he put on. a real bad boy is building up his city cus… simply that’s his city.

your bad boy ain’t maximizing his potential. your bad boy thinks he’s a revolutionary.

your bad boy beef on social sites. but he bad tho.

your bad boy is not of high quality. a bad boy is.

a bad boy makes his own decisions. isn’t a yes man. isn’t persuaded by society and social media. isn’t afraid of government. in fact wants to infiltrate the government for the betterment of his people.

your bad boy is choosing to keep his standards low and you supporting that. but you don’t hear me tho.

what about love?

you think a bad boy is nonchalant and dismissive about love. he cares one day doesn’t care one day.

listen. i can’t speak on other ethnic backgrounds but

let me tell you, Black love is a revolutionary act. in the words of Dr.Frances C Wesling. Black. Love. Is. A. Revolutionary. Act.

the Black family was systematically attacked and destroyed centuries ago and is still under attack. a bad boy is doing something about that. a Black bad boy understands his duty as a Black man and is actively pursuing a Black nuclear family. a Black bad boy is intentionally and consciously assembling the foundation for a 2 parent home with intelligent kids.

the Black guys you see as bad boys is doing exactly what the world wants him to do. disrespeckin Black women. abandoning his ship with crew members still on it NEEDING him to lead. your Black bad boy wants to oppress you and others because he’s been oppressed.

there’s a video surfacing around the internet (that i don’t wish any on you would search) of a grown 60+ dude KICKING an older woman. woman is at least 70….. you don’t see the problem yet huh? SOMEONE WAS RECORDING THIS. the video, people are saying “ooohhh.” “worldstar!!!” “my God!!!”

a bad boy kills that noise before it gets loud.

your Black bad boy is defenseless when your family/friends/social media bash you and women like you.

a Black bad boy is a protector of you, in all ways, Queen.

your Black bad boy is anti You in more ways he’s for you, but you ignore it because he’s cute and has a beard.

your bad boy is poisonous, harmful. a bad boy is masculine.

your bad boy is a boy. a bad boy is a man.

we in the building, ain’t nobody playing.

a bad boy doesn’t get jealous or intimidated or insecure in the presence of a strong opinionated woman. your bad boy got rules and regulations to what “his woman can do.”

“Niggas getting jerked, that sh*t hurts. i take it personally. N*ggas rather work for the man than to work with me. just to pretend they on my level, that sh*t is irking to me.”

your bad boy isn’t the flow but goes with the flow. needs a boss to tell him what moves to do, daily, or he’s a lost soul. your bad boy is a soldier in the army and marines just in civilian clothing.

your Black bad boy is a respectable negro but has a thuggish dialect.

a Black bad boy is an unapologetic hero, Afrikan man who demands repseck.

i’m just saying. we must change our definitions. cus the streets is done. my whole life i was told i’m the opposite of a bad boy. and my whole life i was lied to by women who didn’t even know what a bad boy was.

remember when JCole was like “yo daddy was a real nigga. not because he screamed F*CK THE LAW, although that was true. yo daddy was a real nigga cus he loved you”??

and the whole world has to answer right now just to tell you once again:

who’s bad?

yeah so that’s your king?

4 Your Eyez Only.

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