little fires everywhere.

have you ever seen fire from afar but didn't know what kind of fire it was? fire can spread rapidly, and we know it can cause great harm, but that's all we know. there are about six different classes of fires, which means there are different ways to attack fires. but without KNOWING what kinda … Continue reading little fires everywhere.

are you my ally? am i yours?

remember in the beginning on this Rona epidemic, before it was a pandemic this Black guy on a New York subway treating that Asian guy horribly? and everyone was outraged? white people, Indians, Asians and Black people. everybody waited for Black people to denounce this guy. no? this is the video. this was the caption. … Continue reading are you my ally? am i yours?

signs o the time.

part one. these are the times. The Rona has, as of Monday march sixteenth, two thousand twenty, more than one hundred seventy thousand cases world wide. it has been around since December of twenty nineteen but nobody was really taking it seriously. two weeks ago, very few people were thinking critically. hell, TODAY, people are … Continue reading signs o the time.