check yourself, before you wreck yourself.


if money is all you’re striving for, there will never be a day without stress. there will never be an end. hit 10k, but you feel you need to hit 20. make a million, but you’re stressing about 5 million. you will never be happy chasing materials because there is always more to that materialistic thing. it’s like a hamster wheel. you will keep running chasing what you deem as valuable and tire yourself out. that’s called the Red Queen’s Race. run that hard just to stay in place. money is one of the things that when you get it, you get a high but the high runs out almost instantly. so you must find the high again and again. some people don’t recognize money as a tool. they don’t know how to use it. it has control of them. they have no control over it. check yourself.

social media.

unfollow people on twitter or instagram or snapchat that makes you mad or makes you hate them. you wouldn’t follow a person who you hate in real life, would you? don’t follow a page or person and every time you look at their posts you say “oh my God. they are so stupid!!” get rid of negativity RIGHT NOW. you can think of people you dislike on social media right now… why are you following them? why aren’t they muted? or blocked. we can block our ex’s but won’t block the negative comments or posts or people from our timeline. it only has a negative impact on you. subtle or not. after that, get off of social media. read a book bruh. get a life. do a plank for 2 minutes and you’ll realize how valuable 2 minutes are. get off of your phone. stop letting your phone be your master.

reality shows.

we watch these ratchet disrespectful non productive shows and tell ourselves it’s only entertainment. that “entertainment” is not doing anything for your life. nothing positive at least. it, in fact, plants a mentality or image in your head that isn’t helpful or constructive. it’s corrupting you. minute by minute. episode by episode. actually watching love&hiphop is stupid. we all agree on that. entertaining or not, we can agree that spending 40-60 minutes of your life watching love&hiphop is stupid. but what it now does is makes you think these people are clowns. so now you’re judging. these are young fools making themselves look ridiculous. true. however they are getting paid to make themselves look foolish. you’re spending time watching fools. who’s the fool? you’re slowly training your mind to think negative and useless things about people or group of people. where’s the balance? not solely on you. that question isn’t just for the consumer. you’re only a customer. where’s the positive images we’re being shown. where’s the real love on television? where’s the real marriages and the down to earth kids. no balance. check yourself before you wreck yourself.


stop giving time to people who don’t value your time. people who are always late when a time has been established, don’t value time. quite simple. people who refuse to mature because they’re young and will deliberately wait to grow up, don’t value time. you can have fun and be mature. stop playing with people. time is something you cannot get back and people act like you will wait for them. you’re slowing down yourself. they’re making you slow down yourself if you don’t check them. check yourself.


alcohol can make you wild. cocaine is crack. xans are deadly. you aren’t higher than anyone. people often bash people who smoke cigs or cocaine and they get wasted and can’t remember what happened the night before because they drank too much Patron. if you don’t have control of yourself and body when you’re drunk but judging people who smoke crack, ehhhh check yourself. stop judging others for doing drugs that are socially unacceptable. yeah they do crack and that kills. you drink excessively and throw up and can’t feel your legs and can’t recall last night and don’t remember calling that one girl. cocaine is crack, y’all. i know people who know people who sniff cocaine and if i say you’re a crackhead, they’ll be like NO I AIN’T. cocaine is associated with white people and a rich drug while crack is normally associated with Black people and a poor man’s drug… okay. to the people who know people who smoke crack… i mean, elegantly consume the stimulant made from coca plant, check them.


society tells you being a ho is good. it’s the only necessary stage when you’re not in a committed relationship. society changes. that’s the thing. yall over here following society behaviors not realizing 10 years ago society looked totally different. society NOW tells you being a ho is a good thing. being a ho is just being free. it’s powerful. let me tell you hos something. power doesn’t come from knowing you can do something. power comes from knowing you can do something but having the wisdom to know it’s not good. to know it’s not beneficial. power is knowing what you can do, but shouldn’t, and then not doing it. y’all got this power thing backwards.

a report came out yesterday (08/28/2018) that stated STD’s have reached an all time high in amerikkka. but keep doing what you do, boo.

stop having sex with 8 people who you’d hate to have a kid with. stop having sex with ONE person who you’d hate to have a kid with. you can’t get in a car accident without a car being involved. you understand whether consciously or subconsciously, when you get in that car, you are putting yourself in the position to be in an accident. of course you can put your blinkers on, wear your seat belt, have great windshield wipers, fresh breaks… you can take the necessary measures to prevent having a car accident. but you can still have one. having sex is putting yourself in the position to have a kid. having sex is putting yourself in a vulnerable situation to contracting a disease. kissing people, going down on someone… you must deal with consequences. life is about choices. of course you can use protection, but you are still at risk of certain things happening. you having sex with a random chick might be cool. but 9 months later and she’s not the most aesthetically pleasing person in the room and her mother and aunt hates you and she’s not financially stable and she’s an aggressive drunk and all of friends are messy, don’t look around like “how did i get myself in this situation?” check yourself. don’t look around, ladies. when you have a baby with a bum and he only cares about buying shoes and making sure he eats well. he might be dope with a beard and got clout ON TWITTER but when he forget about you and his homies don’t respect you and his money is only used on video games and white tees and your momma told you not to commit to this foo… don’t look around like “how did i get myself in this situation?” check yourself.


work on yourself being a complete person. you will never have to rush or force a relationship thinking that person will complete you. if you yourself is complete, that other person just compliments you. be content in the season you’re in. if you’re single or if you’re dating or if you’re engaged or if you’re married, you must embrace it. enjoy your singleness, bruh. work on yourself. travel. grow. read more. experience life. stop feeling bad for yourself.

who do you call your friends and why are they your friends? does your friends help you? like, help you.. do they correct you? do you correct them? can you tell your friends you’re sad and just really depressed? can you tell your friends they are buggin and making some foul choices? does your friend HELP YOU BE A BETTER PERSON IN ANY WAY?

relationships are beautiful. relationships are needed. you need friends. you need companionship. when you fall, a hand is helpful. choose your friends wisely. choose your partner wisely. choose your pastor wisely. choose your manager wisely. choose your business partner wisely. check yourself.


resolve issues. resolve problems. life is too short. don’t let days go by with you being pissed at someone. don’t go to sleep angry and wake up angry. stress will kill you. that built up anger will stress you. you can say you ain’t stressed about anything but you know yourself. forgive yourself. forgive others. forgive your pops. forgive your wife. forgive your professor. forgive your ex. forgive your sister. don’t have to go to Jamba Juice with them Friday and Panera Saturday morning. but resolve issues. it’s the mature thing to do. it’s the beginning of a better life. better view. when you’re upset at something or someone for too long, check yourself.

role models.

who do you love? why? why are you doing what you do? why is Cardi B such an example for you to follow? why is your father a role model for you? we don’t know ANYONE besides the people we met and chilled with (unless you’ve done enough research and reading up on someone) and even then… looking at tweets and interviews from celebrities who get PAID to entertain and make comments doesn’t give you an inside scoop on them. admiring people is such a scary and risky thing. think about it. we really do not know anyone unless we really know them. J.Cole. Jay-Z. BeyoncĂ©. we try to emulate people we like. talk and dress like people we like. our lifestyles are NOTHING alike, but we try to duplicate a stranger. have role models. it’s important. if you have 10 role models and they are all totally different from each other and from you, ask yourself what are they doing for you. what are they doing for anyone? are they only making money and because of that fact, they’re in the limelight getting interviewed? do you only know of certain people because they have money or because they’re doing dope, positive, beneficial, thought provoking actions? check yourself.

stop judging. get rid of negativity. get off of the hamster wheel. unfollow idiots. value your time. mature. respect relationships. figure out the things you place high on the importance totem and then ask yourself is it that important. check yourself before it’s too late.

*listen to Ice Cube Check Yourself before You Wreck Yourself. Listen to J.Cole ATM and 1985.

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