when you don’t let God enter your relationship, you allow the wrong people to enter.

so many of us are playing catch up and trying to heal from past relationships because those people should have NEVER been in our lives. we have been broken by fools that shouldn’t have been close to our body let alone had the key to our hearts. we let them INSIDE.

stop playing yourself. there’s only so much blame an unworthy person is accountable for when the signs were there from the gate.

forgive yourself. THAT’S the hard part. that’s step 1. yeah it’s easy to blame your ex, your father, momma, society. take accountability for what YOU did. for what YOU allowed. for what YOU didn’t do when you should have. forgive yourself.

we welcome God in to our life when we wanna job. when we wanna raise. we welcome God in to our life when our loved ones are sick. we welcome God in to our life when we get on airplanes. we welcome God in our life when we apply for school. we welcome God when we’re lonely. when we reach another year.

we don’t welcome God when we welcome a whole other person who résumé says “not qualified”. we don’t welcome God when we are about to start a relationship. the most vulnerable state we are about to be in, we don’t consult God. ain’t that something.

The OG got your back. He talks to you and it will behoove you to listen. you know it too. that’s the cold thing. you know you should, but you not. aaaaaand that’s where you went wrong.

i’ll tell you straight like this: ain’t ONE relationship that i value will be without God’s blessing. not one. i’ll have associates here and there. but i cannot let someone potentially get THAT close to me without hollerin at the man upstairs. talk to God before you involve others. talk to God before investing.

so many times we run to God AFTER it hits the fan or AFTER you realize you’re with a bum and ask Him to fix a problem He could have saved you from. we ask Him to bless a situation He didn’t sponsor. and we then blame God. ain’t that wild. then we separate ourselves from Him. we run away from God who would have told us NOT to get involved; and in turn, blame Him for not fixing a problem we got ourselves in. we run to God AFTER.

you already peeped the signs when you drove down that street but for 2 years, you been good. couple speed bumps here and there, but you still driving. next thing you know… you gotta flat tire and no AAA card. they don’t know how to fix a flat. no service on your phone so no helplines. no gas. it’s just you. and the bum you looooove so much. and theeeen we run to God. asking to fix something we had no business getting into. crazy thing is, we peeped the signs ourself. we already did that but ignored them.

we always think we know. we think we been there before so we can just use our own understanding. we think we know how things work. we think we know what’s gonna happen. and what happens… we get burnt.

Proverbs 3 5:6 says “trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight

we always try to make our paths straight then when it goes crooked…

we look at societal norms for relationships. we change our standards per relationship per person. shouldn’t our goals and purpose for a relationship stay consistent? we look at what society says is necessary for getting over a heartbreak. we look at what society says is necessary for a healthy relationship. we look at what society says is necessary for being FREE. LIBERATED. GROWN. we then say “society has failed” “i have no faith in society” society norms are flawed” “society/mankind is hopeless”… okay lemme put it plain for you. half of marriages don’t work. and we continue to follow what society says a marriage or healthy relationship should look like. we look at society for all da answers.

involve and welcome God into all of your relationships. business. platonic. intimate. alldat.

the relationships you DID involve God in, what have you learned and benefited from? the perks. the wisdom. the upgrades. even if it didn’t work how you wanted, did you take the L or a lesson?

the relationships you just did your own thing and said “naaaaw” but then later came running back to God like “heeeeellppp”… what did you learn from those people? from that job? that investment.

i look at my sister and her partner. He is the truth. wsup Yoel. they have this relationship for about 8 years or something. they’re only 28 years old. to see how strong and disciplined and focused they are on growing together is incredible. come from similar backgrounds being Black but different nationalities. so they come from different traditions and practices. sister is an Afrikan woman who was born and raised in amerikkka. he is Eritrean. both very young. both very head strong. both crazy. but both have God as the center. saluuud.

it’s all about a relationship. it’s not about religion at all. at all.

you don’t have to pray 80x a day. you don’t have to wear certain clothes when going to church (PEOPLE might tell you that. PEOPLE. not God) you don’t have to be perfect. you don’t have to stop smoking weed. you don’t have to stop saggin your pants. God doesn’t want to make it hard for you. better read before you believe all these things people tell you. better do your homework. that’s religion. religion has it all messed up for people. i wear a hoodie, sweats and Uggs slippers to church every time i go. i promise you.

allow God go reintroduce himself.

fool with God. talk to God. confide in God. that’s the homie. give Him a chance. i be like “that’s wsup bruh” and He be like

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