today we’re gonna talk about addiction.

ima talk really loudly, ain’t nobody whispering.

because even when you’re close, amber alert. you’re missing

from action, no drive, little hope, no ambition.

it can lock you up with or without chains, conviction.

so listen.

conditions are important: mental, emotion and physical.

prescriptions aren’t really, can still be critical.

ambition to overcome past trauma might lead to mystical,


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a drug is a treatment used that can alter or cure a condition, puts you at ease.

condition that society regarded as abnormal and harmful, see that’s a disease.

addiction comes when you overuse the drugs, but it’s really just a tease.

you never reach peace, but constant anxiety.

you pacify the state you’re in, mmmm similar to appease.

you call on it when you need it to come to the rescue, but can be harmful like the police.

you can take it standing up, on a chair or on your hands&knees.

the drug doesn’t fix it, so keep reading… i’m beggin you. please.

your addiction can be anything but let’s say money, weed, alcohol, pills, food or sex.

it might not fix the problem now but it does put it to rest.

but when you wake up, it’s back and won’t leave like a pest

control / is what you need, not “i gotta get the best.”

the best dick, the best weed, the best pill or the best drank.

you end up trying a lot of them, figuring out a rank.

when you haven’t addressed the issue, you think nothing is serious but this is not a prank.

you try things that’s not you with people you’re not used to.

everything seems logical but soon it will confuse you.

can’t stop, because that’s addiction. hooked like voodoo.

everyone looks at you strange because they know the real you.

the drugs make you feel like you need them, that’s what dependency do.

you think you choose them, but really they control you.

you think they’re helping but really they’re harming you.

you know exactly where to get them because this ain’t new.

they make you feel good and young like a fresh man.

but every time after you’re done, you feel less than.

i ain’t trying to preach to you, i’m no reverend.

but one thing i know is you’re stronger and don’t have to bend.

addicted to alcohol makes you wild out in public.

addicted to weed makes you anti-social and you think they love it?

addicted to sex makes you want to or them to just suck it.

nobody can tell you anything, but ima try.

f*ck it…

blame it on him, sis, or blame it on her.

point your finger at the girl who your fam called “sister.”

get mad at the dude who left and no longer your lover.

that was your close friend, homie or even brother.

blame it on your pops because he wasn’t your best friend.

point your finger at the people who made you dislike the color of your skin.

get mad at your cousin because your relationship was very thin.

that’s YOUR sexuality, not theirs. that closet you don’t belong in.

you can get on twitter and claim “women aint sh*t.”

you played her, but she didn’t know. hypocrite.

listen to me. you’re young. life is ripe, keep it lit.

two years from now, it’ll go fast. DaBaby. right off the rip.

forget every one of them, this doesn’t mean i condone.

they for sure have some fault but now you must take control.

pick up the ball and run, no matter how the dice roll.

i know you feel lonely, but i promise you’re not alone.

you got God. Buddha. a journal and the universe.

go to your car, listen to music. but that car bet not be a hearse.

listen to Cole, Nipsey, Beyoncé or whatever’s your favorite verse.

being healthy is wealthy, not what’s in your bank or purse.

walk to the park, rearrange your room.

dye your hair, hell even cut it for a drastic boom.

seek professional help (because it’s there) if it still looms

over your head because there are others like you.

go to a group setting and just talk because you might just need to be heard.

you might have nothing to say or a thousand words.

love is what you need because love is what was lacked.

looked for it in different ways but it seems your vision was stacked.

it starts with finding yourself, might need a map.

the art of liking yourself is a life hack.

progress to loving your name, sexuality, skin and whole being.

unapologetically love YOU, no seething only seeking.

seeking a new version of you that’s filled with love.

nothing can change that, because that love comes from above.

my words might not be the best and definitely not the only way.

but my love and admiration for you is here to stay.

your problems must be addressed, you can’t just run away.

it can be now, next month but it will resurface one day.

i guess the message that i am trying to convey,

is love yourself, you’re not alone, take ownership and please… just try to pray.

*listen to FRIENDS by J.Cole. about this.













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  1. inspiring, I’M pretty sure you inherited the rhyme from me. Can you SEE., can you see the resemblance. Are you think it’s just your remembrance


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