i am not your slave.

i am not your slave.

i will not have you do for me what i can do for myself.

i will not allow you to have control over me. my mind. my soul. my body. i am not your slave.

i will not allow you to use me. you will not beat my body up for dollars. you will not get your job done without me getting what i need and want. i am not worth $15 an hour. i am invaluable. YOU cannot put a price on me, i make these prices and rules.

you will not tell me what i cannot wear. you will not tell me my hair is not acceptable. i am not your slave.

i will not accept the bare minimum. i will negotiate for more. and more.

i will not vote Democrat just because i’m not white. i will not vote just because you voted.

i will not contribute to your family’s wealth. i will not invest my money so your son’s and daughter’s can go to college, on me.

i am not your slave.

you will not brainwash me. you will not feed me lies. you are not the judge and the executioner.

you will listen. you might not understand, but you will accept.

you might whisper about me later, but you will give me tangible things i am requesting.

if you owe me $10, you ain’t giving me 9.

i promise you, i am not your slave.

i will not bow down.

if you withheld air from me, and i took it back, i am not thanking you.

i will not thank and celebrate you for providing what is already mine.

i will not thank you for being a decent human being.

i will not give you ANY credit for doing what you should be doing.

i will not beg. for anything. i will turn around and walk away and live my life.

i will walk and talk like i got my ancestors behind me. period.

i will be happy.

i take what’s mine. you accept what they give you. that’s where we differ. i get you.

i will be called difficult. i am okay with that. 100%. you’re not. because i am not your slave.

i am not a chameleon. willingly. i will live and die with the decisions that i pick.

i will not adopt. i will not. i will adapt. i can move in a room full of vultures. but i will not adopt.

if i am involved, i will not accept your mediocrity. do not step to me with it.

i will not accept unfair treatment.

i will not plea bargain and agree to plea deals with you or the law.

i will have confidence despite the circumstances.

i will set MY price and keep moving.

i don’t have to be what you want me to be.

never go with the flow. be the flow.

i am willing to be left out; be the only one; be blacklisted and blackballed; be hated; be turned away; be talked about; be hated; if that means standing for what i believe in.

because i am not your slave.

“i don’t take no checks. i take my respect. Pharrell even told me to go with the safety net” Jay Z.

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