charge it to the game.

forgiveness is my key to happiness.

forgiveness is my key to peace.

we’re all players in this game called life. i’m tryna get to another level. i can’t get to higher levels if i don’t forgive.

just charge it to the game.

of course there are things i don’t particularly like or care for that people do. despite my personal convictions, i try to always understand where people come from. i try. i don’t argue to fight. i don’t disagree for fun. i argue to learn. to understand. to get knowledge as to where you’re coming from.

people say i’m judgemental *wink wink but i don’t ever EVER say something is wrong. check my record. i will not say what you do is wrong. i will not say what i do is right. i will say i won’t do something and if you have the impression that i’m saying it’s wrong, so be it. but people will disagree with my opinions and views. and that’s fine. all i do it charge it to the game.

yall don’t know how many disagreements with my closest homie’s i’ve had. yall don’t know how many disagreements with my parents i’ve had. i don’t take anything personally. i don’t know if yall see that as a good thing or bad but it doesn’t matter really.

“Couple mistakes here and there, not always right. but i’m real. that’s how i sleep at night” is what Jay-Z said.

forgive: stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake.

forgiveness. i forgive. now that doesn’t mean i forget what was done. no. hell no. i have a good memory. vivid, too. it means i’m not keeping record of it. i don’t tally what you’re doing. i just charge it to the game.

there’s so many people i should, by their own disrespect and selfishness and confessions, never talk to again. or should be pissed at for at least a week or something idk. but it doesn’t get anything done. i’m the one who is hurting when i don’t forgive. forgiveness is not for them. it’s for you. make no mistake. FORGIVING IS FOR YOU.

  • not forgiving does more harm to us. it doesn’t hurt the opposition nearly as much as it does to us. now and the future. our future is in deep trouble. OTHERS who involve themselves with you are in deep trouble.
  • forgiving frees you. it frees them but it frees you. you can live again. there’s no chains. you get to live for today. the present.
  • forgiveness gives you mental strength. forgiveness gives you physical control. physical swag. you walk with joy. when you don’t forgive, you’re in a horrible mood MOST OF THE TIME when that person is around. they have a hold on you. release it.
  • forgiving is a mark of a leader. a sign of a strong healthy being. not a sign of the weak. don’t be fooled. it takes a strong person to take pain straight up, look at it, address it, forgive and move on.

now i’m not saying or… remotely suggesting you to forgive others 2 seconds after the act. we are human. be petty for a second. be upset. be PISSED. but once it has an impact on your future, it’s time. once it has an effect on your mental status when you see or think of someone, it’s time. don’t let NOT forgiving mess up your family; your wife; your daughter; your brother; your sister.

man. ask anyone. i am prideful. i am. but i put pride aside when it comes to the betterment of myself. my mental and emotional state matters. i MUST forgive. you wouldn’t recognize Julius if Julius didn’t forgive. seriously. if i made in my mind today that for the rest of the year i wouldn’t forgive anyone for anything, you literally wouldn’t recognize me. you’d think something took over me.

messing up is human nature. mistakes is human nature. COMING UP SHORT IS WHAT WE DO, BABY. i’m not mad at you for doing what you were bound to do, mess up. now, i will forgive once i have a certainty that it won’t happen again. forgiveness is not easy. don’t let the talk fool you. sometimes you don’t wanna forgive just so the person can feel bad a liiiiiittle longer. you kinda want the person to feel the burn. it’s difficult. REALLY hard. a whoooole lot of prayer. i don’t do this by myself. don’t take advantage of it. but forgiving is human nature too. know that.

ex’s? forgive em. for YOU. there’s things i’m like “oh nooooo. nope. not me.” then 5 minutes later, after talking to my big homie God, he’s like “man you better quit playing and forgive that woman.” forgiving your ex doesn’t mean you have to chop it up with her. she doesn’t even have to know you forgave her. but you can’t hold things over peoples’ heads. you just can’t. it’s not healthy. i’ve felt betrayed. yes. who hasn’t.

but i’ve learned an important lesson and i want you to take it home with you:

don’t take things personally. people confuse that with not caring. no, i do care. in fact i care so much that i’m forgiving. if i didn’t care, i wouldn’t forgive. i would always bring things up. i wouldn’t be able to move on from mishaps. but it ain’t me. it’s you. you have issues you have to fix. you’re at a point in your life.

i’m just not consumed. i don’t allow myself to be consumed anymore. now, this took time. don’t get me wrong. i wasn’t born like that. and it wasn’t even like that 3 4 years ago. it’s recent. really recent. i’m writing this right now and it’s October 24th and i’m telling you not being consumed by alldat is new. (today is November 6th. but when i wrote that part it was October 24th) not being consumed and controlled is big. i now just charge it to the game.

i’m grown. i am a grown man. and i’m Black. you know Black people don’t have time for anything. i do not have time to NOT forgive. i don’t have any time to be consumed.

it’s not you. seriously. often times, it’s them. it’s how others deal with life and react to situations in their life and they’re taking it out on whomever is present. the treatment you’re getting, ANYONE woulda got. it’s not you. don’t take it personally, sis. you just so happen to be there when that person is going through it. charge it to the game and move on. forgive them. don’t think “ahh why me?!” you will kill yourself thinking that. literally. you will be depressed if you always think that what people do is on you. i’m not gonna be TOOOOO upset at someone else’s crime. they did the wrongdoing. not me. all i did was be too nice. gullible was the case that they gave me. i can live with that. they have to deal with what happens after. but you didn’t do the crime.

that person had a life before you.

that person was going through it before you.

that person was hurt before you.

that person had that belief on relationships before you.

that person was a playa before you.

that person has the same faith they had now before you.

that person had bad spending habits before you.

that person wasn’t attracted to people like you before you.

but with that being said, it’s not personal.

that leads me to my next point.

what a lot of people don’t understand is you most forgive yourself. we often times don’t even forgive ourselves. people are who they are. that doesn’t make their treatment of you okay. but they were who they were before you. so don’t be so harsh on others. but YOU… YOU must forgive yourself for allowing yourself to be played. to be used. we put ourselves in danger a lot of times and then blame the other people for doing the harm. WE PUT OURSELVES IN HARMS WAY. WE DID THAT. we saw the signs. we heard the noise. we chose not to listen. gotta stop pointing fingers at people. take accountability for things that happened due to YOU. forgive yourself. reinvent yourself. pray for insight over income. that’s more valuable. trust me.

and after all that said, i’m so happy. yall don’t understand. forgiving others and then forgiving myself puts me in a position to make moves. puts me in a peaceful zone. being happy and being at peace is beautiful. it’s something to take pride in. about a month ago, i was hurt. struggling. but forgiving is what made my days better. made me sleep at night. it worked for ME.

forgiveness is similar to sleep. a good sleep. you sometimes fight it but you know that’s what your body and mind really needs to be rejuvenated. you sometimes do whatever to not do it. you get on your phone. you come up with distractions. you blame others. but once you finally do it, you’re at ease. and you go to sleep so YOU can feel good. so you can be mobile. and if you don’t, others can feel the ripple effects of you not getting sleep. you put others in harm when you’re deprived of sleep. but once you do, you’re at peace. your mind is free. you reset. you’re energized after. you’re loose. you’re good.

forgive yourself and forgive others. you WILL be at peace.

like Mary J said, “and if you don’t believe in me… just believe in Him. cus He’ll give you a peace of mind. and things will turn out fine.”

Luke 23:24.

Jesus said “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what the hell they’re doing.”

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