Signs of Love Making.

There was this man named Aquarius. He had been dating Gemini for years. Grew up and lived with each other. Everyone tells Aquarius that they're perfect for each other. Everything points that way, too. Gemini is intelligent, beautiful, loves kids, great credit, loves mankind. Now Aquarius, very easy going. Doesn't ask for much. Just love. … Continue reading Signs of Love Making.

Black Love is Revolutionary

Beyoncé "I will never LET you shoot the nose off my Pharoah." love is a choice. stop acting as if love is something you just get on accident. like it's the flu. something you came across. when you SHOOT YOUR SHOT, THAT WAS SOMETHING YOU DID DELIBERATELY. and if you made it, you pursued it, … Continue reading Black Love is Revolutionary

what’s beef?

these cats don't know what beef is. people think beef is not liking someone. thinking beef is mutually respecting someone but acting the opposite when you get in the court or booth. thinking beef is IF you cross this line, it's a wrap but if you don't, it's all good. although i clearly see you … Continue reading what’s beef?

i am not your slave.

i am not your slave. i will not have you do for me what i can do for myself. i will not allow you to have control over me. my mind. my soul. my body. i am not your slave. i will not allow you to use me. you will not beat my body up … Continue reading i am not your slave.

charge it to the game.

forgiveness is my key to happiness. forgiveness is my key to peace. we're all players in this game called life. i'm tryna get to another level. i can't get to higher levels if i don't forgive. just charge it to the game. of course there are things i don't particularly like or care for that … Continue reading charge it to the game.