little fires everywhere.

have you ever seen fire from afar but didn't know what kind of fire it was? fire can spread rapidly, and we know it can cause great harm, but that's all we know. there are about six different classes of fires, which means there are different ways to attack fires. but without KNOWING what kinda … Continue reading little fires everywhere.


who wants a perfect love story, anyway? cliche. when people ask "why do you like her? what qualities about her do you love? how is she different?" it's all kinda weird and hard to answer. what trumps it all is she liking you, you liking her and both values/experiences aligning. yeah she likes sports, but … Continue reading 4:44


i've been thinkin bout you, for quite a while. you're on my mind everyday and every night. my every thought is you, the things you do. seems so satisfying to me, i must confess it, girl. without you, i wouldn't be here. you embody everything that i love. you embody everything i look for in … Continue reading Queen.

Momma look at your Son, what happened to my smile?

see i know what, we've got to do... you let go. and i let go too. cus no one's hurt me more than you, and no one ever will. no matter how i think we grow, you always seem to let me know, it ain't working. it ain't working. sincerely, Julius. first thing's first, i'm … Continue reading Momma look at your Son, what happened to my smile?