would you rather be right or happy?

who we are today is largely based on who we were growing up. how we view love, family, information, art and most things are influenced by our childhood. not childhood in itself, but during childhood, laws were created, and we accepted them. that goes for being wrong, too. how we view wrongness and rightness is directly … Continue reading would you rather be right or happy?


today we're gonna talk about addiction. ima talk really loudly, ain’t nobody whispering. because even when you’re close, amber alert. you’re missing from action, no drive, little hope, no ambition. it can lock you up with or without chains, conviction. so listen. conditions are important: mental, emotion and physical. prescriptions aren’t really, can still be … Continue reading addiction.


WHO IS FRED HAMPTON? Fred Hampton was murdered fifty years ago, today. He was a revolutionary, a visionary, a fighter, a Black Panther, a man, a father. but more importantly, he was a dreamer. his dreams are what got him killed. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr is famously known for "having a dream." all of … Continue reading 12/4/1969

a p o l o gize.

say sorry. it's time for you to do it. This is the thesis. we need to grow up, take accountability of our actions and apologize. we cannot claim to be grown and refuse to say "i'm sorry" to someone who is worth being in your life. period. even those who aren't in your life for … Continue reading a p o l o gize.

Black Love is Revolutionary

Beyoncé "I will never LET you shoot the nose off my Pharoah." love is a choice. stop acting as if love is something you just get on accident. like it's the flu. something you came across. when you SHOOT YOUR SHOT, THAT WAS SOMETHING YOU DID DELIBERATELY. and if you made it, you pursued it, … Continue reading Black Love is Revolutionary