letter to Kobe.

 today is my birthday and all i can think about is you.  my dad was a Shaq fan so i didn't have a choice but to watch the Lakers. and there you were. a young cocky kid telling the world just how great you were. kinda like how Ali told everybody he was the greatest at … Continue reading letter to Kobe.

a p o l o gize.

say sorry. it's time for you to do it. This is the thesis. we need to grow up, take accountability of our actions and apologize. we cannot claim to be grown and refuse to say "i'm sorry" to someone who is worth being in your life. period. even those who aren't in your life for … Continue reading a p o l o gize.

Black Love is Revolutionary

Beyoncé "I will never LET you shoot the nose off my Pharoah." love is a choice. stop acting as if love is something you just get on accident. like it's the flu. something you came across. when you SHOOT YOUR SHOT, THAT WAS SOMETHING YOU DID DELIBERATELY. and if you made it, you pursued it, … Continue reading Black Love is Revolutionary

The Man Who Has Everything.

part 1. Christmas is tomorrow and the age old question "what should i get so and so..." is roaming. but what do you get the man who has everything? i was at work and a lady asked everyone what we were thankful for. they had specific responses. that's cool. when i was asked, my answer … Continue reading The Man Who Has Everything.

Coloring Book.

we don't do the same drugs no more. we used to wanna fly together, but we don't do the same drugs no more. we were best friends, i was at your house all the time, stayed over, cooked breakfast and all that cute stuff. but we don't do the same drugs no more. i would … Continue reading Coloring Book.