letter to future kids.

PS. first and foremost, listen to God. follow Him. He will direct you. He will correct you. He will protect you. that's His promise. let Jesus be your role model. that's a PS. but instead of P meaning POST, it's PRE. so it's still a PS, get it. just at the beginning. PRESCRIPT.. yeah anyway. … Continue reading letter to future kids.

letter to future wife.

to my wife. there are going to be times you wish i didn't care so much about seeking justice. times you wish i didn't give so much time and energy towards a better life for people outside of our blood family. that will drive you insane. it will make you upset at times that i … Continue reading letter to future wife.


part 1. every boy growing up has a love for their father. well, not every boy. in fact, my dad never met his father. and that's what made my dad such an ideal candidate for being a dad. my dad is my favorite super hero. crazy thing is.... peep this. HE'S REAL!!! yall get to … Continue reading Jerome.